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European Travel Tips: The Key to Finding Spain’s Best Beaches

Spain’s Best Beaches

Spain, one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in Europe, has a rich and diverse history. The heritage, stunning scenery and vibrant culture are three of the driving forces behind thousands of people who visit Spain every year. With the ease of travel between European countries since the formation of the European Union, it has become even easier and more convenient for travelers to make their way to Spain after visiting other countries in the area. With that in mind, what better way to escape winter’s icy grip than by planning a tropical getaway to one of Spain’s best beaches?

In addition to unrivaled access to some of Europe’s most breathtaking beaches, traveling to Spain will introduce you to one of the most unique and awe-inspiring countries in the world. Continue reading for more advice on finding Spain’s best beaches.

Finding the Perfect Stretch of Sand in Spain

Even though Spain does reside between Portugal and France, the majority of the country borders water. This means that Spain has expanses of coastline and a myriad of beaches to choose from. In fact, Spain has some of the most beautiful beaches and coasts in the entire world! So how do you go about determining which of Spain’s beaches are the very best?
Kemwel has put together a brief list of Spain’s best beaches:


  • Las Canteras – A beach located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the ninth largest city in Spain. This is a beautiful 2.8 kilometer travel-tips-best-beaches-in-spain-gran-canaria-kemwellong stretch of beach which features surfing and fun right next to a major urban center.
  • La Playa de la Arena – A system of dunes running between Zierbana and Miskiz, this is a beautiful and environmentally friendly beach. This beach is best saved for people who love out of the way attractions or who are looking for a bit of privacy in the comfort of Mother Nature. It is definitely not one of the most well-known destinations.
  • La Concha – A beach located in San Sebastian, this is easily one of the best looking beaches in the country. The beach has a natural curve to it which takes in and reflects sunlight and, in certain weather conditions, presents onlookers with a beautiful mist. The city located beside the beach, San Sebastian, is a cultural and culinary hotspot as well.
  • Illas Cies – Located in Galicia, this trio of islands is located in the northwestern region of Spain. On the inland side of the island are beautiful beaches with white sands, pristine water, and a number of attractions for visitors. Illas Cies has a little bit of something for everyone!
  • Playa de Bolonia – This area of Tarifa is home to some of the most popular beaches in the country. It is nearly impossible to find a spot that has not been used heavily by tourists in this area. With that being said, if you are willing to go as far as Bolonia, a small fishing village in Tarifa, then you will find one of the most secluded beaches in the country. A bonus for anyone interested in history is the fact that the ancient ruins of Baelo Claudio are right beside the beach

Beach-Hop Through Spain in Style

With all of the wonderful coastal destinations to visit in Spain, the only question left is how you can see them all in one trip! Travel in comfort with the convenience and versatility of a rental car and you’ll be able to tour the balmy coast of Spain at your own pace and direction. Look to Kemwel to find you the best deals and specials on all sorts of rental vehicles and travel transportation services including airfare and hotels! Browse our rates online or feel free to call one of our helpful reservation agents anytime, toll-free and 24/7 at 1-877-820-0668. Your next fantastic adventure abroad is only a few clicks away!





Inside the 2015 Venice Carnival


The Venice Carnival

The Carnival of Venice is a festival that is held every year in the city of Venice, Italy. This carnival typically ends on the date that Lent begins, which is forty days prior to Easter and it is traditionally believed that this carnival was begun in 1162. The people began to hold reunions and dance in San Marco Square in celebration of a political victory that occurred during that year. In the following ages, this festival evolved to become something much larger than when it started! It was 1797 when the jubilation was banned by the King of Austria during his rule but began to make a return centuries later in 1979 and the cultural legacy has been building ever since.

One of the most interesting traditions of the celebration that has continued as a main focus of the festival to this day is the donning of elaborate carnival masks. Originally made out of glass, the marvelous masks are generally constructed from leather and porcelain in the modern day but still evoke the same resplendence and sophisticated design. An important aspect of the carnival is La Maschera Piu Bella, a contest where the most beautiful mask is determined. The contest is judged, yearly, by international fashion and costume designers who visit Italy specifically for this honorary purpose!

Visiting the 2015 Venice Carnival

Binside-the-venice-carnival-italy-festival-of-masks-auto-europeecause the streets and city itself are relatively small, Venice is a locale which is usually toured on foot. The main square can be accessed through narrow alleys that are between buildings all around the downtown area. Traveling on foot is one of the best ways to see the city because you get the opportunity to explore things which are off the beaten path. Many locals tend to stay around the small squares in the city, which make lovely places to grab a lunch or sip some espresso at one of the many street cafes.

