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Scenic Drives: South Island, New Zealand

Scenic Drives: South Island, New Zealand
If you love the outdoors and are bewildered and amazed by impressive landscapes, then New Zealand’s South Island is the ultimate destination for your next road trip.

This spectacular scenery on the South Island has to be seen to be believed, and the best way to truly see it is to rent a car in Christchurch and take to the road. By driving you get to stop when you want, take photographs when you want, and really find yourself immersed in the landscape.

Reference the map below for more information regarding all the incredible South Island destinations mentioned below

Begin your road trip with these incredible scenic drives through the South Island, New Zealand:

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Drive from Christchurch to Queenstown

Take one of the most impressive routes through the South Island and pass some of the most spectacular sights when you drive from Christchurch to Queenstown. On your way through be sure to stop off at the mesmerising Lake Tekapo, a magical lake that is part of the UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, which means it can also double-up as a skygazing spot. Next, take a rest up at the Lindis Pass, a incredible range of mountains that really are wonderful in every season. Finally, be sure to stop at the lakeside town of Cromwell, your last break before the relentless energy and stunning scenery of Queenstown. This drive is over 400 km but it will be the most incredible drive you can do on the South Island.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Drive from Nelson to Queenstown

Take the West Coast route and see some of the South Island’s most treacherous and unique sites, such as glaciers and pancake rocks. This route takes you over the South Alps and through the stunning town of Wanaka, which offers views of snow-capped mountains and an enormous lake; Punakaiki, which its unique pancake rocks and blowholes, that are literally just 20 minutes from the main road; and the quaint town of Franz Josef and its less-than-quaint glacier before reaching the adrenaline-pumping Queenstown.

The Crown Range, New Zealand

Drive the Crown Range

Take the highest main road in New Zealand, the Crown Range, which reaches 1,121 meters high. The drive can sometimes be a challenge with steep inclines and difficult conditions, but it is well worth it for some of the incredible views and stops along the way. Be sure to stop off at Lake Wakatipu and at New Zealand’s oldest hotel, Cardrona hotel.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Blenheim to Kaikoura

If you prefer a shorter drive then choose the calmer trip from the heart of the wine country, Blenheim to the wildlife capital of Kaikoura, where you can find all kinds of sea creatures, including whales and dolphins. Take State Highway 1 through the foothills that follow the coastline, and through the picture-perfect Awatere Valley. Stop off in local towns and villages for crafts and local food, and Lake Grassmere saltworks, where the ponds are a coral pink color in summer.

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Twizel to Mount Cook

Another short, but beautiful, drive takes you from the active base of Twizel, perfect for mountain climbing, hiking and horse riding, to Mount Cook, where you can find the highest peak in New Zealand. On route you will drive on the edge of Lake Pukaki, a turquoise pool of water surrounded by mountains.

Embark on South Island Scenic Drives with Kemwel

If you’ve been planning a trip to New Zealand, a South Island road trip is a top choice? An affordable car rental in New Zealand will enable you to set out and explore on any number of day trips and road trips, discovering all of the South Island’s majestic landscapes and attractions! Kemwel offers a number of exclusive travel deals on more than just rental cars; check out our great rates on airfare, comfortable hotels, and more.

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Best UK Road Trips: Places to Visit in Wales by Car

Best UK Road Trips: Places to Visit in Wales by Car
Wales may be small, but it does have some of the biggest and most impressive scenery in all of the UK. By renting a car and driving around the country you can really maximize the spectacular views, and stop whenever you want to for photo opportunities!

There are a number of road trips you can take when visiting Wales, and in fact Wales has some of the best UK road trips thanks to its interesting history and unbeatable landscape.

To begin your journey, here are some of the best places to visit in Wales by car:

Swansea, Wales

Swansea, Wales

One-day road trip

Wales is small, and so even if you only have a day to explore the country you can still see a lot of its natural beauty by jumping in the car and revving your engine. Start your day in Swansea’s Maritime Quarter – with its castles and coastal views and city charm. Next take a trip through the countryside of South Wales, and head to the Big Pit National Coal Museum, where you can take tours underground and experience a real coal mine. Finally, spend the early evening watching the sunset across the spectacular scenery of Abergavenny, a market town with delicious local food and a stunning mountain backdrop.

Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

Two-day road trip

If you have a couple of days to spare to enjoy Wales, head to the west of the country. Here you can find some of the more intriguing sites and quirky settings in the UK. Head first to Carmarthenshire – the home of the Brecon Beacons National Park, where you can take long walks along the rugged coastline and craggy cliffs. Next explore the breathtaking Coastal Path of Pembrokeshire and spend some time relaxing on its pretty beaches, the perfect place to stop overnight and relax. Pembrokeshire is also home to the historic sites of the Dylan Thomas Boathouse in Laugharne, St. Govan’s Chapel, a chapel built into the side of a limestone cliff,  and St. Non’s Well and its ancient history.

