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Peugeot: The Best Choice for an Extended Stay in Europe

Friday Dec 11, 2015

When faced with so many car rental options, choosing the most effective and economical way to travel in Europe can feel like a serious challenge. If you’re itinerary includes an extended stay of 21 days or more, Kemwel Car Rental is here to simplify the process with our Peugeot Open Europe Buy Back Program. Learn some key points as to why a long-term car rental with Kemwel and Peugeot can benefit you!

Minimum and Maximum Age Requirements

Car Rental from ReykjavikA few months ago my little brother left the U.S. to pursue an opportunity teaching English as a second language in France. He purposely flew by way of Iceland, as the airline that he traveled with allowed him to take an extended layover in Reykjavik. While there, he chose to rent a car Reykjavik with Kemwel and explore for the few days before his connecting flight to France. When I next heard from him, he had returned his rental car in Iceland without a hitch and was next inquiring about renting a car in Bordeaux,France.

Once again I quoted him the prepaid cost of the car rental and insurance, along with the standard locally paid fees, including the daily road tax, location surcharge and additional driver fees. When I advised him that this time, however, there was a significant young driver surcharge of €35 per day, he understandably balked. The daily fee for he and each his friends who intended to drive and were all under 25, was more than the combined cost of the car rental and other local fees. Comparatively, the cost of a Peugeot long-term car rental split between him and his friends was much more appealing.

senior citizen leaning on carOn the other end of the age spectrum, I’ve spoken with clients who, due to their venerable age, ran into some difficulties when attempting to confirm an overseas car rental. Medical documents ensuring their state of physical health and proof that they’ve been driving capably for a recent span of time with a record clear of accidents and traffic violations is required to present to the local car rental supplier to show that they’re not a risk. When you are still fit as a fiddle with a clean driving record, this may all seem like a considerable amount of hullabaloo just to rent a car and to gain your travel independence.

Don’t let age restrictions curb your enthusiasm for traveling in Europe. With Kemwel and Peugeot, you can lease a factory-new car from convenient locations in and outside of France, such as the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris or the Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy. Kemwel offers a list of potential Peugeot pick-up locations for you to reference when preparing your travel plans. Whether you’re a student attending college abroad, traveling for business or exploring leisure activities, Kemwel Car Rental is here to assist in ensuring your transportation in Europe is an affordable and successful enterprise!


ExasperatedThere is a level of frustration associated with understanding how European car rental insurance differs from what we have available to us in the states. Comparing and contrasting what’s compulsory and optional, inclusive and supplementary—it seems like an insurmountable barrage of information to sift through.

Kemwel takes the headache out of insurance queries with our Peugeot lease program. A Peugeot long-term car rental automatically comes with comprehensive insurance. This includes Third Party Liability, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) plus the additional security of a zero deductible/zero excess (ZE) on the CDW and TP What ZE means is that in the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle, you are not libel to pay a deductible. The insurance for your Peugeot rental extends coverage in 38 Eastern and Western European countries (including their islands and principalities), without jumping through all the hoops and adding further costs to you as would be applicable with a traditional rental car.

Unlimited Mileage

MileageUnlimited mileage is a standard offering with a basic car rental, while a high-end vehicle has variable limits on the daily kilometers allotted for the duration of your car rental. All Peugeot long-term rental cars have unlimited mileage, which for you means the only reason you’d have to track the kilometers to a destination is to estimate your time of arrival.


From the economy Peugeot 208, great for couples and solo travelers packing light, to the 7-seater Peugeot 807, for family and group travel, a factory-new, tax-free Peugeot is the ideal choice for your next European trip. Choose a model from the Peugeot fleet available to suit your needs and party size.

A long-term car rPeugeot 207 - nemanja milosevic - shutterstockental with Kemwel gives you a level of security and freedom to travel in Europe that often cannot be found with a standard rental car. The next time you’re considering taking an extended trip to Europe, Kemwel is here to assist in ensuring your transportation needs are met in an expedient manner for the best possible price.

For more information on confirming a Peugeot long-term car rental, contact a Kemwel long-term car specialist at 1-877-820-0668. The terms and conditions are accessible online for easy reference.

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