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A Colorful Array of Summer Festivals: Europe

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Indulge your cultural curiosity while staying appraised of local events, festivals and activities with the help of Kemwel’s travel experts! Add a little color to your travels in these sensational European cities.

La Notte Rosa ITALY

summer festivals, italy, Rimini, pink night, La Notte Rosa

It’s time to go pink!

Just a short car ride from the border of France, the Italian Riviera has somehow managed to fly under the radar of many sun-worshipping hopefuls in lieu of visiting its more prominent neighbor, the French Riviera. This half-moon crescent of coastline from Comacchio to Cattotica is a picturesque landscape of azure waves, welcoming sands, and the destination for one of Italy’s most dynamic summer parties, Pink Night!

Pink Night party-goers are swathed clothes and accessories in rosy hues as they immerse themselves in pulsating sounds of international DJs and thrum of musician’s instruments. Catch a theatrical performance and dance the night away at the discotheques—everywhere you go, you’re buoyed by the frenetic vibes of this grand event. In the sky, explosions of pink pyrotechnics burst in profusion from dozens of sandy shores, while ocean waters are bathed in pink illuminations. While Rimini is the focal point of festivities, more than 25 mile stretches of beachfront towns along either side of the city collaborate in fostering the elements of the infectiously, electric atmosphere.

La fête de la Lavande FRANCE

Venerated for both its delicate fragrance and herbal qualities, French lavender is most commonly associated with the region of Provence in Southern France. Drivers follow the scenic Lavender Road which winds through the countryside, past the wild and cultivated growth of this aromatic, purple flower.

The star of Provence tourism is undoubtedly the regions lavender fields, and during the summer months, villages throughout the region celebrate their floral bounty with a series of welcoming festivals. Stroll through the lavender fields and pick your own fragrant bouquet souvenirs, or watch the speed and skill executed by participants hewing lavender in the sickle competition. Market stalls sell botanic lavender wares in every possible form, from authentic perfumes and candies, to soaps and sachets. The lavender parade that takes place in Digne-les-Baines goes so far as to incorporate a truck filled with lavender water that disperses the scent as it leads the procession through the town. Take your car rental on a tour from the rural communities to the more commonly recognized cities in Provence like Avignon and Aix-en-Provence who also host their own lavender based events and activities.

travel planning, summer festivals, lavender fields, French lavender, La fete de la lavande,

French lavender is venerated for its delicate fragrance and herbal qualities.

La Noche Blanca del Flamenco SPAIN

The city of Córdoba is a bonafide cultural landmine in the region of Andalusia, Spain. Iberian, Roman and Islamic influences have all shaped Córdoba into the aesthetic and intellectual treasure that it is today.

The White Night of Flamenco (La Noche Blanca del Flamenco) is one of the many exceptional, summer events you’ll find in Córdoba from year to year. Original pieces are carefully written and choreographed exclusively for this event. The scintillating footsteps of Flamenco dancers echo across stages and on street corners across the city, while musical performances with enthrall you with their powerful and passion infused sounds. There is an eclectic program of activities scattered throughout the city, to further engage your senses. You could visit Córdoba at any time during the year, but we recommend scheduling your travels to coincide with one of these captivating occasions.

summer festivals, europe, festivals in spain, flamenco dancing, La Noche Blanca del Flamenco,

The scintillating movements and punctuated footsteps of Flamenco dancers radiate across stages and on street corners across Córdoba

There are even more colorful cultural events to discover on your travels in Europe throughout the year! Your Kemwel car rental gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore each destination at a pace that suits your individual needs. Take advantage of our price match guarantee and exceptional special offers using Kemwel’s simple, online booking engine. Knowledgeable rental car reservationists are available 24/7 toll-free at 1-877-820-0668. Confirm your next car rental online today!

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