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Kemwel makes it easy to book the best discounted travel services and car rentals in Europe. Whether you need a rental car, a buy back auto lease, airfare, hotel reservations, or even a luxury auto rental, Kemwel can meet your needs. Check out our car rental guides for useful travel and driving information. Drive Europe!

We have been driven to provide the guaranteed best travel service at the best price. We guarantee it with our beat rate policy and our philosophy of no surprises or hidden costs.

If you have any questions, you can contact us online or call us toll free at 1-877-820-0668.

7 Sensational Ski Retreats

Panoramic View Dolomites

From its practical roots of creation for facilitating travel over wintry landscapes in conditions otherwise difficult to navigate, skiing has evolved into one of the most actively participated in recreational and competitive sports in the world. Whether you’re a greenhorn on the bunny hills or your athletic prowess leads you down double black diamond trails, here are 7 snow-capped destinations Kemwel recommends for your next winter retreat.

FRANCE – Val Thorens
French alpinelift resorts represent one of the largest segments of European ski travel during winter months. The Pyrenees, the French Alps, the Vosges, the Jura and the Massif Central Mountains—France is undeniably a paradise for skiers from around the world. According to the World Ski Awards held recently in Austria, Val Thorens in the French Alps was recognized as the number one international ski destination to stick your ski poles into. Centrally located between Geneva Airport, Lyon Airport and Chambery Airport, you can easily pick up your Kemwel car rental and be at Val Thorens within a few hours. With close to seventy runs and a landscape cultivated for all levels of skill, experience for yourself why Val Thorens is the place to be this winter.

AUSTRIA – Innsbruck
innsbruckAustria is another winter-weather titan with an array of attractive ski destinations. Nestled among the Austrian Alps, the infinitely charming city of Innsbruck has a level of elevated prominence having hosted the Winter Olympics on two separate occasions. Traditional alpine and nordic skiing are chief among the wealth of sporting activities and events at hand to keep you and your party continuously engaged. When you visit Innsbruck outside of the holiday peak weeks of Christmas, New Years and spring break, you’re guaranteed to save money on everything from dining and accommodations to your Kemwel car rental. Prepare for a challenging ride on Patscherkofel’s Olympic downhill and bobsled courses, or try the more sedate and family-friendly resort in nearby Seefeld. First-time skiers and veterans alike can find a ski school for a ski lesson, or to increase their existing skill-set.

Zermatt SwitzerlandSwitzerland’s most distinctive landmark, the Matterhorn, offers an exquisite backdrop for your next ski vacation destination, Zermatt. Imagine days of speeding down carefully groomed trails, or schussing over miles of fresh powder, then savoring a warming cup of Glühwein at a slope-side bar or restaurant. Zermatt offers reliable, snow-covered pistes all year long, securing its place as a top destination for international skiers who can appreciate its extended season of cool conditions. Rent a luxury SUV with Kemwel  and prepare for your next epic adventure to beautiful Zermatt, Switzerland.

ITALY – Dolomites
While most travelers make their plans to visit Italy during the summer months, there are still memorable moments to be had when you travel out of the “peak” season. Bordering Austria, the Dolomites are home to one of the most comprehensive ski resort networks in the world, including the Vaile Isarco, Civetta and the exclusive CortinaDolomites d’Ampezzo resorts to name a few. Pick up your Kemwel car rental at the Milan Malpensa Airport and drive the Sella Ronda loop route which accesses many of the twelve Italian ski resorts that are part of the Doomite Superski Pass. Then when you’re ready for experience some of Italy’s scenic beauty off the slopes, you can take your rental car along the complete Sella Ronda Route in one day for some fine wines, cuisine and more casual culture.

GERMANY – Berchtesgaden
The idyllic town of Berchtesgaden is located in the southeast part of Germany and cradled on three sides by its neighbor, Austria. While it may have been off your radar in the past, it has many things that will commend it to you in the future over more prominently known European ski cities. Close proximity to the Austrian border and numerous airport locations, such as the Salzburg Airport, mean you can readily pick up your Kemwel car rental and be on a one-way adventure that will have you zig-zagging through the Berchtesgaden Alps in no time. Because Germany is not as actively sought out for ski holidays, you’ll have less touristberchtesgaden traffic to contend with, as well as cheaper costs compared to the more cosmopolitan resorts. Tailor your experience to your particular travel needs by choosing a resort for its family-friendly atmosphere (Göetschen), depth of powder (Jenner Koenigssee), well-lit pistes offering extended hours of operation (Obersalzberg), or exceptionally stunning vistas (Rossfeld). A Bavarian ski holiday is exactly what you need for an exciting and fun-filled getaway!

