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Kemwel makes it easy to book the best discounted travel services and car rentals in Europe. Whether you need a rental car, a buy back auto lease, airfare, hotel reservations, or even a luxury auto rental, Kemwel can meet your needs. Check out our car rental guides for useful travel and driving information. Drive Europe!

We have been driven to provide the guaranteed best travel service at the best price. We guarantee it with our beat rate policy and our philosophy of no surprises or hidden costs.

If you have any questions, you can contact us online or call us toll free at 1-877-820-0668.

Cyber Monday Travel Sales | Best Holiday Travel Gifts Under $100


Travel Gifts Under $100

There are plenty of travel gifts around for people who are looking. With the holiday season quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to start looking for gifts for your friends and loved ones.
Here are three great options for travel gifts under $100:


    • Touchscreen compatible gloves – Offered by many companies, these gloves will allow you to use the touch screens on your mobile devices without having to use your bare hands. Considering the fact that the holiday season is usually the coldest time of the year, this is the perfect gift for electronics aficionados who want to avoid freezing fingers!


    • Grace Digital Audio Eco Pod – An indestructible case for your phone, this product will allow you to use it with no fear of it breaking. It provides sun protection, water protection, and sand protection. It even comes with a waterproof jack and ear buds so you will never find a time when your electronic device won’t be in good hands. It also features a storage area inside which can hold money, keys, and credit cards. At fifty dollars, this gift is top notch. Check it out at


    • Universal travel adapter – Anybody that travels a lot knows the importance of having a good travel adapter to deal with the various voltages in power outlets around the world. This is an inexpensive and utterly important gift which is perfect for any travelers. You should be able to find one for under $50.


Cyber Monday Travel Sales

If you are looking for unique ways to save this holiday seasons there are some great Cyber Monday travel sales that will be happening in 2014. Consider looking to Kemwel, a well-known and highly respected travel company specializing in low-cost car rentals. We have a few sales going on during the holiday season worth looking into, such as the following:


  • 20% off car rentals in Europe – Traveling to Europe is one of the premier ideas for travel during the holiday season. With extra time off of work and the fact that it is the off-season for tourism, it is the perfect time to pack up the family and take a trip. An extra discount on top of the already low prices that Kemwel offers is perfect.
  • 15% off European Mercedes Benz rentals – Nothing says luxury like a Mercedes. The only problem? The fact that a high-end luxury car like that usually costs an arm and a leg. With an extra 15% off during the holiday season, Kemwel is opening up the possibilities to all of their clients. Everyone should be able to afford a little bit of luxury during their travels!
  • Free one car class upgrade in select countries – There is nothing better than getting an upgrade without extra money. Consider this a holiday gift from Kemwel to you!


Should you decide that you want to opt for some of the specials that Kemwel has to offer, you should contact us directly to speak with a representative at 1-877-820-0668, or visit us online to start planning your next trip.



Creative Ideas for Thanksgiving Family Traditions


Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is the time of year when families will get together and break bread over all of the things that have happened during the previous year. It is a time when we celebrate the harvest and a time when we give thanks for all of the good things that we have such as our food, our families, and our health. It is also one of the only holidays in the United States when people are able to, almost universally, get time off of their work to enjoy some time to themselves. This is an issue which is often brought up in labor debate talks.

With that being said, there are always going to be certain traditions that each family has which are completely unique. While most families will have some version of getting together and eating as a family unit, others will make time each  year to do volunteer or give to charity. Some others may do something like hunting (though this is usually something reserved for families who are familiar with this type of thing) and for many Americans Thanksgiving means football. Regardless, tradition is something that runs very deep in the United States around the time of Thanksgiving.


thanksgiving-family-traditions-kemwel3Something Different

Trying something different on a major holiday like Thanksgiving could, in many families, almost be considered akin to heresy. Many families have had the same traditions for years and do not want to just change them for no good reason when nothing is wrong with them. Even so, there are times when a family might want to try something new – starting a new and exciting tradition to enjoy together for years to come. Perhaps something has happened in your family which has led everyone to be a little bit farther apart than they have in the past. If that is the case for you, consider trying something new as a way to reconnect and bring your loved ones together.

One possibility, of course, is travel. Most people simply overlook travel as something that is outside of their budget or more hassle than it is worth. Even so, that is not always the case. When you think about travel, a lot of people see it as an all-or-nothing type of event. Instead, consider the fact that you and your family or a group of your close friends could all pool your money together and splurge on a huge trip. Perhaps to Europe. Travel is something that will always have the ability to bring people closer together on an emotional level as well as a physical level. Taking a trip with loved ones is an investment in your relationships and you’re likely to cherish the memories you make for years to come. And, of course, it also gives you something else that you can all be thankful for besides simply your health and the food that is in front of you.

If you choose to travel and want to tour around Europe, a travel staple of the western world (particularly for people in the United States) consider booking your trip with the Kemwel family. We provide high quality travel services, from cheap car rentals and hotels to  in Europe to great deals on airfare, and can help you secure the best rates on all aspects of your trip. Give us a call at 1-877-820-0668 or book online today to start your new Thanksgiving family tradition!



How to Choose the Best Portable MiFi Rental in Europe

Portable MiFi Rental in Europe

Having a stable Internet connection is one of the most important aspects of modern society and, with the invention of portable hotspots, the acquisition of such a product is easier than ever. Whether you are using your Internet primarily for entertainment, social sharing, business or education, the importance of having a stable connection to the internet while traveling simply cannot be overstated.

With all of the information, tools, and uses available on the Internet, it has become a necessity to stay connected in order to maintain communication with friends and loved ones via email and social media. This is the primary reason why you will want to look into something like a mobile hotspot in Europe. This is especially true in times when you want to avoid exorbitant data charges abroad.

How to Choose the Best Portable Mifi Rental in Europe by Kemwel

The Best Pocket WiFi in Europe

Here are some of the things that you should look for when trying to get a portable MiFi rental in Europe:

  • Look for a travel company that will waive the data access fees for the unit. This can often be found with companies offering rental specials when a car class upgrade is obtained. If you are renting on a long-term basis or you are renting a higher end vehicle, you should have no problem finding a deal like this.
  • Find a MiFi rental that allows insurance. You do not want to be the one who gets caught holding the bag in the event that some sort of damage or loss (or theft) occurs with regard to your unit. Getting insurance will also provide you with significant peace of mind in this regard.
  • Look for units that accept SIM cards for multiple places. If you are traveling to Europe you will want a unit that works, at the very least, in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy (the big 4, as it were).
  • Find a rental unit which can be received ahead of time so that you can set it up.
  • Look for units which offer multiple connections. You will probably want one that allows up to eight connections at once. This is simply because of the number of devices you will likely have which are trying to connect (including computers, phones, tablets, etc.).
  • Price. Simple: Look for something relatively inexpensive. The fees can add up pretty quickly if you aren’t careful.

Consider renting Mifi in Europe with Kemwel for your next vacation. Not only do we provide top-notch service, class, and comfort in our cheap car rentals, Kemwel also provides easy and cheap MiFi mobile hotspot rentals for their clients – an added convenience. Booking a vehicle and securing your password-protected internet connection for the duration of your trip has never been easier! Call Kemwel today at 1-877-820-0668 to speak to a representative or book online to get your vacation started the right way!

Peugeot Open Europe Buy Back Leases

Discount long term rentals!

Kemwel car rental has partnered with the car manufacturer, Peugeot to provide you with discounted long term car rentals through our buy back auto lease program.

If you need to rent a car in Europe for more than 17 days, we can save you money. More information...
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