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Day Trips Out of Paris

Trip Paris - Feature Image

The dictionary has been thoroughly exhausted of superlatives to extol the virtues of vacationing in Paris, so I am not going to try. I am, however, going to pull out some adjectives and adverbs to explain why your trip to France should include some French cities that ordinarily get lost in the shuffle next to their illustrious capital. Rent a car in Paris and day trip your way to these marvelous destinations, and discover more hidden gems along the way—here’s a peak at some lovely locales to add to your itinerary!

ReimsAppx. 144 kms. northeast of Paris

Less than two hours northeast of Paris, the city of Reims is located in the Champagne region, and is in fact one of the centers of champagne production.

Trip Paris - Champagne Cellars

Champagne cellars and tunnels run beneath the city
The Villa Demoiselle is a masterpiece of taste, both a feast for your eyes and for your palette. This magnificent edifice was given a second lease on life when Vranken Champagne purchased the property and decided to make it the headquarters for their business, giving it a costly, but much needed restoration. A champagne tasting in the intimate interior of this charming structure is the perfect addition to an afternoon in Reims.

Trip Paris - Cathedral

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Rouen rivals its Parisian counterpart.

Treat your taste buds further with dinner at Chez Nous. Ranked in the top tier of restaurants in Reims, the menu is simple and hearty fare of a traditional French variety. The prices are affordable, especially considering the ample amount of food provided. After a day of exploring Reims, your appetite should be amply ready to tuck into good meal.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is a sight to behold, and no one can pass up photographing kilometer zero, located in the square facing its main entrance, but the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims could easily rival its Parisian counterpart for extraordinary gothic architecture, intricate stained glass windows and unique atmosphere. In its heyday, many monarchs held their coronations within the Reims Cathedral, only contributing to its impressive history.

Rouen Appx. 135 kms. northwest of Paris

Trip Paris - Clock

View the astronomical clock, the Gros-Gorlage.

Make your way to the cobblestoned Rue du Gros-Gorlage, where the historic atmosphere and bustle of modern-day commerce beg you to take a leisurely stroll for the photo opportunities and to window shop. Make sure your route takes you under the stone arch where one of the world’s last working astronomical clock the Gros-Horloge rests, after which the street is named.

Visitors to Rouen are undoubtedly familiar with Monet’s series of works depicting the Rouen Cathedral. The building was captured on canvas in a spectrum of light and shadow throughout the day, and varying weather conditions. One of these paintings can be found locally in Rouen’s fine art museum, while still more can be viewed in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. The Cathedral itself lies conveniently along the path you’ll tread, by the great clock. The last factoid I’ll make mention of, is Rouen’s ties to saint and martyr, Joan of Arc, who spent her last days in captivity before being burned at the stake in the city. Numerous buildings bear her name and there are exhibits providing a more in depth history. Discover more about Rouen with a tour of its array of fascinating features that fairly scream quintessential French city.

Chartres Appx. 90 kms. southwest of Paris

Chartres may not have as many sights to recommend as some of its neighbors, but it is a town of beauty and significance nonetheless.

Trip Paris - Picassiette

Visit La Maison Picassiette, a home completely covered in mosaic tiles
The name Raymond Isadore would have no reason to stand out, but for the uniquely artful home he constructed, La Maison Picassiette. After building his abode in the traditional fashion through happenstance Isadore came across some pieces of colorful broken crockery and glass and was struck by an idea. This began a thirty-year project of collecting the kaleidoscope of pieces that he used to make a mosaic of both the interior and exterior of his home, including the furniture! You can tour his labor of love today, and perhaps gain some inspiration to dabble in a mosaic crafting project on your own, on a smaller scale.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Chartres is well known as the destination of an annual pilgrimage that takes place in June from the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The Chartres Cathedral is yet another gothic architectural masterpiece of French history, in an exceptional state of preservation. Two contrasting spires dominate the skyline and the number of flying buttresses utilized in the construction provided the support for the original architects to create stained glass panels of a significantly larger proportion, adding to the exceptional detail. Chartres blue is a vibrant hue that was used in the first stained glass window creations using a method that countless glaziers have tried to replicate since to no avail, resulting in a difference in color between the old and new panels.

