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Kemwel makes it easy to book the best discounted travel services and car rentals in Europe. Whether you need a rental car, a buy back auto lease, airfare, hotel reservations, or even a luxury auto rental, Kemwel can meet your needs. Check out our car rental guides for useful travel and driving information. Drive Europe!

We have been driven to provide the guaranteed best travel service at the best price. We guarantee it with our beat rate policy and our philosophy of no surprises or hidden costs.

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Day Trips from Lake Como: Best Drives in Italy

Day Trips from Lake Como: Best Drives in Italy
Lake Como is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Italy. Home to some of Europe’s most beautiful homes that line the lake (mentioning no names, George Clooney!), Lake Como is the place to be every summer for the most famous and the most wealthy people in the world.

The lake also has some great Victorian history to explore. Take tours of the old-money villas and gardens that decorate the lake, as well as the natural beauty that is the lake itself. Visit the small towns within the Lake Como area, such as Tremezzo and Bellagio, both named two of the prettiest towns in Europe.

However, when you have really got to grips with the unforgettable scenery at the Lake, it’s a great idea to make some longer day trips from Lake Como. With a car rental in Italy, spending a day or two visiting some of these incredible destinations will enhance your trip, and provide you with some of the best drives in Italy:

Monte San Giorgio, Switzerland

Monte San Giorgio

The wooded mountain of Monte San Giorgio is located on Lake Lugano on the border between Switzerland and Italy, and is a UNESCO World Hertiage Site that is worth a day trip. Just an hour away from Lake Como, the site is an important historical, archaeological and scientific location thanks to its 250-million-year-old rocks. You can find out more by visiting the many archaeological museums in the region, such as in Besano. Make sure before you enter the site that you stop off in the visitor’s center to get maps and more information about this region, or plan ahead.

Monza, Italy


The city of Monza in the Lombardy region of Italy is around an hour-and-a-half away from Lake Como and is a pretty city on the River Lambro. Visit the famous Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista, which was built in 595, and explore the Parco di Monza, the largest enclosed park in all of Europe, which was established in 1806. A Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit is also located here, and can be visited on non-race days.

Milan, Italy


Milan is just an hour and 20 minutes away by car from Lake Como, offering a big city draw, and one of the best drives in Italy. Famed for having some of the world’s most iconic fashion, design, and haute cuisine, Milan is really a place to treat yourself. However, the city also has some impressive history. Make sure you visit the Gothic cathedral that dominates the city and delve into some of the world’s most famous art galleries and museums that feature work from timeless artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.

St. Mortiz, Switzerland

St. Moritz

If you really want a change of scenery – St. Moritz in Switzerland is just an hour and 50 minutes away from Lake Como. The Alpine town, which is famous for hosting the Winter Olympics twice, has a world-famous bobsled run and an ice rink made from natural ice that has been used in a number of iconic events. The famous holiday resort has skiing and snowboarding options and will feel like worlds away! But it’s all possible with day trips from Lake Como.

use your kemwel gps in europe

Do Rental Cars Come with GPS for Use in Europe?

do rental cars come with gps for use in europe

When you book your European rental vehicle it’s important to know whether or not it comes with a GPS for use in Europe. When you are driving in a new country and in a new continent it will be the best thing you ever do! Driving somewhere new can be intimidating, but having a GPS provides you with security to avoid breaking any traffic laws, getting lost, and making your journey the quickest it can be.


Do rental cars come with a GPS?

do rental cars come with a gps

Some rental cars have built in GPS, but many rental companies will charge you an additional fee to rent a GPS from them. Most of the built-in GPS systems will only be available in the luxury and high-class vehicles, which will cost more to rent. If your vehicle does not come with a GPS you will need to rent one.


Renting a GPS

renting a gps in europe is easy

This is very easy to do. When you book your rental you can add on a GPS with Kemwel at affordable prices per day. This means when you arrive at your destination, the GPS will be set up for you with the correct mapping and language and you are ready to go!


GPS for use in Europe

renting a gps in europe


It’s vital that you not only have a GPS for driving in Europe, but also that you have one that works well, is reliable and is country specific. So many car rental companies will supply a GPS and it will be in the wrong language, won’t work, or it will be in the wrong place.

