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When in Rome, Do As the Romans Did

When in Rome - View of Rome

Participating in historic and fictional character reenactments is more than a casual hobby and for some individuals becomes a full-time occupation! Across the world, activities involving an  array of interests, present enthusiasts with an opportunity to shed the veneer of their daily lives and for a moment, portray the characters they’ve only read about. If you have a love of costumed pageantry and history, here are ways to do as the Romans did on your next trip to Italy.

Celebrate the Birth of the Eternal City

Not a day over 2,667 years old and still thriving in the limelight, plan your spring vacation around April 21st , which celebrates the birthday of what is internationally known as the Eternal City. There are an exciting panoply of events and activities surrounding this date that will immerse you in the beauty, history and culture of both modern and ancient Rome.

When in Rome - Legionaires

natale di Roma, Legionnaires parade on April 21:

Many highlights of the event are held at the ancient site of the Circus Maximus, where charioteers once rounded the dirt circuit in earnest, and gladiators battled for life and limb. Recapture a piece-of-the-past, as historical reenactment groups take you back in time to Ancient Rome, staging scenes from the city’s tumultuous bygone days. Carefully styled costumes and props add a level of authority and authenticity to the staged clashes between Roman legionnaires and barbarian warriors, that are a truly thrilling, visual spectacle to behold.

When in Rome - Circus Maximus

The remains of the Circus Maximus is now utilized as a park venue for cultural events and concerts
There are a variety of museums, galleries and other cultural buildings that offer free admittance during Rome’s birth celebration, so if the cheering crowds at the Circus Maximus are too much, escape to the interior of these cultural edifices for a look at Rome’s history from a more passive vantage point.

Get back to the trappings of present day at the culmination of natale di Roma by attending the fireworks and light projections display in the evening. For the adults in the crowd, there’s still plenty of entertainment to be had after the official end of the city holiday, so don’t plan on turning in any time soon after.

Gladiator Training in Modern Day

In the days of the Roman Empire, gladiator games were used as a form of entertainment and punishment. Extravagant events were created around the deathly confrontations of the combatants, involving both men and beasts.

While the grisly spectacle of the gladiator games has long since been put aside, if you’re inspired to begin learning the art of weapon wielding, try a contemporary Roman gladiator school in Rome! Don traditional gladiator garb and armed with a training sword, the bare-bone techniques of swordplay are imparted in a safe environment, by knowledgeable instructors who can also answer questions you may have about the daily minutiae of the ancient fighters. For those faint of heart, there are typically viewing platforms available, so that you may watch from a distance and live vicariously through the newest crop of fledging swordsmen and women.

When in Rome - the Colosseum

Gladiators once prowled the halls of the Colosseum in tense-anticipation.
Fresh from the training fields, indulge you imagination and drive to the battlegrounds of famous monuments like the Colosseum and Circus Maximus where gladiators once prowled the halls in tense anticipation. See these sights with new eyes after viewing dynamic reenactments like the natale di Roma and immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Rome like never before.

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**It’s also important to know the rules of the road before you get behind the steering wheel. Visit Kemwel’s driving information page for italy to learn more.

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