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Going Green: St. Patrick’s Day

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

For those who can’t make it to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day do not despair. Cities and countries, from across the globe pay tribute to St. Patrick’s Day and have been going green for years.

Worldwide Revelries

In Chicago, the action begins Saturday with the dying of the Chicago River. This idea was borne from happenstance when it was realized a liquid used by the city plumbers was found to turn a perfect Irish green color. From the spark of an idea that was quickly fanned into a flame, the success of the first river dying has made it a continual feature of Chicago’s St. Pat’s Day celebrations for the past forty years.

Going Green - The Chicago River

If you take a dip in the Chicago River near St. Patrick’s Day, expect to be a little green afterwards
You can find one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades outside of Ireland in Munich, Germany. The parade route goes between Münchner Freiheit and Odeonsplatz, where the after parade party commences. Order a stein of dark Irish stout and follow it with a tasty German Doppelbock.

Sydney, Australia incorporates a family day theme along with their St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza, creating a series of events fit for entertaining all ages. The exterior of the Sydney Opera House is bathed in greed light as a nod to the religious saint. If you’re considering adding this activity to your itinerary, Sydney’s holiday is being celebrated on Sunday, March 16th instead, so that more people may participate.

Even cities like Tokyo in the Land of the Rising Sun puts on St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Faux Pubs

The discerning drinker knows you can slap an Irish name on a bar sign, and put together a menu of Irish food and bevvies, but that doesn’t automatically make it an Irish pub.

Lucky for us, wherever there is a contingent of Irish diaspora, an authentic Irish run pub, owned and operated by one of their kin is likely nearby.

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, many establishments of the dining and drinking persuasion get into the festive spirit by swathing their buildings, food and staff in the quintessential, brilliant emerald green. They have a ready supply of Guinness kegs in the back, corned beef and cabbage as a special, and pre-recorded Irish reels echoing through the speakers in effort to lure in celebrants, but we all know where the real action is.

Going Green - A Few Pints of Stout

May the room above us never fall in, and may the friends beneath it never fall out.” – Traditional Irish Toast
The Allure of an Irish Pub

As someone who thoroughly enjoys the Cheers-like atmosphere of my favorite local watering holes, it’s comforting to know that wherever I travel to in the world, the dark wood paneling, dim lighting and invariably affable lilt of an Irish brogue, as I pull a stool up to the bar, are reassuringly familiar.

With St. Patrick’s Day parties in full swing, you’re more likely to have to squeeze your way through the crush of the beer and whisky-laden crowd, but there’s no better place to be than the infectiously convivial atmosphere of an Irish bar. Cheerful pub-goers are hoisting pint after pint aloft to toast the day, and it’s not long before you’re taking turns buying rounds with new friends and acquaintances.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Going Green - Eat - Drink - and be - Merry

There’s a right way and a wrong way to pour a Guinness

An unspoken expectation of St. Patrick’s Day is that at least one of your meals be the time-honored dining tradition of corned beef and stewed cabbage. This can be accompanied by a loaf of soda bread, and washed down by a pint of Guinness or Jamesons, neat.

Play Me A Sprightly Tune

Accordions, fiddles, flutes and guitars, bodhrans, banjos, uilleann pipes and harps: these traditional Irish instruments strike up a seemingly unceasing stream of music. When one musician begins to falter, there’s always someone willing to step-in and keep the boisterous tunes going, particularly on a holiday. Irish music ranges from the sprightly tunes to haunting ballads that will make you shed a tear in your beer.

Get up out of your seat, find a partner from the crowd, and avail yourself of the spirited sounds emanating from the band to dance.

Going Green

Some of the reasons that are purported to have influenced the color green being associated with St. Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s nickname as the Emerald Isle, as a nod to the green in the Irish Flag, and also the color of the three-leafed clover that was incorporated into the religious teachings of the Saint Patrick.

The custom of pinching a person who does not have any of the correct green color on is most widely recognized as an American addition, so perhaps this is once custom that can be left at home.

St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent time to give yourself and your Kemwel car rental a rest from the road, whether you’re commemorating Saint Patrick himself, or simply socializing as part of the contemporary interpretation of the holiday.

When you’re looking for the means to travel extensively and independently from strict times and others itineraries, Kemwel provides thousands of accessible rental car locations worldwide. Rent a car online quickly and easily with Kemwel’s reliable booking engine. Keep up with our travel specials by subscribing to our free email newsletter. For further assistance, please contact our toll-free number to speak with a car rental reservation specialist at 1-877-820-0668.

***Kemwel encourages you to drink responsibly over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday weekend and designate a driver. We also offer chauffeur and transfer services as an alternative form of transportation to facilitate both a fun and safe experience.***

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