SPAIN – Sierra Nevada
Rent a car from Granada and gain a wider scope of travel options on and off the peaks. Sierra Nevada in Spain, the southernmost ski resort in Europe, may seem like an odd choice for a ski vacation until you hear about the perks. First, you have left the more popular Spanish Pyrenees, which will decrease crowding and pricing, but you also gain access to the nearby Mediterranean coast. Thanks to artificial snowmaking machines, even on days where the natural snowfall is not as plentiful, you can still expect diverse trail availability. There is an active nightlife at the resort, or you can drive back to Granada to explore and soak up some authentic Spanish culture. From its snowy peaks to the sunlit beaches, Spain is an alluring multi-faceted choice for a sun/ski vacation. While you’ll want to still dress sensibly as it’s not shorts, or bikini weather, if you had the choice to ski all morning, then take a quick siesta on a beach in the afternoon sun, wouldn’t you?

cross country skiingCross-country skiers will have a lengthier season of skiing in Levi than their alpine counterparts, but those with a downhill preference may still enjoy at least six months of generous snow cover. The diversity of the trails lean in favor of beginner and intermediate skill levels, but for those that require a more challenging course the three black diamond trails that are available will not disappoint. Skiing instruction for newbies and folks who’d like to build on basics, or brush up on safety techniques can be had at the local ski schools.  North of the Arctic Circle, this Lapland resort is near the Levi Ice Hotel & Ice Gallery if you haven’t had enough wintry goodness yet. Another luxury of this Finnish resort is that the likelihood of you seeing the Northern Lights increases putting this mountain in the must-see category. Don’t miss the selection of activities on and off the slopes. Pick up your car rental in Kittilä at the Kittilä Airport and prepare for an epic winter vacation in Finland’s largest ski resort.

With your Kemwel car rental and the spirit of adventure you can explore these ski destinations and more cool winter retreats throughout Western Europe. Kemwel guarantees the cheapest rental car rates in the travel industry. We offer international driving information  and car rental guides for additional convenience! Contact Kemwel toll-free at 1-877-820-0668 to speak with a reservation specialist, or confirm your car rental reservation online today!

Know BEFORE You Go: Car Rental Preparation

At Kemwel, we want all your travel memories to be positive ones. Where we can offer insight and advice into the travel planning process to make it as easy as possible, we do! This brings me to a few quick tips that are important to take care of BEFORE you’ve left for Europe.
While we live in an increasingly digital world, there are still some hard-copy items and pertinent information that are essential in ensuring that renting a car for your trip to Europe is a smooth ride from start to finish.


International Driver’s Permit (IDP)
IDPAn International Driver’s Permit, also known as an IDP, is an important companion to your driver’s license when renting a car abroad. It is a translated version of your driver’s license details into 10 languages that can be easily understood in the European countries where you’ll be driving your Kemwel car rental. While the rules on where the IDP is and isn’t required will vary between countries and suppliers, it is an inexpensive and effective way to ensure you won’t be rejected at the rental car desk, as well as other establishments that require a photo ID (think, drinks). AAA offices throughout the U.S. can provide you with an IDP for a nominal fee, often in the same day you complete your application! For more information on how to acquire an international driver’s permit contact AAA!

Driver’s License
To rent a car in Europe another necessary document is your driver’s license. I’m sure this seems like common sense, but it’s all too easy to get so wound up in the minutiae of packing and pre-trip purging of your purse and wallet of non-essentials that your driver’s license can get lost in the mix. It also must be the actual license itself, not a paper proxy. I’ve spoken to countless domestic and international travelers over the years who have ranted, raged and cried because they were the only person in their party who had the ability to drive, but couldn’t take out the rental vehicle because they left their license at home or they only brought the temporary version. Don’t be that guy (or gal)!I've got the keys

To pick up your rental car, bring your driver’s license, IDP, passport and Kemwel car rental voucher. Not all car rental suppliers will require you to show your passport, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As a relevant side note, any person(s) in your party that intend to drive should be aware of these mandatory and potential requirements, and be prepared to present their own documents at the rental car counter too.

Local Costs

When you prepay for your car rental with Kemwel there are variables, depending on the country and the supplier, as to what is and is not included in the advanced payment cost (location surcharges, daily road fees etc.). These are all disclosed as part of the booking process and also clearly delineated on your Kemwel car rental voucher so there are no surprises at the counter. To pay these charges locally, it is best that you have a credit card with you at the rental desk.

Credit Cards
If you took a basic insurance rate with your car rental, the credit card given locally must be the same credit card in the name of the primary driver, that was used initially during the booking process. If an inclusive rate or higher level of insurance, such as a zero deductible was taken, you have the option to use the credit card of another party member for the local fees. Suppliers put a hold on the credit card in the amount of any deductibles, fuel charges, equipment rentals and local fees (as applicable). After the conclusion of your car rental, any accrued charges will stay on the card and the rest will be refunded.
When choosing which credit card to use, consider that amidst your choices Discover cards are not widely accepted in most European countries and even more rarely with car suppliers.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are viewed as a cash transaction and therefore are not available to use with all suppliers. If advanced approval for a debit/cash transaction IS given, the amount held will be a larger sum than would be required for a credit card transaction. It also takes a longer duration to have the funds returned to you in this instance, which is an important distinction.

Another key reason that credit cards are the preferred method of local payment for suppliers is traffic violations. If you receive a traffic violation while driving a rental car abroad, it can take up to a year to process the fee. As the car rental supplier is notified, they in turn notify you and charge the applicable fee.

