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Most Exciting New Year’s Celebrations in Europe

Tuesday Dec 20, 2016

New Year’s Eve 2016 & New Year’s Day 2017




In many cultures, turning over a new year represents something larger than simply changing the date on the calendar; it is a time when people want to celebrate being alive with their friends and their families! It is a time when people want to get out, be social, and take part in something larger than themselves. It is a time to experience social traditions and new cultures that they have not experienced before. In Europe, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are times when massive celebrations take place that enterprising individuals can delight in, if they know which ones to look for!


New Year’s Celebrations in Europe

Here are some of the best New Year’s celebrations in Europe:


  • Berlin – The city of Berlin is a hotspot during New Years. The Charlottenburg Palace features a four-course dinner in the west wing which is followed by a fully costumed presentation of the music of Mozart and Strauss. The Spreegallerie offers three dance floors, which burst with glamour and all of the high end food and fashion that one would come to expect from an appropriately sumptuous celebration. There is also a public gathering and jubilation between the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate open to all who wish to participate.
  • Iceland – When the sun begins to set, visitors in the city of Rekjavik begin to grow in excitement. Bonfires illuminate individual neighborhoods and the capital begins to light up with the glow of over five hundred tons of fireworks! For food, check out Kolabrautin (Italian and Nordic), Grillid (Icelandic cuisine), and Slipparrin (local flavors). All of these restaurants have their own unique celebrations and show off some of the best things that they city has to offer. With bourbon on ice, Champagne, and local specialties, it is hard to go wrong choosing Iceland for your New Year’s celebrations!
  • London –With huge fireworks detonated over the Thames for the midnight celebration, the displays that are going on in London for the New Year are a sight to behold! With jubilations going on all over the city, London is a great destination for New Years.


  • Amsterdam – The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a unique combination of events going on to ring in the New Year. Everything from champagne and fireworks to the delicious dough concoction, Oliebollen, can be found in the areas of Rembrandtplein, Museumplein, and Leidseplein.
  • Vienna – With a full tour of the city, banquets, and musicals, Vienna has everything you need to have a great New Year. It is also one of the most beautiful destinations that you will find in Europe, regardless of the time of year. The classical style of the area, mixed with the Baroque theme of the music being played, makes Vienna one of the best New Year’s destinations.
  • Rome – Though it may seem a bit more laid back than most other locations, the Italian capital of Rome is the center of a large celebration for the New Year. With a huge population visiting the Pizza del Popolo for fireworks and a musical show, Rome attracts individuals from all walks of life to help ring in the New Year in a classical style.


Discover Your Own European New Year’s Celebration of a Lifetime!

Europe offers travelers an expansive spectrum of cultures and festivities to experience and you’ll have to explore each one to find your favorite. From spectacular fireworks in the city of London to quaint fireside gatherings amongst the villages of beautiful Iceland, everyone has their own special way to bring in the New Year with good will and jovial optimism. Remember, though, that you don’t have to take the journey alone and Kemwel is here to help you find whatever you may need in the way of travel transportation, from low rates on car rentals in Europe to great deals on airfare and more! Feel free to browse our rates online or call us anytime, 24/7 and toll-free at 1-877-820-0668 to speak with one of our knowledgeable reservation agents. The best way to discover Europe is by taking your very own adventure abroad and Kemwel is here to help you to tour the continent at your own pace in comfort and convenience at a price so low you might just decide on a New Year’s resolution you can really commit to; travel more and see the world!



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