Driving in Europe is not always straight forward, and an up-to-date GPS is the best way to make sure your vacation runs as smoothly as possible. Our Garmin GPS systems provide up-to-the-minute information about traffic information, a dash mount for safety, and road sign notifications. It will also re-route you if there is a problem on the road and take you on the quickest available route – ensuring that your holiday is always on the right track. It will also flag up speed limits and the closest gas stations and local attractions.


Can I use my phone?

using a phone as gps

It may be possible to use the GPS system on your phone, but be aware that a lot of smartphones rely on WiFi or 3G connection – which will not be possible without an extremely expensive roaming data plan. Make sure you check with your service provider first.

It’s also a little tricky to use your phone and concentrate on driving. If you plan to use your phone as a GPS, then make sure you have a universal car phone holder, so that you do not have to hold it or balance it and become distracted.


Should I buy one?

should you buy a gps for use in europe

It’s far more economical to rent a GPS – especially if you are going to Europe – than buying one, as this can cost hundreds of dollars for a brand-new one. We provide country/continent specific GPS’ that you won’t be able to use back home. If you buy a GPS before you come or when you arrive you will have to set it up to be country specific, however we can do all of that for you so it is ready for you when you arrive.


Renting a GPS from Kemwel

renting a gps from kemwel

We are a multi-national company that specializes in customer satisfaction. We always provide all of our portable GPS systems fully set-up and ready to use, with the correct language, the correct time and in the correct location. The last thing you want to do when you arrive is spend hours setting up your GPS. We take care of all of that. What’s more, we have great deals on GPS rental to make your vacation hassle-free and stay well within your budget!


Kemwel has the best rates on all your travel needs

Don’t get lost in a rental car without a working GPS system. Kemwel offers affordable GPS rentals for use in Europe and worldwide. While planning your next European road trip, remember that Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.


use your kemwel gps in europe


Finding the Best One Way Car Rental Rates

best one way car rental in europe

Have you ever thought about a one way car rental? This means you can pick up the car in one location or country, and drop it off in another location or country! It’s totally possible, and can save you money in the long run if you plan to see more of Europe this summer.

Most one way car rentals usually cost a little bit extra than if you returned the vehicle to the same location. This is usually because the vehicle has to be returned back to its original spot. However, this small fee can make your journey that much easier and far more exciting! You never have to drive back by yourself and you get to see more of Europe.

One way car rental cost can greatly vary depending on the location, timing and supplier. But with our incredible comparison search engine you can find the best base prices on one way car rental, with the lowest one way fees. You can search for domestic and international one way trips all over Europe using this simple search engine right here on our site. Simply select a different drop-off location by clicking the tab “I want to drop-off in a different city.”

Some car rental companies will disguise one way fees or simply not state them on your quote. At Kemwel we are completely transparent and always detail any restrictions or additional fees involved in your one way rental. This puts us above our competitors when it comes to booking your next one way trip.

Here are some tips on getting the best one way car rental rates with Kemwel:

Domestic vs International

domestic vs international one way car rental costs

One way car rental fees usually apply to most one way rentals, however, if you pick up your vehicle in one location and drop it off at another location that is in the same country then the fee is likely to be less. Consider staying within the same country when you make your one way trip and you may save some money.

Choosing your supplier

choosing a one way car rental supplier with the best rates

By using Kemwel’s search engine, you can find out which car rental companies offer the lowest one way fees for your desired trip. Fees can vary greatly depending on the supplier, some rental companies have higher charges than others. Fees can also change depending on the time of year, so make sure you keep searching and checking for great deals all year round.

Selecting a model

selecting a model for your one way car rental


Using our online search tool, you can find the best vehicle for your one way trip. Our search results allow you to compare rates on different models and makes and decide which car would be best for your journey. If you are planning on taking your vehicle cross-country and on a longer journey, then it might be a good idea to upgrade your model, especially if you are driving on country roads.

Travel planning tips

travel planning tips for one way car rental in europe

A great way to get the best one way rental deal is to be flexible with your timings and your location. Try searching Kemwel’s search engine and organizing the results by cost. We make sure all of the costs involved in one way rental are completely clear when you make the booking, which will help you to decide on where to go this summer, and where to end up!

For more information about booking a one way car rental and creating your very own itinerary use our online booking form or call us today on 1-877-820-0668!


Kemwel Has the Best One Way Car Rental Rates

Don’t let your car rental company dictate the itinerary of your next European trip! Find the best one way car rental rates with Kemwel and have the adventure of your dreams. While planning your next unique European road trip, remember that Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

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