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3 Inspiring Bastions of Music – Germany

Germany - Feature

A favorite music quote of mine from Portland, Maine born Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” What I take this to mean is that although we may be separated by language, through the emotions evoked by the music itself, we can find a common ground that transcends the spoken word.

As you’re finessing the details of your next trip to Germany, try adding a destination or two to your itinerary that you’re less likely to find on the mainstream “best of” lists that include popular cityscapes like Berlin or Frankfurt. Take an intimate look into these compelling cities where music never plays second fiddle.

Mittenwald ~

Germany - Mittenwald

Take a look behind the music at the intricacies and
art of creating a violin.

We have all felt the emotional pull as beautiful strands of pure, clear sound have been coaxed by a violinist from their device. This versatile instrument can easily be the star of a musical composition, or be gracious and step out of the limelight, enhancing the performance of another. Not only the genre of classical music, but folk, metal, rock n’ roll, and many other styles incorporate the sounds of violins. The beauty of a violin, however, is more than the sweet and poignant sounds that burst forth as the horsehair of the bow is drawn across the strings, there is a delicacy and precision in its craftsmanship that is a marvel in and of itself. Mittenwald is widely recognized for being a manufacturer of the violin, viola, and cello, and this market town offers numerous attractions that cater to this music oriented interests.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ~ Hans Christian Anderson


The Geigenbau Museum in Mittenwald displays an impressive collection of stringed instruments, offers demonstrations, workshops and shows films relevant to the history of this classic instrument.
The International Violin Making Competition takes place in Mittenwald every four years, and this year is the seventh installment of this event. Aside from the competition that lures over 200 violin craftsmen, there is a special flea market dedicated to the musical arts, stimulating lectures and a series of concerts, all oriented towards those with a penchant for music.


Mittenwald is a 100 kilometer drive south of Munich, and a short ride north of Innsbruck, Austria in your car rental. With that kind of convenient proximity, why wouldn’t you visit?

Ruedesheim am Rhein ~

Germany - Ruedesheim am Rhein

Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet displays a miscellany of antiquties that explore the history of recorded music.

“Music is…A higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” ~ Ludwig van Beethoven


Don’t be misled into taking the name Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet too literally. This enchanting miscellany explores the history and means by which music has been recorded up through the creation of the gramophone. Music boxes, player pianos, and musical clocks can all be found amidst the hundreds of self-playing, instrumental treasures. The building that these antiquities are housed in is also a historical gem. Dust off your old LP’s, and brush up on some vintage tunes, as sing-a-longs are a regular occurrence during tours for those familiar with the musical stylings of a less modern lilt.
The Rheingau Music Festival is an annual summer music festival with a strong focus on classical compositions, but diversifies its program with a selection of other genres as well. Each year, the concert series chooses a different theme, and for 2014 it is Liebespaare, which translates to Lovers. Another aspect of the festival is that every new series is dedicated to remembering and celebrating the births of brilliant composers of the past. William Shakespeare, Richard Strauss, and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (son of Johann Sebastian Bach) have significant anniversary dates in 2014, and will be commemorated at the Rheingau Music Festival in 2014.


Ruedesheim am Rhein is a quick 29 kilometer drive west of Wiesbaden, or approximately 67 kilometers southeast of Koblenz. Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Cabinet is the perfect point of interest to visit at any age.

Leipzig ~

Germany - St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church, where Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a choir master, and where his remains still lie today.

Photo Credit: az1172 /

Leipzig is a city that has a long standing relationship with music, from such respected and influential composers like Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn, to the famous St. Thomas Boys Choir in modern day. Throughout Leipzig, there are opportunities to discover the abundant musical culture that has outlasted generations. Here are just a few of the attractions for music and history lovers can pursue while in Leipzig.

“If a composer could say what he had to say in words, he would not bother trying to say it in music.” Gustav Mahler


The Bach Museum is more than a collection of artifacts and papers preserved to give you a glimpse into the family life and work of the musical master. One of the aspects that I appreciated the most was the listening stations that include the complete catalog of his work. The Bach Festival is an annual event that occurs in June where musicians from all over the world take the stage to perform Bach’s music, in historical venues throughout Leipzig.
The Museum of Musical Instruments began when a Dutchman, Paul de Wit, assembled a collection of historically significant musical pieces in the late 1800’s. After more than 120 years, the once humble collection now exhibits somewhere in the realm of 10,000 music-related objects. You may thank the University of Leipzig, who own the collection, for sharing with the public such an important contribution to the annals of musical antiquity.
It is said that like attracts like, so it will be no surprise to you that the Schumann House was more than the home of Robert and Clara Shumann, but also a haven where many notable personages of the time gathered in friendship with the Shumann family, namely, Felix Mendelssohn, Hans Christian Anderson and Franz List.


Leipzig is approximately 115 kilometer drive from Dresden, and 257 kilometers northwest of Prague in your rental car.

