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The 5 Best Beach Getaways in Cyprus

The stunning island of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean and is famous for its incredible beaches and as the perfect holiday getaway. Blessed with not only white sands and blue seas, the island is usually also lucky enough to sustain blue skies and glorious sunshine throughout the summer months, and even into fall.Best Beach Getaways in Cyprus

Fall weather in Cyprus is ideal, particularly at the beginning of the season when it isn’t too hot or too cold, it’s the perfect time of year for spending the day relaxing on the beach or looking around one of the island’s small villages. Fall is usually warm and sunny, and the sea remains warm from the summer months, warm enough for swimming.

Whether you are traveling in summer or fall, these five best beach getaways in Cyprus have to be on your list. Enjoy a beach getaway in Cyprus at one of these spectacular shorelines:


Pissouri Bay

Best Beach Getaways Pissouri Bay

The over a mile-long bay of sand and shingle known as Pissouri Bay is found on the south coast of the island, and is great for watersports and chilling out. The beach has mostly avoided over-development and is generally a laid-back locals beach. Enjoy the sand and sea through the day, and enjoy one of the Cypriot tavernas just off the beach for a traditional Cypriot lunch or dinner. There are also plenty of local bars and restaurants to enjoy, you may even get to sample some locally made wine and grapes.


Nissi Beach

Fall Weather in Cyprus Nissi Beach

If you love a white sandy beach, then Nissi Beach is the beach for you. The beautifully turquoise waters are great for swimming or for the more adventurous you can swim out to a rocky island and spend your afternoons jumping off rocks into the clear sea. Like most of Cyprus’ beaches, the area has a great selection of bars and restaurants to enjoy, even in the daytime.


Fig Tree Bay

Best Cyprus Beaches Fig Tree Bay

Famous for its solitary fig tree, Fig Tree Bay is the perfect family beach. With golden sands, safe waters and plenty of parasols for shade. One of the most popular beach resorts on the island, the area has become a little developed in recent years, with apartments and hotels close to the beach, and can get very busy in the summer.


Lara Bay

Cyprus Beaches Lara Bay

Found on the Akamas peninsula, Lara Bay is a stunning golden beach on a rugged rocky landscape, and a breeding beach for green turtles to breed and lay their eggs. The only difficult thing about this beach is that you need a beach-ready car, like a 4×4, to access it. This does mean, however, that the beach is pretty secluded and a great place to escape the tourists.


Serena Bay

Best Beaches in Cyprus Serena Bay

A locals favorite, Serena Bay is hidden away in Protaras off the main road. Despite being a smaller stretch of beach compared to some of the other beach locations, Serena Bay feels like you have discovered something truly special. And if you travel to the bay at the start of fall you may well have the beach to yourself. Be sure to enjoy a nice lunch at Serena Bay Beach Bar under the beach’s leafy trees.


Finding Your Favorite Cyprus Beach Getaway

With so many incredible Cyprus beach getaways, the only way to find your favorite is to visit them all! This balmy destination is easy to travel by car and you’re sure to have the time of your life beach-hopping from shoreline to shoreline! When it comes to finding a cheap car rental, Kemwel delivers with some of the best travel deals, including special savings on affordable airfare and more. Give us a call today, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668, and find out how much you can save on your next vacation in Cyprus!

Fall Weather in Cyprus

Autumn in Belgium: Vacation in Brussels

Autumn in Belgium Brussels

When the leaves start to change color and fall gracefully from the trees, that’s when you should be thinking about a trip to Belgium. Autumn in Belgium is one of the most romantic and peaceful times, particularly in the bigger city of Brussels. Not only this, but in the autumn months, which usually start in September and finish at the end of October, a vacation in Brussels will also be considerably cheaper. Escape the summer crowds, peak summer prices and the summer heat of the city by traveling to Brussels during autumn.

Known as the “Capital of Europe,” Brussels is a city that is very manageable and also very exciting. Defined visually by its medieval architecture, impressive collection of museums, and fusion cuisine, the small city is extremely walkable and can be explored at a relaxing pace during this season.


Try out some of these activities in Brussels during your vacation:

People watch at the Grand Place

Vacation in Brussels Grand Place

In the center of the city lies the historic Grand Place, the heart of the city and the one of the most ornate structures in Europe. Here you can people watch from a terrace cafe, sample an authentic Trappist ale, or even watch a free autumn concert or parade. You can also find the City Museum and the Town Hall in the Grand Place.


Visit Brussel’s many museums

Museums in Brussels Triumphal Arch

Hop from one cultural museum to the next in Brussels. From the Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts to the Magritte Museum, Brussels is full of informative museums to rouse your interest in the city even further. Try out the unique Musee des Instruments de Musique, which features 1,500 instruments in a beautiful historic building, and one of the oldest museums in Brussels, Musee de la Ville de Bruxelles, which was opened in 1887 and is located in the “King’s House” in the Grand Place.


