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Taking Better Travel Photos: 5 Essential Photography Apps

Everyone wants to take the best pictures possible when they are traveling. Taking photographs is one of the ways we preserve the memories of our travels for a lifetime. They also provide a tangible means of telling the story of your adventures to friends and loved ones. With the rise of smartphones such as the iPhone or the numerous Android devices available has come an explosion of apps meant to assist people with taking photos.

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However, the problem in a world with so many apps and so much technology coming out every day is that it can be difficult to determine what applications are worth using and what has become outdated. The best applications tend to be both robust in features and to work across multiple platforms. They also tend to update on a regular or semi-regular basis. Crowd sourced reviews have contributed to quality applications being put out by developers, particularly in the area of app development.

The Best Photography Apps

best photography apps, travel photos, smartphone photos, photography 101, how to take better photosHere are the top 5 essential photography apps:

  1. Afterlight – Afterlight is one of the best photography apps for iPhone. It features extremely precise controls with regard to editing (some of the best on any platform). With extensive editing tools and a number of quality presets, Afterlight bolsters the already capable camera of the iPhone.
  2. AverageCam Pro – Another iPhone app. This one specializes in both long exposures and night exposures, two scenarios which the iPhone has had difficulty with. It also has features meant to rectify blur associated with moving water or people. Another function helps to remove sensor noise when taking photos in low-light conditions.
  3. Instagram – An obvious choice. Cross-platform and linked to the website for quick sharing. The application has a number of presets that can be used for taking travel photos which will add extra life to scenes.
  4. Camera Awesome – Camera Awesome has features for controlling exposure time, changing focus and modifying filters and presets. It has a paid version for Android and a free version for iPhone. The paid version has a few extra features that are not available on the iPhone version and, at a price point of $2.99, it is a pretty good deal.
  5. Google Camera – One of the best photography apps for Android. Slick and minimalist interface bolsters an already feature-rich application which, like most products developed by Google, cuts out all the interference and leaves you with exactly what you want.

Utilizing any of these 5 essential photography apps will help you enhance your picture-taking skills and build on the capabilities of your electronic devices when traveling. A way to further bolster your photography skills would be to learn some basic composition tips. Traveling is exciting and something that, understandably, people wish to share with others. While bringing those people along on your trip is not always a viable option, you can always utilize some of the best photography apps for your smartphone and take pictures that  you can refer back to fondly in the years to come.

smartphone photography, photagraphy apps, travel photosIf you want more immediate gratification in the way of sharing photographs and chronicles of your adventures, Kemwel offers portable MiFi units in select countries, which allows you to connect up to eight wireless devices to the web and your favorite social networks.

Traveling with Kemwel

Now that you’ve got some new ideas on how to improve your travel photography, it’s time to implement them! The next step to creating your epic vacation is reserving a Kemwel car rental. At Kemwel, we provide transportation services from standard rental cars and Peugeot leases, to luxury car rentals and private transfers. Work on your action-shot photography from the passenger seat of the cheapest car rentals internationally, which can always be found with Kemwel Car Rental!

World’s Best Beer: Germany vs. Belgium

While the ancient Egyptians perfected beer making, it was the industrious monks on the continent who raised production to an art form during the Middle Ages. In monasteries cut off from the outside world, recipes were concocted, methods honed and batches liberally sampled until only the most delicious of brews were devised. In Europe today, two of the finest beer brewing destinations are Germany and Belgium, each with their own distinct panoply of frothy libations, in constant competition for the title of World’s Best Beer!

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Germany: World’s Best Beer ?

Germany is often called out as one of the world’s best beer brewers. The verdant green of Germany’s cultivated fields attests to the quality ingredients of flavorful hops and barley that make up German beer. It’s interesting to note that in Germany, beer stays close to its source, which requires the beer aficionado to source their beer locally, which also means each beer variety is assured of being fresh and at the peak of flavor. There’s also almost no better excuse for traveling to quaint and forgotten villages scattered across the land than the promise of downing a delicious pint of German beer. Driving (responsibly) along Germany’s back roads, streets and its major highway, the Autobahn, to visit the vast array of German beer destinations is a worthy vacation aspiration!

Oktoberfest, Germany beer, world’s best beerBeer lovers across the world know that of the premier beer experiences to be had, fall festivals in Germany offer a many opportunities to sample a wide spectrum of national brews, and of course enjoy some art and culture! None of these fall festivals, however, is more renowned than Munich’s Oktoberfest, Munich’s brash, 16-day Oktoberfest revelries somehow manage to seamlessly combine oompah bands and lederhosen with beer tasting for an annual entertainment extravaganze. Beer tents spring up as temporary tasting hubs, changing the landscape of a city lauded for its modern aesthetic and relics of its thousand-year history. Visitors to Munich, and Oktoberfest, can take a break from beer tastings to tour the marble halls of nearby Schloss Nymphenberg, a baroque delight that was home to some of Germany’s most famous kings or wander the halls of the city’s many museums.

Belgium: World’s Best Beer ?

Germany’s chief competitor for world’s best beer, Belgium, presents their own flair for combining ingredients to create exceptional craft beer! While traveling in Belgium, on a search for the finest brews, the city of Bruges makes a natural choice for a stop that combines beer tastings with an informative tour of a museum dedicated to its production. The Brewery De Halve Maan offers visitors an in-depth look at Belgium’s history of beer making and examples of how far the country has come in cultivating their highly-acclaimed beer culture. The city of Bruges also beckons visitors with its charming city square, quaint chocolate shops and ancient churches.