Anglesey Lighthouse, Wales

Anglesey Lighthouse, Wales

Three-day road trip

If you have a good three days to see the sights of Wales then be sure to begin your journey in the north east of the country. Up here you will find some of the most impressive landscapes and interesting villages and towns.

Start your adventure by staying in the stunning village of Beddgelert in Snowdonia, the famous coastal mountain region that is picture-perfect and untouched. The medieval Welsh village is stunning and perfect for some relaxing time before continuing the drive. On the edge of Snowdonia National Park you will come to Portmeirton, known for being the setting of the movie ‘The Prisoner’ but also as one of the most stunning Italianate villages.

Next drive along the coast and take in the town of Caernarfon, a royal town with an overbearing castle and beautiful port. On your final day, head out to the island of Anglesey, with its Celtic folklore and Roman history that dates back to 60 AD, the island is fascinating and breathtaking.

Wales by Car with Kemwel

If you’ve been planning a visit to the United Kingdom, why restrict yourself to only those attractions accessible by public transportation? An affordable car rental in Wales will enable you to set out and explore on any number of day trips or road trips with convenience and ease! Kemwel offers a number of exclusive travel deals on more than just rental cars; check out our great rates on airfare to Europe, comfortable hotels, and more.

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Day Trips from Oslo: The Best Way to See Norway

Day Trips from Oslo City Center

Few of the world cities offer the kind of magic and marvel that Oslo provides. Overlooked to some extent when compared to some of Europe’s more famous cities, Oslo is set in a lush landscape of natural beauty.

Oslo is also surrounded by some of Norway’s most wondrous forests, valleys, rolling hills and mesmerizing lakes. With all of that, as well as a plethora of other quirky and interesting cities and villages to see, day trips from Oslo will be your best way to see Norway. To help you plan your Oslo adventure, here’s some of the best day trips:


Northern Lights by Car

Northern Lights at Tromso, Norway

If you really want to experience the beauty of Norway’s wintry mountains and picturesque countryside then take a trip on a real life polar adventure and head north. If you give yourself enough time you will be able to marvel at the Christmas magic in Lapland and fill your winter fantasies with snowshoeing, dog-sledding, and even skiing. Wind up in the northern town of Lofoten where you might be able to catch one of nature’s most incredible sights; the Northern Lights.


Western Fjords

Geiranger Fjord in Norway

Once again there can be no better way of taking in the true splendor of Norway’s visually incredible countryside than heading out to the Western Fjords. There are so many ways to take in these incredible pillars of stone and ice once you reach the western town of Voss. You’ll be able to choose between cruising along the meandering icy rivers or just walking amongst their chilly embrace – either way it’ll be a day to remember!


Kongsberg Silver Mines

Kongsberg Silver Mine in Buskerud

The Buskerud region of Norway contains some of the country’s best historic sights and none are better than the Kongsberg Silver Mines. The mines themselves were active until 1958 when extraction stopped but all of the machinery, tunnels, and buildings became available to intrepid explorers ready to be amazed at what was one of Norway’s least known industries. This is known as the “King’s Mine” and is the biggest in the region at 1,830 feet below sea level. You’re bound to get some very unusual photos and be left with the kind of wonder that has been wowing 40,000 visitors every year!



Holmenkollen Ski Hill Oslo

What could be more “winter wonderland” than taking a day out of the hustle and bustle of Oslo and basking amongst the Vestre Aker borough of Holmenkollen. Here you will be met with a shimmering of fresh snow and an excellent range of outdoor activities, including a large ski hill which gives you an insight into why Norway always does so well at the Winter Olympics. Closer to the base of the ski hill there is a delightful town which surrounds a Royal Lodge; home of the Norwegian Royal Family during holidays like Christmas and the annual Ski Festival. Being very close to Oslo, this is one day of activity and a discovery that will bring you closer to a side of Norway you never expected. Also for fans of the novel The Snowman – this is where it is set!

Planning Your Own Day Trips from Oslo

If you’ve been planning a visit to Norway, why restrict yourself to only those attractions accessible by public transportation? An affordable car rental in Oslo will enable you to set out and explore on any number of day trips or road trips with convenience and ease! Kemwel offers a number of exclusive travel deals on more than just rental cars; check out our great rates on airfare to Europe, comfortable hotels, and more.

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