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Top Ten Castles in the World: Interesting Structures Around the World

Historic castles offer an insight into a past we can only dream up. And seeing these structures of wonder and great power close-up excite our imaginations even further.

Many of the greatest and most interesting buildings around the world are castles. They are some of the oldest buildings still in existence today, and have some of the most interesting history in the world. Some of them have been so well preserved for centuries that you are even able to visit them inside and outside!

Here are the top ten castles in the world:


1. Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany

german castle neuschwanstein

Dating back to the early 19th century, Castle Neuschwanstein is located in Schwangau, in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, and is a great example of a typical German castle. Resembling none other than the famous Disneyland fairy-tale castle, the Disney version was actually modeled on this impressive structure, which you can visit.


2. Peles Castle, Romania

romania peles castle

Undoubtedly, Peles Castle in Romania is one of the most beautiful castles in the world. It has 168 rooms, 35 of which are accessible if you participate in a tour of the castle. Built in the late 19th Century, the castle is one of Romania’s must-see destinations.


3. Conwy Castle, Wales

welsh conwy castle image

The medieval Conwy Castle is the most rugged and wild castle on this list. The huge structure was built in the 13th century after Edward I conquered Wales, and is an enormous, grand old fortification with eight towers. Of all the castles built by Edward I, it was by far the most expensive.


4. Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

ireland kilkenny castle image

Kilkenny Castle is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions, and it’s easy to see why. Built back in 1195 by William Marshall, the first Earl of Pembroke, the castle was used as the home of the powerful and important Butler family for nearly 600 years, and the structure still dominates the town of Kilkenny City.


5. Prague Castle, Prague

czech prague castle

Prague Castle is one of the oldest, largest and most beautiful castles in the world. The enormous and majestic construction began in the ninth century, and the final building measures over 1,800 feet in length and 400 feet wide. You can’t visit the city of Prague without stepping into the grounds of this grand castle.


6. Windsor Castle, England

royal castle windsor image

Windsor Castle is still a royal residency in England, and is lived in by Queen Elizabeth II. It is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world, and has been inhabited for over a thousand years. It was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, and stands high above the river Thames in the county of Berkshire, just a short drive from London.


7. Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

spanish alcazar of segovia

The old stone castle, the Alcazar of Segovia, is located in the old city of Segovia, and is one of the most unique looking castles in the world. Originally built in the 12th century to serve as a fortress, the castle has operated as a royal palace, a prison and a military academy throughout its long history.


8. Mont Saint-Michel Castle, France

french castle mont saint-michel

The impressive Mont Saint-Michel Castle is located near Normandy and is a magical medieval building that is perched perilously on a rocky peak, or mound. The sturdy structure was originally built as an abbey, and is now an important World Heritage Site.


9. Hatley Castle, Canada

canadian hatley castle

Hatley Castle is located in the beautiful Hatley Park National Historic Site in Colwood, British Columbia. It is such a powerful-looking castle that it has been used in a number of films, including X-Men and Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.


10. Matsumoto Castle, Japan

japanese matsumoto castle image

Known as the “Crow Castle” because of its black exterior, Matsumoto Castle in Japan is one of the best preserved castles in the country, and is located in the city of Matsumoto. It’s 400-year-long history also makes it Japan’s oldest castle and a “National Treasure of Japan”.

Explore Interesting Structures Around the World

Of all the interesting castles in the world, travel enthusiasts will be especially delighted with the awe-inspiring structures on this list. While planning your next castle viewing adventure, remember that Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Golfing and Fishing in Algarve, Portugal

Fishing in Algarve

The Algarve in Portugal has plenty of excellent golfing and fishing spots for the keen golfer and fervent fisherman. These activities make a holiday to Portugal extremely exciting and offer some beautiful views of the ocean, the mountains, and the landscape while you enjoy your favorite sport.
If you are keen to spend your holiday fishing in Algarve, Portugal, or enjoying a golfing holiday in Portugal, then here are the top fishing and golfing opportunities available:



There are plenty of golf courses in the Algarve that are easily accessible by car, although it is advised that you book your stay and course in advance of your arrival to ensure there is a spot for you.
Golfe dos Alamos

Golfing Holiday in Portugal
The varied landscape of the Golfe dos Alamos course is located just north of Portimao. The course has two lakes and spectacular views of the mountains, as well as a bar that offers drinks and light snacks, and a high-end restaurant for evening dining. It’s also possible to hire your clubs, trolleys and buggies. The greens here are exceptional and include chipping and putting greens.
Alto Club Golf

Algarve Golf Courses
The last course to be designed by golfing champion Sir Henry Cotton, the Alto Club Golf Course is great for players with low handicaps, as well as golfers with an average level. Surrounded by the Monchique mountains, the course runs through two valleys and offers unbeatable views. It also features a gorgeous club house that was built in 2003 and is close to its 18th hole, a must-do hole for any golfer in the Algarve.