As you prepare for your European trip, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of contacting any banks, or credit cphone credit cardard companies of whom you intend to use cards abroad and let them know you’re traveling! Try having an ATM eat your credit or debit card because you neglected to notify the card provider and they assume it’s fraudulent activity. Getting a hold of a credit card company is difficult enough from abroad, but try a bank. I wish you the best of luck. As someone who made this error in their youth, it is not only an embarrassing experience, but annoying and a series of other adjectives and expletives trying to remedy the situation! It is a simple process to speak with an agent prior to your departure and have them note to your account the countries you’ll be traveling to and the dates.

Equipment Rentals

It is best to reserve any equipment that you will need for your European adventure in advance to ensure its availability. Car rental suppliers offer anything from ski and bike racks, to child seats and navigation units. Kemwel will arrange that these important details are included in your car rental and note them on your voucher. The applicable costs will be listed as well so you will know how much to pay at the rental car suppliers desk.

Using a GPSMaximize your savings by renting a Kemwel GPS unit! We offer portable navigation units to compliment your Kemwel car rental making it convenient to find your destination from on the road, or as you enjoy a scenic walk through the city. Kemwel can also provide you with cellular phones rentals to stay accessible while you’re traveling. Avoid mounting roaming fees and plan amendment costs that would be required to bring your personal cellphone abroad. Check out Kemwel’s sample rates for international cellular phone rentals.

Kemwel offers the cheapest car rental rates in the industry and we back this up with our price match guarantee. Rent a car, cellphone, or GPS unit in Europe with Kemwel today by booking online, or contact one of our knowledgeable reservation agents at 1-877-820-0668.

Holistic Holidays: Wellness Retreats in Europe

Holistic Holidays

Whether it be swimming in the crystal  clear waters of the Mediterranean, revitalizing your diet with a detox in Spain, flexing those muscles with a yoga retreat in the Italian countryside, or embarking on a Biontology retreat in Romeo and Juliet’s Verona, there are plenty of ways to rejuvenate your body and spirit abroad. Holistic holidays and wellness retreats in Europe will get you back to feeling great, and with these retreats there could be no better way to feel good!


Sea swimming in the Mediterranean

Sea Swimming Mediterranean

Sea swimming is not the armband swimming that you grew up with, you don’t earn badges by picking up bricks from your local swimming pool – in fact it’s far from it. Swimquest offers you your very own beach side villa from which you will have a perfect view of the crystal clear waters of Formentera in the Balearic Islands. Accompanied by some of the best swim instructors in Europe, visitors work on stroke and technique and prepare for long distance swims. Suitable for all ages, the courses offered include plentiful meals and lots of time to relax and bask in the Balearic sun.


Detox in Spain

Holistic Wellness Detox

Sha, close to the Sierra Helada mountains, is less of a spa and more of an uber glamorous clinic, complete with staff in white coats all ready to commit to your detox and dedicated to your each and every need. After an initial health assessment visitors are introduced to a detox diet of bespoke juices, wholegrains and vegetables, as well as iron-rich sea weeds and cleansing herbal teas. The program is designed to restore the body’s PH level along with treatments such as lymphatic drainage, acupuncture and shiatsu massages, and there is always the generous poolside beds to relax in before taking that evening swim at sunset.


Yoga in Puglia

Yoga Wellness Retreat Italy

Set in the gorgeous 16th century Puglian estate, complete with olive trees, prickly pears, lavender and figs in abundance there are perhaps few prettier places to set about restoring one self. Kaliyoga offers a retreat and a truly engaging yoga experience. In the capable hands of their empathetic and inspiring teachers the twice-daily practices will have you feeling better and more flexible in no time. Between lessons there is always the fresh seasonal vegetarian food, huge buffet brunches, as well as the incredible smoothies to keep your body and mind all on the same page.


Biontology in Italy

Biontology Holistic Retreat

Overlooking the fair city of Verona, the opulent Espace Henri Chenot detox spa sits perfectly in the Dolomites and offers a combination of Chinese and traditional medicine detox, known as Biontology. From a medical examination of every aspect of your system and a tailored strict detox diet to go alongside the series of acupuncture massages, hydro-aromatherapy sessions, and pytho-mud sessions, as well as massages in essential oils designed kick start your digestive system and help your body operate to its optimum. Perhaps its alumni can attest to its qualities, with prestigious guests such as Princess Caroline of Monaco, Luciano Pavarotte, various sheiks and Russian oligarchs all look no where else when trying to get back to their best.


Planning Your Holistic Holidays in Europe

Europe is a perfect place to host your ideal holistic holidays with plenty of destinations to visit, but how will you get there? Whether you’re venturing into the mountainous regions of Spain or taking a relaxing break among nature in Italy, Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals around to get you where you want to be at affordably low prices. Find cheap airfare to Europe or rent a car in Italy and set out to rejuvenate your senses on a wellness retreat in Europe! Kemwel is available to answer any questions you may have about making travel arrangements, available toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Wellness Retreats in Europe

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