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Peugeot: Not Just Another Car Rental

Are you looking for more latitude from a rental car company to maximize your travels through Europe? Look no further than the partnership of Kemwel Car Rental and Peugeot! We provide extra leeway in broadening your destination diversity, freeing you from local fees, and extending the age range eligibility for participation to 18 years of age and up! Learn more about some of the international locations where you can pick-up your factory-new Peugeot!

Couple renting a Peugeot

Are you looking for more latitude when renting a car in Europe?

Start your journey from Biarritz; more than just another seaside town, it has a personality all its own. Biarritz is most well-known for its strong surf culture offering an entertaining visual spectacle as you relax on the beach, or sit at one of the promenade cafes. If you’re feeling plucky, why not try something new and join a class at the surf school?

Visit in July, and be a part of the exciting change and population swell that the city undergoes during the annual Biarritz Surf Festival. Be careful if you’re looking for some lounge-time at high tide, as the Côte des Basques is swallowed up by the ocean and you’ll be left high and dry on the sidewalk. You can pick up your Peugeot short-term car rental at the Biarritz Airport, approximately two miles from the city center.


Toulouse may be a landlocked city, but it can still be considered one of France’s most beautiful destinations, regardless of its lack of coastline. View stunning historic edifices, explore the cities fascinating alternative arts scene, and dig into some of the gastronomic specialties of the region, like foie gras. If your timing is right, attend one of the high-intensity rugby games.

Toulouse is a prime location from which you can arrange your Peugeot buy back car rental to explore the beauty of southern France. French cities like Carcassonne, Pau, and Bordeaux will easily feed into your wanderlust, providing further points of interest. Toulouse is central to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and also conveniently located to the Spanish border, only adding to the panoply of your travel options.


Photo Credit : NRMA New Cars /
Choose the exact car rental model of your Peugeot long-term lease.

One of the many French cities that bare greater scrutiny, Avignon has a myriad of sights, sounds and activities throughout the year to capture your attention. Les Luminessences d’Avignon, is an evening event of light, music, and animated pictures, that takes place nightly during the late summer and fall.

Discover hidden gems of art and architecture that lie down narrow cobble-stoned streets and alleyways, off the beaten path. If you happen to be traveling with young children, there is a working carousel at Place de l’Horloge that will add a bit of novelty to your day. Adults can take a break at one of the cafes surrounding the carousel to quaff a glass of vino, while the kiddies enjoy the ride.

Your Peugeot can be pre-confirmed in any size to fit your traveling party from economy to nine-passenger vans at the Avignon TGV.

Peugeot - destination collage

The diversity of Peugeot’s car rental pick-up cities offer a myriad of activities, sights and events to explore.
While Peugeot is based out France, where the vehicles are manufactured, French cities are not the only option you have for renting a car as part of a short/long-term lease with Kemwel.


The benefits of booking your Peugeot in Frankfurt are easily discernable when you realize the sheer magnitude of miscellaneous amusements available, day or night, and that’s without even leaving the city! Your Peugeot rental car allows you to maximize your time within the Frankfurt, and as you traverse the rural and city landscapes throughout Germany. Take an afternoon drive in almost any direction, and in no time you can be across Germany’s border to no less than eight other European countries. How’s that for throwing a wrench in your travel decision making?

Peugeot - Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s industrial skyline contrasted with its havens of history

Peugeot - Lisbon - Portugal

Peugeot short-term leases are also available for pick up in desirable destinations like Lisbon, Portugal.

London is a constant source of inspiration for travelers, not only the factual but the fictionalized versions of the city. From Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes haunts, to the quintessential postcard photos of double-decker buses and phone booths, and the monuments whose history spans centuries. Give yourself a fair amount of time to invest in traversing London’s exciting cityscape before taking to the road to explore more of the UK, or taking the tunnel into continental Europe.

Peugeot - London

Both the factual and fictionalized versions of London are a source of inspiration to travelers.

Milanis one of the premier global cities for fashion and design. The streets and sidewalks are your runway, showcasing your style and sophistication from the car you drive, to the clothes you wear. The Peugeot RCZ is the perfect accessory; whether you’re looking to accentuate your curb appeal, or simply prefer your transportation in the form of a sporty, high-performance vehicle. Attend events and festivals, update your look with the latest haute couture, or take in the sights, all with the convenience and reliability of your Peugeot lease. Turn heads wherever you are in Milan, greater Italy, or any one of thirty-seven European countries where your Peugeot lease can go.

Peugeot - Milan

The streets and sidewalks of Milan are your runway.
Our uncompromising dedication to the highest quality service while still providing our clients the cheapest car rental prices is what sets us apart. We strive to make Kemwel a household name, synonymous with travel, wherever you want to go in the world.