Venice is a series of islands, at its core. They are connected by bridges and are separated by lagoons and canals. Comfortable shoes are a clothing item that cannot be ignored. The Rialto Bridge is one of the largest and most beautiful bridges in the entire city. It is also an extremely popular attraction for visitors and has shops on both sides, but be wary that many of these shops cater to tourists with low quality and high priced items; shopping is best done on less crowded side streets away from big tourist attractions.  Venice is a city that can be hard to travel around without getting lost, but you’ll be able to navigate with confidence when you take advantage of a free portable GPS for your trip!

The Best Way to Get Around Italy

While you could utilize public transportation to get to the city itself, you’ll appreciate the added freedom you’ll find with your own car rental and you might be surprised by how much money you can save, too! Renting a car is simply more convenient than waiting on taxi cabs or buses and with all of the great rental deals and specials from Kemwel you’ll have plenty of capital left over for the rest of your trip.  Pick up your vehicle at a myriad of convenient locations, from the Venice Marco Polo Airport to the Santa Lucia train station to local rental offices downtown, and embark on an exploration of Europe that you won’t soon forget!


Our Favorite New Year’s Resolution: Travel More in 2015

Our Favorite New Year’s Resolution: Travel


With the New Year now upon us, you may be tempted to make your resolution something personal; something that you may keep to yourself or avoid sharing with your friends and your family. Fortunately, there is one resolution you can make that is very easy to share: the resolution to travel more in 2015! Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut and wind up in the same place for a very long time. The New Year is the perfect time to shake things up and change around your routine by traveling away from home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Making a resolution to travel is the first step in achieving the goal of expanding your horizons with exciting new opportunities!

The Best Cities to Visit in 2015

The world is full of awe-inspiring places to explore and experience! In the end it is up to you to decide where you want to go on your New Year’s travel endeavor but here are a few of the best globally renowned locales for tourism to start off your holiday planning enterprise:


  • New York City, United States – As a major hub of world commerce and entertainment, New York City is one of the most exciting places that you can visit in the entire world. If you have never been here, you simply cannot afford to miss it! Whether you are catching a show at a local comedy club or picking up a slice of world famous pizza from a vendor on the street, New York City has a little something for
  • London, England – London is the backdrop for so many television shows, movies, and books that, when first visiting, it can almost feel like a familiar place. With traditional English culture abound, it is difficult to experience England in a better way than by visiting and touring the area with a rental car in London.
  • Las Vegas, United States – Las Vegas is one of the only areas in the United States to feature legalized gambling and, as a shining jewel in the desert, it has attracted high rollers and entertainers from all over the world. Even if you don’t want to gamble, Las Vegas has plenty of attractions to offer visitors and you’ll find yourself wondering how to fit all of the things to see and do into one trip!
  • Rome, Italy – The seat of the Roman Empire, the capital city of Rome is one of the most beautiful and historically rich destinations that you could ever hope to find. With the ruins of ancient Roman buildings all over the city itself, you will never be far from unique and intriguing attractions to visit.
  • Paris, France – As one of the most romanticized and beautiful cultural centers in Europe, Paris is still one of the premier travel destinations for the upcoming New Year. Do yourself a favor and make sure you tour Paris if you are traveling in Europe.
  • Berlin, GermanyVisit Berlin, a major industrial hub and the cultural center of Germany, for a wonderful way to experience the national culture. Visit during one of the famed seasonal celebrations such as Oktoberfest to make your holiday even more exciting!  Oktoberfest, is a huge fall festival that takes over the entire city and makes for a wonderfully festive focus on your next trip to Europe.

Treat Yourself to a Trip Abroad!

With so many fantastic places to visit you should have no trouble picking a destination once you’ve decided to take a trip in the New Year. You’re sure to delight in the new experiences to behold wherever you choose to go and Kemwel can help make your travel dreams a reality with some of the best deals on travel services and lowest prices in the industry! Browse our rates online or feel free to call one of our helpful reservation agents anytime you need assistance, 24/7 and toll free at 1-877-820-0668. With everything from car rentals and great deals on airfare to free GPS rentals to help you navigate with confidence, Kemwel is here to help you kick off the New Year with an exciting journey abroad at a pleasantly surprising price!



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