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Holistic Holidays: Wellness Retreats in Europe

Holistic Holidays

Whether it be swimming in the crystal  clear waters of the Mediterranean, revitalizing your diet with a detox in Spain, flexing those muscles with a yoga retreat in the Italian countryside, or embarking on a Biontology retreat in Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, there are plenty of ways to rejuvenate your body and spirit abroad. Holistic holidays and wellness retreats in Europe will get you back to feeling great, and with these retreats there could be no better way to feel good!


Sea swimming in the Mediterranean

Sea Swimming Mediterranean

Sea swimming is not the armband swimming that you grew up with, you don’t earn badges by picking up bricks from your local swimming pool – in fact it’s far from it. Swimquest offers you your very own beach side villa from which you will have a perfect view of the crystal clear waters of Formentera in the Balearic Islands. Accompanied by some of the best swim instructors in Europe, visitors work on stroke and technique and prepare for long distance swims. Suitable for all ages, the courses offered include plentiful meals and lots of time to relax and bask in the Balearic sun.


Detox in Spain

Holistic Wellness Detox

Sha, close to the Sierra Helada mountains, is less of a spa and more of an uber glamorous clinic, complete with staff in white coats all ready to commit to your detox and dedicated to your each and every need. After an initial health assessment visitors are introduced to a detox diet of bespoke juices, wholegrains and vegetables, as well as iron-rich sea weeds and cleansing herbal teas. The program is designed to restore the body’s PH level along with treatments such as lymphatic drainage, acupuncture and shiatsu massages, and there is always the generous poolside beds to relax in before taking that evening swim at sunset.


Yoga in Puglia

Yoga Wellness Retreat Italy

Set in the gorgeous 16th century Puglian estate, complete with olive trees, prickly pears, lavender and figs in abundance there are perhaps few prettier places to set about restoring one self. Kaliyoga offers a retreat and a truly engaging yoga experience. In the capable hands of their empathetic and inspiring teachers the twice-daily practices will have you feeling better and more flexible in no time. Between lessons there is always the fresh seasonal vegetarian food, huge buffet brunches, as well as the incredible smoothies to keep your body and mind all on the same page.


Biontology in Italy

Biontology Holistic Retreat

Overlooking the fair city of Verona, the opulent Espace Henri Chenot detox spa sits perfectly in the Dolomites and offers a combination of Chinese and traditional medicine detox, known as Biontology. From a medical examination of every aspect of your system and a tailored strict detox diet to go alongside the series of acupuncture massages, hydro-aromatherapy sessions, and pytho-mud sessions, as well as massages in essential oils designed kick start your digestive system and help your body operate to its optimum. Perhaps its alumni can attest to its qualities, with prestigious guests such as Princess Caroline of Monaco, Luciano Pavarotte, various sheiks and Russian oligarchs all look no where else when trying to get back to their best.


Planning Your Holistic Holidays in Europe

Europe is a perfect place to host your ideal holistic holidays with plenty of destinations to visit, but how will you get there? Whether you’re venturing into the mountainous regions of Spain or taking a relaxing break among nature in Italy, Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals around to get you where you want to be at affordably low prices. Find cheap airfare to Europe or rent a car in Italy and set out to rejuvenate your senses on a wellness retreat in Europe! Kemwel is available to answer any questions you may have about making travel arrangements, available toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Wellness Retreats in Europe

Ultimate Guide to Birding Extremadura, Spain

Birding in Extremadura

Extremadura in Spain is one of the best bird watching spots in Europe. Located just south-west of Madrid, Extremadura is the ultimate location for bird watching in Spain and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world. The sparse landscape has some of the rarest and most impressive birds in the world, from the Golden Eagle to the Azure-winged Magpie. The region has an excellent road system, connecting the best spots and making them easy to reach.

Here’s our guide to birding in Extremadura:


One of the Best Bird Watching Locations in the World

Extremadura Bird Watching

Extremedura is enormous, covering over 16,000 square miles of woodland, river valleys, reservoirs and grassland. Around 75% of Extremadura is catalogued as Important Bird Area (that’s over 11,000 square miles) and is the highest proportion of anywhere in Europe. The region has almost all existing ecosystems except for coastline and seashore, this includes mountain ranges that are over 8,000 feet, highlands, wide steppe areas, rice fields, Mediterranean jungles, and Cork forests. What’s more, the landscape has hardly changed in generations and is a preserved and vital breeding and feeding area for a number of birds.


Birds of Prey

Birds in Extremadura - Spanish Eagle

Spanish Imperial Eagle

Extremadura is famous for its high numbers of birds of prey, such as the Golden Eagle, the Spanish Imperial Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, the Short-toed Eagle and the Booted Eagle. It is also home to a number of vultures, including Griffon vultures, Black Vultures, and the Egyptian Vulture.


Rare Birds

Azure Winged Magpie Birds Spain

Azure-Winged Magpie

Extremadura is home to a unique species of bird called the Azure-winged Magpie. These birds that can only be found in the Extremadura region and you have a good chance of spotting them here as they are very social and common.


Common Birds

Common Birds in Extremadura

Thousands of Common Cranes and raptors use Extremadura as breeding ground, as well as Grey Lag Geese and Dabbling ducks, which usually arrive in the winter.