Fall festivals in Belgium, Belgian beer, world’s best beerWhile not as well-known as in Germany, fall festivals in Belgium that are dedicated solely to beer abound, encompassing several days of raucous enjoyment across the length and breadth of Belgium. The city of Hasselt offers no less than 140 varieties to sample during its Belgian beer festival in November. Many other notable fall festivals in Belgium take place in October, allowing visitors to acquaint themselves with the more than 400 breweries producing beer throughout the country.

Germany vs. Belgium: World’s Best Beer ?

Europe’s beer brewing destinations offer much for the intrepid travel to discover, whether during fall festivals in Germany or while attending a Christmas market in Belgium. While the competition of whether beer in Germany or beer in Belgium is the world’s best beer will continue to rage on among fans for centuries to come, the historic and visual delights of each country offer travelers a wealth of memorable experiences, long after the breweries have closed for the day.

A car rental with Kemwel will allow you to navigate easily between the host of beer festivals, sites and activities that await you this fall in Belgium and Germany. Depending on the length of your travels abroad, in addition to conventional car rentals, Kemwel offers short-term leases on factory-new Peugeot vehicles in cities like Brussels and Munich. Arrange your next European vacation car rental using Kemwel’s web-based booking engine, a safe and secure way to confirm your rental car! If you have questions, we offer various, online resources to supplement your knowledge, or you can reach out to one of our car rental reservation specialists, toll-free, as 1-877-820-8666.

6 Easy & Creative Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

When you want to save money on your next vacation, you need to plan ahead. It really is as simple as that! If you have a few months before your next trip, you are in a prime spot to begin organizing and economizing, but even if your travel plan is a last-minute, whirlwind adventure, there are ways to minimize the monetary flow out of your wallet, and still have a good time! Remember that little things add up, and if you do a few of the things on this list, your savings will accumulate. When you are looking for ways to save money on vacation, keep these travel tips in mind.

Travel Together

It is typically cheaper to travel in a group than on your own. Find an established tour to join or simply organize one on your own with a small party of friends. If you have at least six to eight people, there is often potential for your group to qualify for additional discounts, so if you have a posse of aspiring travelers you can rally, this is a great way to go!Kemwel car rental, group travel savings, discount travel

Keep It Local

Keep your trip localized. Even if you are going to a far off destination, stay in that location and explore it thoroughly. Schmooze with the locals and get to know where they go, and their perspective on points of interest.

In many major cities you’ll regularly find city specific passes that provide discounts on anything from museums and galleries to restaurants! For example, if you’re traveling in the Netherlands, the I amsterdam city card is worth purchasing if you’ll be exploring Amsterdam’s cityscape for a few days. In London, England the London Pass offers similar value. Visiting local monuments and attractions are an interactive way to get to know an area’s history and the passes provide additional savings so you can keep enjoying all the exciting facets of culture your city of choice has to offer!

Pack a Lunch

Another great way to save money on your next vacation is to give yourself a meal plan, before and during your trip. Eating out, while fun, takes a huge chunk out of your budget.

It’s all too easy to fall into the culture of social dining and grabbing meals out on your lunch break without thinking much about it, and traveling often results in a three meal a day smorgasbord of cafes, restaurants and bars. As part of your money-saving plan, pack a lunch for work at least four times a week. Before going out to meet friends, have a snack at home first, and limit the funds you bring with you so as not to overspend while you’re out. While traveling, if you are staying in a hotel with a kitchen, do some cooking with goods from the local supermarkets. Even bringing along a toaster and a bag of bagels or bread can help defray your cumulative costs!

pack a lunch, ways to save on your next vacation, travel- tips

Rent a Car

You may have dreams of picking up on local transport, but for many cities throughout the world, that means using a taxi, and taxis are surprisingly pricey after just a single day! Remember that sometimes, a car rental is just the better deal, especially if you have travel companions. On top of that, you also get to scope out the city at your own pace!

Create a Budget

When you are looking for ways to save money on vacation, it’s important to create and follow a budget plan. Many people intend to do this, but then when the day arrives, they forget or they choose to ignore it. There are many ways to set a budget. Set a big one for the trip or set one for every day, where you are only allowed to spend a certain amount within 24 hours.

Find Friends

Before you get to the city, jump online and see if you can make some friends. While you should always exercise caution regarding who you meet and what you do, you will find that on the whole, most people are welcoming and interested in helping you have a good time. A great recommendation from a local, or someone who has been there is invaluable! There are many online resources that will allow you to connect with folks who are more than happy to share their knowledge and love of a particular area.

Save Money on Your Vacation, meet locals,

Save Money on Your Next Vacation with Kemwel Car Rental

Kemwel guarantees the lowest prices on your business and vacation car rentals. We provide rental cars from two-person minis to vans for intrepid international travelers who appreciate the economy, additional freedom, and time that a self-driven vehicle affords them! Kemwel’s extensive travel services don’t stop there though. We offer MiFi services, so you can stay connected while away, GPS rental units, an excellent resource on and off the road, hotel room rates and airfare! Arrange your travel services online with Kemwel’s secure booking engine, or contact us directly via our toll-free number at 1-877-820-8666.

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