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Day Trips from Sorrento Italy: Amalfi Coast Driving

Day Trips from Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento – the beautiful seaside resort town with its stunning mountains and an even prettier coastline is popular among tourists from all over the world. It has an untouched old quarter to spend your days eating pizza and drinking coffee, and plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants. Not only this, but Sorrento is also a great place to base yourself for some Amalfi Coast driving.

There is so much to see and do along the Amalfi Coast that it’s a good idea to take some day trips from Sorrento Italy, to see as much as you can. Rent a car, so you can take these trips when you want to, and spend as long as you want in each place. Moreover, by renting a car you will also get to see the stunning Italian countryside along the way, lined with olive groves and vineyards. Just make sure you stop at these incredible places at the end of your road trip.


Salerno Italy Day Trip from Sorrento

One of the most famous drives along the Amalfi Coast is the road from Sorrento to Salerno. Every twist and turn you make looks down on a 500 foot drop! It’s exhilarating, and certainly a drive you will never forget, what’s more, when you reach the beautiful city of Salerno it will have been a worthwhile journey. Vibrant and real, the city has history dotted along its streets in the form of churches and housing, as well as modern wine bars and restaurants in its Centro Storico.


Positano Amalfi Coast Driving

The drive from Sorrento to Positano is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Amalfi Coast. See endless ocean views as you drive to reach the beachfront town of Positano. Here you can spend some time browsing its small shops, taking coffee in its quaint cafes, and gaze out at the coastline from the little pebble beach.


Pompeii Day Trip from Sorrento

One of the most visited destinations in the region, Pompeii is an ancient Roman town that was destroyed by a deadly volcanic eruption. However, what makes the site so impressive is how well-preserved much of the town was after archaeologists uncovered the old town beneath 30 feet of mud and volcanic ash. Today, you can only imagine how incredible this old city must have been over 2,000 years ago, as you discover what’s left.


Naples Day Trip from Sorrento

The biggest city in the surrounding area, Naples was once the largest city in all of Italy, but as the city financed the north of Italy the city lost its appeal and declined. Despite the changes, the old medieval city is still a beautiful ancient city with so much to see and do. Discover its museums, old churches, and architecture, as well as the hustle and bustle of city life. A must-see is the Archaeological Museum of Naples, with its extensive collections of art from the ruined city of Pompeii.


Paestum Day Trip from Sorrento

Founded by the Greeks in the 6 BC, Paestum is an ancient Greek temple in the middle of Italy. An easy day trip, the drive from Salerno to Paestum takes less than two hours and offers an insight into life in Italy before the Romans. The temple is known to be one of the only Greek ruins north of Sicily and is in excellent condition.

The Ultimate Amalfi Coast Driving Adventure Begins with Kemwel

There is no better way to make day trips from Sorrento, Italy than in your own rental car. Enjoy Amalfi coast driving on your own schedule, without the hassle of waiting for Italian public transit and figuring out complicated time tables. Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Book a Cheap Car Rental for a Day Trip from Sorrento

Rental Car Additional Driver Fees Breakdown

Renting a car is great fun, but being the only driver can be hard, especially if you are planning a longer trip. That’s why it can be a good idea to add a rental car additional driver to your contract for a small fee, and alleviate the pressure of having one driver.

Moreover, if you want someone to drive the rental car and you don’t add them as an additional driver this can cause a lot of issues – particularly if you have an accident. If the additional driver is driving and has not been allocated as an official “additional driver” then your insurance will become invalid. This means everything you spent on insurance will be void.

Fees for additional drivers can vary for every rental company – but sometimes you can find ways to get free additional driver car rental. Depending on the pickup location, supplier company, and associated member companies, there are lots of ways to avoid fees. Find more information about adding an additional driver to your car rental reservation listed below.


Rental Car Additional Driver Fee

Fees usually start at around $10 per day and can quickly add up. They can vary by location, for example some areas in Europe and the US have laws that mean you don’t have to pay for an additional driver, such as in the state of California. It also matters which rental company you choose to work with.