Where to Find Birds in Extremadura


La Serene Steppes

Birding La Serene Steppes

Montagu’s Harriers, Lesser Kestrels and Collard Pranticoles, and Sandgrouse can be found at the unforgettable La Serene Steppes, with its huge grass plains and large steppes.


Dehesa Woodlands

Black storks, raptors, Hawks and Kites, can be found in the Dehesa Woodlands, where abandoned houses are also home to European Rollers, Hoopoes, Thrushes and Wheatears.


Monfrague Natural Park

Monfrague National Park Birding

The Monfrague National Park is a sanctuary for birds and is home to some of the rarest and most endangered birds in the world. Discover the Monk Vulture’s largest breeding colony in the world, the Spanish Imperial Eagle, and Bonelli’s Eagle. The park is also said to be the best area in the world to see the Black Vulture.


Vegas Atlas of the Guadiana River

Spain’s most extensive collection of rice fields is found here, as are thousands of Common Cranes, Herons, Egrets, Ducks, Plovers, and Raptors, as well as Merlins and Black-Shouldered Kites.


Villuercas Ranges

Villuercas Ranges

The extensive mountains and forests of this region attracts warblers, passerines and forest birds, as well as European Honey- buzzards, Black and Red Kites, Short-toed eagles and Eurasian Griffon Vultures.

Planning Your Birding in Extremadura Trip

With so much to see and explore while birding in Extremadura, it’s a good thing the region is connected with a well-maintained road system, making it easy to travel by car. Book a cheap car rental in Spain and explore to your heart’s content without breaking the bank! When you’re planning your trip to go bird watching in Spain, remember that Kemwel offers the best travel deals and specials on everything from comfortable hotels to affordable airfare. Browse our rates online or give us a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Bird Watching in Spain

Aosta Valley, Italy in the Spring: Undiscovered Italy

Aosta Valley in Spring

The Aosta Valley, known as the Valle d’Aosta to locals, may be in Italy but its influences, culture and history are distinctly French. Located on the border between France and Switzerland,, the Aosta Valley’s surviving esoteric local language, local architecture and local cuisine reveals the regions interesting combination of Northern Italian and French culture.


Italy in the spring is one of the best times to visit, as the snow begins to thaw and flowers start to bloom, Aosta comes alive in the spring. The smallest region in Italy, Aosta’s peaks dominate the vallley, which include Mont Blanc, Cervino and Monte Rosa. From relaxing in natural springs to hiking through beautiful national parks, the Aosta Valley is a fantastic place to spend your spring vacation.


Here’s some of the best things to do in Aosta Valley:


Visit the Gran Paradiso

Things to do in Aosta Valley Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso is the oldest national park in Italy and sits in the middle of Aosta Valley. The stunning natural space still has wild creatures living in their natural habitat, such as eagles, chamois, and marmots. Hike through the 450 miles of trails in the park on a guided or self-guided tour and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding snow-capped Alpine landscape.


Drive Gran San Bernardo

Drive Gran San Bernardo

The third highest road in Switzerland, the Gran San Bernado, or Great Saint Bernard Pass, is on the border between France and Switzerland and has some extraordinary modern tunnels to drive through. The road opens in late spring as it can be dangerous during the winter months, so expect stunning views of the forest and valley weather permitting.


Castle hop

Aosta Valley Castles

Aosta Valley is full of castles, in fact there are about 150 castles and fortified houses in the Aosta Valley. Some of the castles are open to visitors in the spring, although even just spotting them from a far offers great views of the medieval forts and green landscape. Chateau St. Pierre, which has a hotel, and the Chateau Sarriod de la Tour, which has a history that dates back to the 12th century, are both worth exploring.


Take the cable car over Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Cable Car

You can take a four-person cable car at the base of Mont Blanc for the best views of the Europe’s highest peak. Measuring over 15,000 feet the mountain is popular with skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers alike, and the cable car crosses the mountain range from Courmayeur to Chamonix, with unbeatable views of the white mountain. Be aware that the cars will only run as long as the wind isn’t too strong.


Relax at the Pre Saint Didier

Pre Saint Didier Thermal Spa

A visit to the Aosta Valley would not be complete with at least one afternoon at Pre Saint Didier thermal spa. The outdoor spa has been operating since the beginning of the 19th century and is located at the foot of the famous Mount Blanc mountain. And if the naturally warm waters, which come from a nearby ravine, aren’t enough to relax you then you can book into the Pre Saint Didier spa for a massage or facial.

Planning Your Exploration of the Undiscovered Italy

Getting out and about into the far-reaching corners of undiscovered Italy is certainly a journey worth taking, and Kemwel is proud to provide some of the best travel deals to help you get there! Put the troubles of public transit options like expensive taxi cabs and crowded buses behind you and opt for a cheap car rental in Italy instead; you’ll be able to go wherever, whenever you want in the comfort of your very own vehicle. Give us a call today at 1-877-820-0668 and one of our travel experts will be glad to help you arrange whatever you may need for your next trip, from cheap rental cars to comfortable hotels and more!

Undiscovered Italy

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