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Day Trips from Sorrento Italy: Amalfi Coast Driving

Day Trips from Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento – the beautiful seaside resort town with its stunning mountains and an even prettier coastline is popular among tourists from all over the world. It has an untouched old quarter to spend your days eating pizza and drinking coffee, and plenty of shopping, bars, and restaurants. Not only this, but Sorrento is also a great place to base yourself for some Amalfi Coast driving.

There is so much to see and do along the Amalfi Coast that it’s a good idea to take some day trips from Sorrento Italy, to see as much as you can. Rent a car, so you can take these trips when you want to, and spend as long as you want in each place. Moreover, by renting a car you will also get to see the stunning Italian countryside along the way, lined with olive groves and vineyards. Just make sure you stop at these incredible places at the end of your road trip.


Salerno Italy Day Trip from Sorrento

One of the most famous drives along the Amalfi Coast is the road from Sorrento to Salerno. Every twist and turn you make looks down on a 500 foot drop! It’s exhilarating, and certainly a drive you will never forget, what’s more, when you reach the beautiful city of Salerno it will have been a worthwhile journey. Vibrant and real, the city has history dotted along its streets in the form of churches and housing, as well as modern wine bars and restaurants in its Centro Storico.


Positano Amalfi Coast Driving

The drive from Sorrento to Positano is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Amalfi Coast. See endless ocean views as you drive to reach the beachfront town of Positano. Here you can spend some time browsing its small shops, taking coffee in its quaint cafes, and gaze out at the coastline from the little pebble beach.


Pompeii Day Trip from Sorrento

One of the most visited destinations in the region, Pompeii is an ancient Roman town that was destroyed by a deadly volcanic eruption. However, what makes the site so impressive is how well-preserved much of the town was after archaeologists uncovered the old town beneath 30 feet of mud and volcanic ash. Today, you can only imagine how incredible this old city must have been over 2,000 years ago, as you discover what’s left.


Naples Day Trip from Sorrento

The biggest city in the surrounding area, Naples was once the largest city in all of Italy, but as the city financed the north of Italy the city lost its appeal and declined. Despite the changes, the old medieval city is still a beautiful ancient city with so much to see and do. Discover its museums, old churches, and architecture, as well as the hustle and bustle of city life. A must-see is the Archaeological Museum of Naples, with its extensive collections of art from the ruined city of Pompeii.


Paestum Day Trip from Sorrento

Founded by the Greeks in the 6 BC, Paestum is an ancient Greek temple in the middle of Italy. An easy day trip, the drive from Salerno to Paestum takes less than two hours and offers an insight into life in Italy before the Romans. The temple is known to be one of the only Greek ruins north of Sicily and is in excellent condition.

The Ultimate Amalfi Coast Driving Adventure Begins with Kemwel

There is no better way to make day trips from Sorrento, Italy than in your own rental car. Enjoy Amalfi coast driving on your own schedule, without the hassle of waiting for Italian public transit and figuring out complicated time tables. Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

Book a Cheap Car Rental for a Day Trip from Sorrento

Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary: Florence to Siena by Car

Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary

There’s no better way to experience the true sights and smells of Italy than by taking to the road and exploring at your leisure. Start your vacation in the romantic city of Florence and from there put together your own personalized Tuscany road trip itinerary.

One of the best places to visit from Florence is the historic town of Siena, which is just an hour away by car. What’s more, by taking a trip from Florence to Siena by car you also get to travel at your own pace, make some stops whenever you want, and enjoy many exciting locations along the way:


Florence Piazza della Signoria

Known for its subtle beauty, impressive art, and for fostering some of the greatest minds throughout history, Florence is one of Italy’s “must-see” cities. The city gave birth to the Renaissance movement and was instrumental in the birth of Renaissance Humanism, a social ideology that encouraged the citizenry to participate in civic duties, and paved the way for many of the modern philosophical theories we engage today.  Much of the city’s ancient architecture is still intact, and much is almost unchanged after 700 years. Be sure to visit the famous Piazza della Signoria, which is home to the Uffizi, the world’s finest collection of Renaissance art.

Strada in Chianti

Strada in Chianti Italy by Car

Take the scenic Tuscan highway, the Via Chiantigiana through the famous Chianti region on your journey from Florence to Siena and start by stopping off at some of the region’s beautiful vineyards and olive groves. You can also stop off at one of the many small towns in this area, such as Strada in Chianti. This pretty medieval town features a number of historic churches and some great vineyards to explore and sample!

Panzano in Chianti

Panzano in Chianti by Car

The hilltop village of Panzano in Chianti is another picture perfect stop off on your drive. Exactly halfway between Florence and Siena, the town is a charming destination with some incredible restaurants – it’s the perfect stop for lunch! Walk through the town’s main piazza and explore the historic churches. From here you can also drive just a few minutes to the walled medieval village of Montefioralle – famous for the Castle of Montefioralle, which was once home to the enigmatic Mona Lisa, the muse for Leonardo da Vinci’s great work, The Mona Lisa.

