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Love is Another Language

Wednesday Feb 5, 2014

The world is full of historical and fictionalized chronicles of love and romance that both fuel the imagination and tug gently at our heartstrings. Whether your idea of expressing endearment is of the traditional variety with the gift of a card, roses and candy, or an inspiring international trip to Romeo & Juliet’s Verona, at Kemwel, we always have a few tips to speed you on your way!

Je t’amie Means I Love You

Love - Wall of Love
The splashes of red represent the renewal of love

Frederic Baron has spent much of his life writing musical stanzas illuminating the wonder and beauty of being in love. However, it wasn’t until he began a collection of notebook pages filled with the words I Love You written in hundreds of other languages that he found his own true labor of love. On the often roamed and romanticized streets of Paris, Baron visited the homes of friends and neighbors, international embassies and any place else he could think of to ask people to write the important three little words in their native tongue. He collected thousands of scrawled “I Love Yous” in hundreds of languages before he enlisted the talents of Claire Kito, an artist well-versed in Chinese calligraphy to bring his vision to life. From their collaboration, the Wall of I Love Yous was borne. Nestled in the Abbesses garden in Montmatre, couples from around the world come to visit the site that celebrates the transcendence of love in any language.

Paris, France is the superlative travel destination for those already in the throes of romantic love, as well as those in search of love. Rent a car with Kemwel in Paris and surprise the partner of your heart with a stop at the Wall of I Love Yous, and a whirlwind tour of one of the most  romantic cities in the world.

A Valentine By Any Other Name

Love - Couple
Brazil is a scintillating destination for couples in any season

If you’re feeling lackadaisical about Valentine’s Day, or are simply so intensely enamored by your other half that you’ll use any excuse to express it, start a new tradition and surprise someone you love by introducing them to the Brazilian version of the holiday Dia dos Namorados. The Day of the Enamored is celebrated mid-year on June 12th, and much like Valentine’s Day, couples will make special plans and exchange tokens of affection. Homes and streets are decorated in a profusion of vibrant colors, while people gather together and dance sultry sambas, eat, drink and revel in festive folk activities planned for the occasion. While Saint Valentine and Cupid dominate the realms of romance in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Latin American country of Brazil, Saint Anthony is the patron of eu te amo and blesses couples with a fruitful and joyous marriage.

Latin America is a scintillating destination for couples in any season, and a rental car in Brazil allows you to explore the dynamic cityscapes like Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, and small towns off the beaten path. Dia dos Namorados is also celebrated in Portugal on February 14th, where the brilliance of Portuguese culture is infused with a European flair.

A Kiss for Luck

Love - a woman Kissing the Blarney Stone in Cork
For a courtier’s tongue, kiss the Blarney Stone

One of the many ways that we ardently express admiration of another is with words—through terms of spoken endearment, lines of poetry, verses in songs, and a panoply of other means in an attempt to relay our heartfelt emotions and intentions. If the spirit is willing, but you find that the words won’t come, perhaps a visit to the Blarney Stone, just a short drive from Cork, Ireland is in order. A bit of gusto and bravery is required to gain your silver tongue! Hanging upside down from the Battlements of Blarney Castle you must plant your lips on the Blarney Stone, which is purported to bestow the gift of eloquence to the kisser. Woo your fair damsel, or beau, with the tongue of a courtier and spend the rest of your Irish interlude on the road to discovery.Love - Couple looking out over city_154822031

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