Start planning your next short or long-term Peugeot car rental in Europe with us today. Book online or contact a Kemwel reservation representative toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Florence: Fueling Your Five Senses

A visit to Italy demands a visit to Florence. The city is recognized as the birthplace of the Renaissance and opera, the epicenter of the Tuscany Wine Region, and is a mecca of music, art and culture. Each of these factors contributes to its significant stature in the hierarchy of must-see Italian cities.. Get ready for an adventure of discovery that will satisfy and stimulate your senses as you tour Florence in your Kemwel car rental.


Florence - Sight_108297311

Though many holidays and events , in name at least, are celebrated internationally, each hamlet, town and city finds unique twists to incorporate into these events to make it uniquely their own.

Scoppio del Carro, the Explosion of the Cart, is a Florentine tradition that harkens from the days of the First Crusade and has taken place each Easter since. All the pageantry of the 15th century is brought to life in the affiliated festivities with the main event being the procession of costumed participants who wend their way from the Porta al Prato to the Cathedral Square, the Piazza del Duomo. For five centuries, the same antique cart has been wheeled along this path, laden with pyrotechnics and set off in the shadow of the cathedral as the culminating event of the parade. Learn more about the symbolism, ceremony and superstition associated with this dynamic event on your visit to the beautiful city of Firenze.

Florence - The Explosion of the Cart

Scoppio del Carro, the Explosion of the Cart, an Easter Tradition.
Photo Credit: Bouncey2k /

Live performances offer an entirely different listening experience to prerecorded music. I’ve heard artists over the years on the airwaves, LP’s, 8-tracks, cassette tapes and cd’s, who have not interested me in the least, then attended a live performance which blew me away.

Opera isn’t for everyone, but considering the small fraction of people “comparative to the population” who have never actually attended a live opera, I would propose that even if you never go again, while in Florence, the mother-city of Opera, make time in your schedule to attend just once, and you may surprise even yourself.

While I have no illusions that any great number of people will be converted to opera junkies from attending a performance, the raw vocal power and storytelling dramatization are moving to hear and see.


Florence - Taste_172256456

florence - Taste 2 _105208151

Touring the Tuscany wine region is a must!
We have somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000 taste buds that register each burst of sweet, sour, salty and bitter we consume. Tease your palate with the delicious flavors from some of Italy’s best wines produced in the Tuscany region, of which Florence is the heart.

Wine tastings are a daily opportunity within the city of Florence, but why stop there? A rental car in Florence allows you to take a break from the city and visit the vineyards and wineries where they’re produced as opposed to a storefront. There are families that have been in the business of grape transformation for generations, and others with burgeoning careers and expectations in the wine business, all whose passion for the fruit of the vine are waiting to be shared. Being able to speak to the winemakers and farmers who work hand-in-hand to produce these noble beverages has the potential to be an interesting and informative activity, while also offering the benefit of a picturesque drive through the stunning Tuscan countryside.


Don’t rely on only photos, keepsakes and knick-knacks to remind you of your time in Florence, consider getting your hands dirty in one of the many activities available that will add a new skillset to your repertoire.

Culinary classes can teach you how to make a traditional Italian dish from scratch in a single day, or how to create an entire meal in more intensive courses. Options for beginners and advanced cooking students are typically available. You can elevate the education by choosing a school that offers immersion courses, which means a crash course, or a refresher in the Italian language, as you’re mixing and measuring. Pasta is an integral part of Tuscan cuisine, and just one of the delicious foods file away in your recipe book.

While walking the halls of the plethora of galleries and museums, taking in the works of artists such as Michelangelo and Donatello, you may be moved to try your hand at painting, drawing or one of the other mediums of the fine arts. The streets of Florence are your classroom as instructors gather their pupils to draw inspiration from their surroundings to create a personal work of art, offering assistance along the way.

Italian wines are a coveted commodity across the globe. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the intricate nuances of wine and its terminology, or have a more basic appreciation for sampling new vintages without the highfalutin lingo, it’s not only a journey of taste, but of culture, tradition and beauty.


Florence - ScentWherever you go, you’re absorbing information from that environment through your five senses without conscious effort. Our senses work in harmony together, feeding us details that influence our impressions as we associate them with familiar and new, good and bad, from our collected experiences in the past.

Your sense of smell is the last of these tools by which you make your way through the world. The bouquet of the wine in your glass, the savory smell of basil and acidity of tomatoes, the scent of acrylic paint and dusty plaster, they’ll all be reminders of your time in Florence.

Kemwel is here to offer hints and tricks, insight and advice, into the realm of international travel to pave your way. Helping you create memories that will last a lifetime is part of what we do. Renting a car in Florence with Kemwel ensures you’re working with a company whose proven record in the highest quality customer service is not sacrificed by providing you the cheapest car rental rates . Do it yourself, using our secure online booking engine, or confirm your rental car with a Kemwel reservation specialist at 1-877-820-0668 today!

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