Radda in Chianti

Radda Chianti Car Rental Dining

You will be struck at first by the imposing medieval walls that surround the small town of Radda in Chianti, a town that is tucked between the valleys of Arbia and Pesa. Dating back to the 9th century, Radda in Chianti is an immaculate example of an old medieval city, with narrow streets and towering buildings at every turn. At one point in its history, Radda in Chianti was in fact the capital of Chianti, today, however, it has more of a small-town feel to it, with local festivals and Italian flavors on offer for most of the year. The town also has some of the best Chianti wines, so be sure to order exclusively local.


Florence to Siena by Car

Known as Italy’s “open-air museum,” Siena has more impressive architectural masterpieces than many of Italy’s cities, but it isn’t over-the-top about it. Siena is a city that is all about discovery, from its hidden medieval monuments on every corner to tucked-away restaurants that feel more local than cosmopolitan. However, with its excellent food, distinctive buildings, and plenty to see and do, there’s no mistaking that you are in a city. Walk through the famous Palazzo Pubblico and visit the Duomo of Siena to remind yourself of this city’s incredible history, before strolling through the local neighborhoods of the city to open up the heart and soul of this wonderful place.

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Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary Florence to Siena by Rental Car

Daintree Tours from Cairns: Tropical Queensland Holidays

daintree tours from cairns

Northern Australia is a tumultuous and exciting terrain filled with tropical rainforests, rocky headlands and long stretches of beach. It’s an out-of-this-world location to take a road trip.

Start your journey in the north of Cairns, the gateway to the stunning Great Barrier Reef, and head up to Daintree National Park, home to numerous creeks, rivers, and mountain ranges.

Experience two of Australia’s most celebrated World Heritage Sites at the beginning and the end of your tropical Queensland Holiday along the famous Captain Cook Highway. The journey will be full of impressive stops throughout the northern part of Australia, which follows the awesome Aussie coastline. Enjoy these Daintree tours from Cairns this summer:


cairns australia car rental tours

Start your journey in the capital of Northern Queensland, Cairns. The city has been transformed from a sleepy mill town to a bustling city thanks to its proximity to one of the most stunning natural wonders of the world: The Great Barrier Reef. Everyone in Cairns is in some way involved with the crystal blue waters of the reef, and will either be diving, snorkeling or taking a boat trip at some point during their stay. The city also has an incredible tropical history that is rich with aboriginal cultural and heritage sites, which are available to be explored, and has easy access to the rainforest.

Palm Cove

palm cove tropical queensland holiday

Located just 27 km north of Cairns, a smooth drive along the coastline will bring you to the beautiful beach-side community of Palm Cove. The tropical paradise has everything you will have come to expect from Northern Queensland, beautiful white beaches, crisp blue ocean, and a relaxed and friendly holiday atmosphere. Known as the “village by the sea”, Palm Cove is literally covered in palm trees and offers Great Barrier Reef tours, as well as other water-based activities, such as kayaking and fishing. There are plenty of luxury and budget accommodation options here, too, if you wish to stay a little bit longer.

Port Douglas

port douglas beach australia

Port Douglas started life as a tired fishing village back in the 1960s, but today it is altogether another beast. Discover a stunning four-mile-long white sandy beach at the heart of the town, which is filled with sophisticated bars, restaurants and shops that are more peaceful and relaxed than Cairns. Spend some time walking the docks at the Dickson Inlet and Reef Marina, where you may be able to spot one or two famous superyachts.

Whyanbeel Valley

whyanbeel valley australia trips

Drive through this stunning valley set slightly inland from the coastline of farmland and beautiful historic villages. Proving just how diverse Northern Queensland’s terrain can be, the valley is lined with fields of sugar-cane in front of acres of hills covered in rainforest. It’s quite an unusual and magnificent sight. You may also stumble across pretty creeks, fruit farms, and waterfalls on your drive. Be sure to plan to visit a historic World War II bomb site and a glass-blowing studio.

Wonga Beach


This small residential town of Wonga is known for its almost untouched beach, Wonga Beach. A great area to start exploring the Daintree River and Rainforest, as the beach and town is technically located in Daintree Valley. Enjoy a local town center and plenty of wonderful natural sites that are perfect for walking and swimming. It is, in fact, known as Northern Queensland’s best kept secret…

Daintree National Park

daintree national park queensland australia

Famous for having one of Australia’s most extensive lowland rainforests, Daintree National Park is wild and dense in parts, and soft and navigable in others. Follow high mountain ranges along the coastline, look for ancient plants and animals, and learn more about this traditional and unique landscape and its indigenous Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people.

Let Kemwel Make Your Next Tropical Queensland Holiday a Success!

Taking a Daintree tour from Cairns is the ultimate holiday. Make sure you’re getting the best deal possible with a cheap car rental in Cairns from Kemwel! Kemwel offers affordable car rentals in Australia and worldwide. While planning your next Queensland road trip, remember that Kemwel offers some of the best travel deals on everything from cheap car rentals to cozy hotels and more. Simply browse our rates online or give our friendly travel experts a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

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