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Remembering Mom, Wherever Your Travels Take You

Wednesday May 7, 2014

The best way to keep children home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant—and to let the air out of the tires. ~ Dorothy Parker

Mother's Day, travel, gifts for mom,

First Day of School

Since the first time we walked out the front door of our homes, not only unaccompanied by mom, but out of her immediate visual (and vocal) range, it was only the beginning of our progression towards exercising our independence—and the start of our mother’s worries.

Let Mother’s Day be a reminder that it’s natural for the woman who has nourished, cherished and watched us grow through the years to find our life’s travels, trials and tribulations of continuing importance.

There are many ways to show our mothers (who really only have our best interests at heart) that we care, and offer them a window into facets of our lives that as adults they’re no longer privy to on a daily basis.

Mother's Day, child's art, mom, mother, mum

Surprise your mother with a letter, or a postcard from your travels.

Pen to Paper

My highest recommendation goes to the honest-to-goodness, pen-to-paper, handwritten letter that requires an envelope to be sealed, stamped and mailed. Who does that anymore? Guess what, you do, and here’s why; it’s personal. When was the last time YOU received something in the mail that wasn’t a bill, an advertisement, or a card for a birthday/holiday? It’s been a while, right?

Mother's Day, Kid's Art, kid's drawings

Your childhood, artistic Endeavors.

Now think, who’s the person that still hordes all those awkward drawings from when you were a kid? You know the ones I mean, where family members are represented by stick-figures, and weird, blockish shapes with small dots or big circles for eyes. The newspaper clippings and any other form of type-face where your name or likeness has been printed are all carefully preserved along with your questionable artwork after all this time. How much do you think a woman that has saved all of that would appreciate a letter that you took time to handwrite, hmm?

Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are. ~ Cheryl Lacey Donovan
App Savvy

A second option that still offers the personal touch of mailed correspondence is provided by the thriving industry of electronic apps. Postagram, Postino and Montage are examples of apps that allow you to use original, relevant photos that can be converted into tangible mementos. For example, a trip to Italy is the perfect photo opportunity to share with mom. Snap a photo as you’re propelled down the famous Venetian canals in a gondola, taking a driving tour of the verdant Tuscany wine region, or participating in one of Italy’s colorful, cultural events

Mother's Day, Selfies, postcards,

Try an app that transforms your original photography into tangible postcards!

Follow the simple steps to completing the process of converting your photography into beautifully colored postcards with a brief, thoughtful message, which will be delivered directly to mum’s door.

While a postcard doesn’t provide much space for full disclosure of your activities and doesn’t cater to towards verbosity as a letter would, a picture is worth a thousand words.

There is no way to be a perfect mom, and a million ways to be a good one. ~ Jill Churchill

Whether you’re a student or an adult traveling abroad, one of the most expedient, modern methods of letting people (like mom) know you’ve arrived to your destination safely is via social media. I’ve found the check-in option on Facebook is a quick and efficient way to say, “Here!” and it covers many friendly and familial bases at once.

Mother's Day, check-in, Facebook,

Using the check-in option on Facebook is an expedient way to let your mom know you’ve arrived safely.

Many airports offer WiFi as a courtesy to passengers, so simply find one of these hubs to note your arrival before moving on to the next phase of your adventure.

There are also many apps which allow participating parties to follow each other’s whereabouts. I used Life360 when taking a U.S. road trip this past summer which my parents and siblings have accounts for. As I progressed towards their respective residences from Maine to North Carolina to Arizona, then back east to Kansas and eventually back towards Maine, they were able to track my location with no extra effort on my part. Okay, it IS a little bit creepy, but it is also effective!

Thoughtful Gifting

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~ Irish Proverb
We have a tendency to build up holidays to the point where they are an obligation that causes undue anxiety amongst all parties involved, instead of being light-hearted and fun. I fully support a day that pays homage to motherhood, but I also believe that quality time spent and thoughtful, spontaneous gifting, with no agenda, is so much more satisfying.

Mother's Day, mother's day gift, flowers,

Try giving mom a sincere gift found spontaneously.

Say you’re on an extended trip to Paris, France. Some sunny afternoon, as you’re walking along the Seine, your eye is caught by the tail of a scarf, waving gently in the breeze from the rack of a merchants stall. It is the exact shade of your mother’s favorite color. Her birthday isn’t any time soon, it’s not Mother’s Day, Christmas, or any other conceivable holiday, but it is something you know she’d wear with regularity. That moment of happenstance is the opportune time to make a purchase. The story of how you chose this gift will also be that much more fulfilling to her than, “Well, I needed to get you something, didn’t I?”

Bring the holiday focus back to celebrating your familial ties. If you’re more comfortable having those gifting options for the upcoming calendar events, try setting aside those unanticipated, purchases for then. This way you feel as emotionally satisfied giving the present, as your mother will receiving it!

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. ~ Oprah Winfrey

Mother's Day,

Are you planning an international vacation with the mom in your life?

Whether your maternal connections are biological, or of the heart, let the mother in your life know she is loved and appreciated every chance you get!

When was the last time your mother went on an international vacation? From the cheapest car rentals and accommodations, to airfare and GPS services , plan a fun-filled holiday with mom with the expert help of Kemwel!

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