Eat Belgian food

Restaurants in Brussels Belgian Food

Belgians are known for their ability to eat extremely well, and where better to test out that theory than in the capital city? With their French influences, as well as their own traditional flavors, finding a good meal in the city can be a little overwhelming. The historic institution Maison du Cygne, where Karl Marx drank and where the Belgian Socialist Party was organized, serves up traditional Belgian and French fare and is so popular that you’ll want to secure a reservation well in advance. The dessert selection in Belgium is equally tantalizing, with a variety of unique offerings including some of the most famous chocolatiers in the world. Before your trip is over, satisfy your sweet tooth and be sure to sample the amazing chocolate in Belgium.


Get to known Tintin

Belgian Art History Tintin

Created by Belgian comic Herge in 1929, Tintin is probably one of Belgium’s most famous exports aside from its specialist ales. The comic strip in Belgium is actually considered a very prominent and important art form. Often referred to as the “ninth art,” Tintin, the Smurfs, Willy and Wanda and many other world-famous comics were imagined by Belgian natives and you can see them all at the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinee, an Art Nouveau building turned museum.


Explore the Palais Royal

Palais Royal Brussels Belgium

The autumn months are a great time to be outside. Not too hot or too cold, this season is a great time to visit the Palais Royal and the nearby Parc du Bruxelles. While the king doesn’t actually live in the palace, he sometimes visits, and if he is in town you will see the national flag flying outside. Explore the gardens and grounds, and if you are lucky enough you may be able to link up with one of the Palace’s free tours.

Planning Your Autumn Vacation in Brussels

If you’re looking for a fantastic location to spend fall in Europe, an autumn vacation in Brussels might be perfect for you! Treat yourself to ideal weather for touring the city on foot and don’t forget to rent a car in Brussels so you can take the longer journeys in stride. Why waste money on cab fares when you can travel in freedom with your own private vehicle? Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals and specials around, so finding the best price is easier than ever. Use our booking engine to find a rate online or feel free to give us a call 1-877-820-0668; we’ll be waiting to help make your travel dreams a reality this fall!

Autumn in Belgium Vacation in Brussels


Relaxing Travel: Fun Small Towns in Europe

Relaxing Travel Eurpoe

It can be easy just to visit big cities and ignore the many beautiful, fun and relaxing small towns in Europe. You often fly into a major city and choose to just stay there, as it’s the most convenient and obvious travel option. But by renting a car in Europe, and getting out of the city, you can see a lot more of the continent without being restricted by a public transportation schedule!

Driving around Europe at your own pace it is not only a relaxing travel experience but also allows you to visit a number of different towns in a few days. From traveling to Italy, France, and Spain, to Germany, Norway or even Ireland, we have put together some of the most relaxing and fun small towns you must explore on your next trip to Europe:

Bevagna, Italy

Undiscovered Towns Bevagna

Located in the Italian region of Umbria, the village of Bevanga is known for its traditional arts and artisans, including gold-leaf painting and candle making. The medieval town is a vibrant and creative place to be, and is often overlooked by tourists in Italy who often choose larger more well-known destinations like Rome and Venice.


Besalu, Spain

Small Towns in Spain Besalu

The small town of Besalu is built up around a beautiful bridge that gives it its unique charm. The Catalonian town is also home to a thriving arts scene and tasty Catalan cuisine. Just a 30-minute drive from Girona Airport, the town is steeped in history and has plenty of Roman ruins to visit, while the town itself actually looks medieval.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Relaxing Travel Garmisch Partenkirchen

The Barvarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is just a few hours’ drive from Munich and is surrounded by the mountains that hosted the Winter Olympics back in 1936. Explore the town’s narrow cobbled streets and historic architecture, with parts of the town dating back to 15 AD.


Reine, Norway

Undiscovered Towns Reine

The small fishing village of Reine can be found on the Arctic island of Moskenesoya and has been voted the most beautiful village in Norway. Stay in one of the cozy and relaxing refurbished fisherman’s cottages on the Norwegian Sea among the 300 other inhabitants of the town and hope to see the spectacular northern lights from here.


Colmar, France

Small Towns in France Colmar

Known as “Little Venice,” Colmar is well known for its beautiful waterways, medieval streets and historic homes. The well-kept town is not only picture perfect but it is also famous for its aromatic wines, and is considered the wine capital of the district. Here you will find both German and French foods, as well as German and French architecture, including Neo-Baroque and Gothic.


Portmagee, Ireland

Small Cities in Europe Portmagee

While plenty of Irish towns are visited for their beauty, many consider Portmagee to be among the most beautiful in the country. Located on the southwest coast of the country, the seaside and fishing village has distinctive brightly-colored buildings and a strong live Irish music scene in its local pubs, where you can also enjoy classic Irish pub food and a pint of Guinness. From here you can also visit Skelligs Rock, a 6th century monastic settlement.

Visiting Quaint Towns in Europe

Getting over the pond is the first step to visiting quaint towns in Europe that will steal your heart and Kemwel provides everything you need to host the vacation of a lifetime! Whether you’re still looking for cheap airfare or need a rental car in Italy, even right from the Rome Airport, we offer only the best deals in travel transportation to make your trip memorable, convenient, and affordable.

Small Towns in Europe

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