Additional Driver Fees by supplier:

Alamo: Unless you are a member of Alamo Insider, you will have to pay an additional fee, per day, per driver. the exact fee amount varies depending on car class.

Avis: There is no additional driver fee for a spouse or domestic partner – there is a varying additional driver fee for all non-spouse/partner persons looking to drive.

Hertz: All additional drivers will have to pay an additional driver fee, unless you are a member of Hertz #1 Club (which is free to join), in which case you get a waived free for your spouse or domestic partner.

Becoming a member

Free Additional Driver Car Rental

By becoming a member of an organization that is affiliated with a rental car company, you can receive some great benefits, including the waiving of the additional driver fee. You can get great deals if you are member of the following companies:

AAA: Members get a free additional driver at Hertz.

AARP: Members get a free additional driver at Alamo, Avis, and Budget.

Costco: Members get a free additional driver at Alamo, Avis, and Budget.

BJ’s: Members get a free additional driver at Alamo.

USAA: Members get a free additional driver at Hertz, Avis and Budget.

Getting a free additional driver car rental

How to Get a Free Additional Driver Car Rental

By doing your research you could be entitled to a free additional driver car rental. What’s more, if you choose the right location and the right company you may also get some great deals on adding on your spouse or domestic partner.

Additional driver fees can quickly add up, and are usually compulsory, so knowing this additional cost in advance of collecting your rental can really affect your overall budget. Make sure you double check the final amount before you make your reservations, and be sure to read the fine print.

Savvy Drivers Choose Kemwel

When you’re looking for cheap car rental rates including a rental car additional driver, trust Kemwel to provide you the most extensive list of options, from top car rental suppliers all over the world. In the event that you find a lower price on your car rental from any other major USA car rental operator, Kemwel guarantees to match that price and beat it by $10! Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Book a Free Additional Driver Car Rental

5 Weird and Wonderful Sites From Around the World

Everybody knows about Stonehenge and Easter Island, the ancient monuments shrouded in legend and mystery that attract tourists like a moth to a flame. Well, we all love history, but if you want to avoid the large crowds, why not try a more modern attraction? There are infinite numbers of bizarre and interesting sites to see on your international travels, and we aren’t talking about the world’s biggest ball of yarn. Of course, art is subjective, but we think the following five sculptures are pretty darn cool and worth a look.

Hombre del Rio – Cordoba, Spain
This giant man has been soaking up the sun while lounging in the waters of the Guadalquivir River since 2006. It is said that the sculpture just mysteriously appeared one day, the government claiming to have never approved its placement. However, Rafael Cornjejo’s 16 foot sculpture weighing more than 4,000 pounds still sits in the river today, delighting every passerby.

Charles La Trobe – Melbourne, Australia
A lot of cities host monuments to their most famous residents, so what makes this statue of Charles La Trobe at La Trobe University so special? Well, it is upside down. The sculptor says this “embodies the notion that universities should turn ideas on their heads.” (La Trobe helped establish the University of Melbourne).


Le Pouce de Cesar – Paris, France
This statue of a giant thumb stands 12 meters high and is 4 meters wide. That is over 39×13 feet! It weighs in at a whopping 18 tonnes, more than 39,000 pounds. The statue was creates by Cesar Baldaccini, a world renowned French sculptor from Marseille (born to Italian parents, hence the name). You will find this massive phalange on Paris’ esplanade de La Defense.

The Virgin Mother – Manhattan, New York
A stroll through midtown will reveal a rather unique statue. A mother-to-be stands in all her glory, but she only has skin on half of her body. The other half is a colorful display of mixed metals revealing her skull, muscles, and the fetus she carries in her belly. Some people complain that the statue is a bit too gruesome for their tastes, but it is definitely interesting!

Space Cow – Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden is brimming with bizarre and interesting sculptures, but the space cow may be the most fun. Look up and you will find this guy suspended in mid-air, decked out in a full space suit complete with bubble helmet and oxygen tank. I wonder if cows enjoy Tang…



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