The Algarve has great choices for sea fishing and freshwater fishing, and is perfect for a family holiday, a couples fishing break or a solo getaway. Please note that an electronic license is needed for fishing in Portugal and depends on which type of fishing you want to do. There are fishing competitions held for men, women and children throughout the year.
Sea Fishing

Sea Fishing in Algarve
Portugal is located on the Continental shelf – a platform underwater that extends out to the Atlantic Ocean – which means there is a great number of fish and great diversity in the sea. Expect to find large tuna and shark, as well as smaller sardines, bass, mackerel, salmon and blue fish. There are a number of excellent locations for sea fishing. For role fishing the Algarve Coast, Sagres, and Cape St. Vincent are ideal. For beach casting you can head to the Alentejo Coast, Povoa de Varzim, Lagos ad Vila Real de Santo Antonio. For deep sea fishing you can find spots off Sines, Peniche and Nazare.
Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing Algarve
The freshwater fishing season runs from April to November and can only take place between sunset and sunrise. Salmon fishing is only allowed during the salmon fishing season. For trout you can fish in the Minho, Alge and Lima rivers, as well as Lagoa Comprida, for bass the Agueda River region is ideal, as are the Algarve dams and the River Sado, and you can find salmon in the Lima and Minho rivers.

Planning Your Own Fishing or Golfing Holiday in Algarve

Of all the natural beauty and cultural gems in Portugal, fishing and golfing enthusiasts will be especially delighted with all the opportunities presented in Algarve. While planning your next leisure trip remember that Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals in Portugal to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Algarve Holidays


Economical Vacation Destinations for Travel on a Budget

Travel on a Budget

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world. With its fascinating historic cities, beautiful untouched countryside and unforgettable culture and cuisine, Europe has everything to offer every type of traveler; even the budget traveler.

So if you are keen to see Europe, but need to travel on a budget, we can reveal there are tons of options for you! And here’s where to begin with our top five top economical vacation destinations in Europe:


Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Belgium Budget Travel

Antwetp is well-known for being the second largest port in Europe, but did you know that it is also a mecca for design and architecture, as well as fashion and art? And you don’t need to look any further than walking through the imaginative streets of the city. From the vintage stores to the impressive modern architecture, the city is constantly inspiring its visitors, for free! What’s more, traveling to the city won’t cost you a fortune, as everything from accommodation and flights to car rentals in Antwerp are lower than the average European city.


Birmingham, UK

Birmingham UK Budget Destinations

The UK’s second city, Birmingham is often an underestimated travel destination. The pretty city is lined with canals, contemporary architecture, centuries of history and culture, and a food scene to rival the haute cuisine of Paris – and it’s half the price of the UK’s most visited city, London. The multicultural city also has a whole district dedicated to serving up some of the best Indian food in the UK, known as the Balti Triangle – all at bargain prices! Rent a car in Birmingham and grant yourself access to it all at a price that simply cannot be beat.


Crete, Greece

Travel Cheap Crete Greece

For a little bit of paradise on a budget head to the Greek island of Crete. The beautiful island is home to beautiful beaches, wild mountainous terrain and palm tree forests, as well as ancient historic cities that are worth exploring. Accommodation is cheap on the island, with plenty of self-catering apartments and budget hotels available. The best way to see the island is to rent a car and explore the island in your own time, stopping at beaches and villages when you discover them.


Albanian Riviera, Albania

Economical Destinations Albanian Riviera

Albania is one of Europe’s most overlooked vacation destinations, and yet its Riviera is one of Europe’s best-kept coastlines. Much cheaper than neighboring Croatia, the beach scenery is breathtaking and shadowed by a beautiful mountain landscape. If you hire a car here you can also make the scenic drive from Vlore and along the Llogara Pass, which leads to the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.


Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Hungary Cheap Travel

For the ultimate in relaxation, excellent nightlife, and history all at affordable prices it has to be Budapest. The city is famed for its impressive array of Turkish baths, both indoor and outdoor, dotted throughout city. All of them are a great value and are the perfect end to a busy day exploring the city. Despite being the only capital city in the world to be built on natural thermal springs, the city is still surprisingly cheap, with its ruin pubs and low-key bars keeping their prices low and attracting tourists and locals alike.


Arranging European Travel on a Budget

Kemwel is committed to providing every traveler with the best deals on the market, making car rental affordable across the continent, and helping you save money and make your travel dreams come true. Book your rental with Kemwel today and be sure to check out our other travel deals and promotions, including discounted airfare to get you across the pond and plenty of affordable hotels to choose from. make that trip of a lifetime come true without breaking the bank!

Economical Travel Destinations

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