Trip Paris - Chartres Illuminations

Chartres en Lumière lasts from April through September
Chartres also offers a variety of eventful entertainment throughout the year. The Chartres en Lumière is a citywide event with an extended calendar. It takes place between the months of April and September, and bathes the city’s buildings and the sky in brilliant illuminations and scenography from dusk until 1:00 a.m.—an activity for a romantic evening out or a family driving tour.

Trip Paris - Rent a Car

Renting a car in Paris with Kemwel allows you to day trip your way through the surrounding cities.
Diversify your travel options and experience an unparalleled level of independence with a Kemwel car rental. There are convenient pick-up locations in France across the length and breadth of the country like the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Setting up your car rental in France is a snap with our secure online booking engine, and if you have further questions please contact one of our knowledgeable rental car agents at 1-877-820-0668.

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Discover Driving Routes with Curb Appeal

There’s nothing worse than a seemingly endless landscape of mundane scenery that makes you want to fall asleep rather than look at it. If you’re going to be on extended car ride, you want a road with an eye-catching panorama of scenery and the speakers full of your favorite driving tunes. When you’re choosing your next travel destination remember, one of life’s many pleasures is a long drive that offers plenty of curb appeal.

Great Ocean Road
No Maps Necessary

Curb Appeal_130077Only eight of the Twelve Apostles remain visible

From Torquay to Allansford, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is without a doubt the largest and most beautiful soldier’s war tribute in the world. It has a fascinating history of creation from the labor of surviving servicemen who returned home after World War I. From the limestone stacks of the Twelve Apostles rising up from the ocean, to Bells Beach, where surfers vie for the right to tame the next turquoise wave, you’ll find a seemingly endless paradise to explore in and out of your Kemwel car rental.

While you can finish the length of the Great Ocean Road in one day, why push yourself? Underwater shipwrecks, walking trails, warm sands to dig your toes into, and lighthouses with panoramic views are just a few of the reasons to hit the breaks and put the car in park. If you are more of a motor enthusiast as opposed to someone who likes to get out and smell the proverbial roses, the undulation of the roadway that takes you around tight corners and over seaside cliffs may encourage you to finish the drive in one day, but I hope you don’t.

Napoléon Route Say Yes to a GPS

Curb Appeal SisteronThe town of Sisteron along Route Napoléon

Close to 200 miles of smooth asphalt retrace the historic route of Napoléon between the cities of Grenoble and Antibes. An exciting stretch of road that takes you through the diverse terrain of quaint French towns nestled amidst alpine peaks, past abandoned fortresses and through forests to the Cote d’Azur. The numerous hairpin turns can be exhilarating for some and daunting for others. This route is often traversed by drivers who enjoy putting the pedal to the metal looking to make record time. For the leisurely driver, make a stop in Grasse, which has the prestige of being recognized as the world’s perfume capital. In Sisteron, where the sun shines an average of 300 days a year, visit the once defensive medieval citadel. The Naval Museum of Napoléon can be found in Antibes, as well as museums dedicated to Picasso and the liqueur absinthe. The road is still marked in places by gilded statues of the Imperial French Eagle, but it is recommended to plan your route utilizing a GPS.

The Romantic Road Rekindling the Flame

Fairytale Neuschwnstein Castle overlooks the valley

Cultivated in the 50’s, with hopes of rekindling the flames of German tourism, some enterprising souls recognized the untapped potential in the hundreds of miles of highway between Würzburg and Füssen. From the ashes of wartime the Romantic Road was borne. It began with the loved-ones of American troops who were stationed locally, coming abroad to visit and taking the driving tour. From then on, the tide could not be stemmed, and in modern the Romantic Road lures lovers-lane hopefuls and families along its winding length by the thousands each year.

Beautiful and formidable looking castles straight from a child’s fairytale, medieval events with costumed knights and ladies, traditional German festivals and wineries line the way.

Transfăgărășan Check Your Brakes
TransfagarasanTransfăgărășan passes through the Carpathian Mountains

The twists and turns of Transfăgărășan, also known as Ceausescu’s Folly after ruler Nicolae Ceausescu, takes you into the highest reaches of the mysterious Carpathian Mountains. Painstakingly carved by the military to use as an access road, today, the devilish turns and steep climes over-looking sheer drops are all part of the exciting challenge for motorists and cyclists who travel through the wild beauty of the Carpathians. Enjoy a peaceful picnic lunch by Balea Lake, or near the thundering Balea Waterfall, which can both be reached from Transfăgărășan. This is not a highway for speed, but care and concentration, so if you want to snap a photo of any of the spectacular cloud-line views, pull over.

With this selection of heart-racing, ambling and historic drives, you’re sure to put your Kemwel car rental through its paces. When you’re searching for destination ideas and travel advice, check out our weekly blog! Kemwel makes international travel easier with information, insight and of course, the cheapest rental cars to get you everywhere you want to go—Reserve your next rental car online today!

Top 4 French Riviera Beaches from Monaco to St. Tropez


With 71 miles of coastal beaches and 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s no surprise why every year, millions of tourists flock to French Riviera beaches. There are so many excellent beach destinations in this region, so it can be difficult to choose which beaches in the French Riviera to visit.


Here are 4 of the best French Riviera beaches from Monaco to St. Tropez:

In Nice, the beaches stretch from the airport for about 3 miles down the Bay of Angels. From the wide array of private and public beaches to the multiple restaurant options along the Promenade de Anglais, Nice has some of the best beaches in the French Riviera. However, many tourists find the beaches’ smooth pebbles, called galets, to be uncomfortable and aren’t willing to pay the 15+ euros for a lounge chair in a private beach. To save money and potential back pain, visitors can take a quick drive in their Nice rental car to Villefranche, a village 20 minutes from Nice. Although not a sand beach, the small pebbles on the Villefranche beach are far more comfortable than galets. Plus, the village offers plenty of restaurant options for beach-goers, making it one of the top French Riviera beaches.

Tourists will love tanning and swimming amongst the world’s rich and famous at Monaco’s only public beach, Plage du Larvotto in Monte Carlo. Although most of Monaco’s small coastline is composed of a heliport, seaport, and yachts marinas, the city of Monte Carlo has done a superb job protecting Larvottofrench-riviera-best-beaches-monte-carlo-kemwel Beach. The beach itself has small pebbles, is clean and comfortable, and has toilets and showers for guests to use. Plenty of bars and restaurants line Larvotto beach, along with options to book jet skis, boats, windsurfing, and para-sailing. For tourists who don’t prefer beach activities, Larvotto Beach also offers a roller blading and skateboarding area. Plage du Larvotto is also one of the most family friendly beaches in the French Riviera, so feel free to bring the kids.

Tourists looking for one of the most world famous French Riviera beaches should head to La Croisette, which runs along the Boulevard de la Croisette and is near the Palais des Festivals, the location of the annual Cannes International Film Festival. At La Croisette, tourists can celebrity watch while sunbathing. For tourists not into tanning, La Croisette also offers great swimming, as it is a cove, protected from winds. Visitors looking for all the amenities at a reduced rate will enjoy Plage Macé. The city manages this particular section of the beach, so it has lockers, toilets, showers, lifeguards, and cheaper rental prices than private beaches.

St. Tropez
When Pampelonne, the main beach of St. Tropez, is too crowded, tourists will enjoy one of the best French Riviera beaches, Plage des Salins. Not only is Plage des Salins less crowded than Pampelonne, but also it has spectacular landscape that makes up for the fact that it is a bit windier than Pampelonne. This 600-meter beach is intersected with a creek that flows inland towards a marsh. In addition, green pines and grassy dunes surround the white sands. Plage des Salins is a peaceful place to relax in nature.

Getting Around Beaches on the French Riviera

With so many wonderfully balmy destinations along this beautiful stretch of coastline you’ll certainly want a convenient and cost-efficient means of getting around. Avoid the hassle of flagging expensive cabs and crowded buses with a car rental in France and you’ll be able to tour the French Riviera with comfort and ease! You won’t have to worry about price, either, because Kemwel offers the best deals in the industry on an array of travel transportation services, from portable GPS rentals to excellent hotels and more. Browse our rates online or call one of our friendly agents anytime, 24/7 and toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

You deserve a fantastic holiday abroad and you can take your dream vacation for less than you imagined with Kemwel, so start planning your next international adventure with us today!



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