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4 Restaurants in Denmark You Have to Try

Friday Apr 17, 2015


Denmark is known for its reserved yet forward-thinking Nordic charm, impressive architecture, sea-faring history and lifestyle, and excellent avant-garde cuisine. From authentic Danish dishes like smørrebrød (open rye bread sandwiches, usually eaten for lunch with Danish beer) to cutting edge international cuisine like molecular gastronomy, Denmark has it all when it comes to gastronomical experiences.

If you’re visiting soon, be sure to try out one (or all!) of these fantastic Restaurants in Denmark:


1. Noma, Copenhagen

Noma offers a truly unique sensory adventure in Nordic gastronomy, with innovative, exceptional cuisine and expertise in the cutting edge techniques of molecular gastronomy, or the use of chemistry in the kitchen. Food tastes, textures, and colors are experimented with in ways that will surprise and delight you, and the restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere and great service. We recommend being adventurous and sampling some of the more exotic items on the menu – fancy some reindeer tartar seasoned with ants, or a dish of duck and sea urchin? Noma pushes the boundaries of contemporary cuisine with local produce, impressive creativity, and excellence in the kitchen – a real treat for foodies, and a true once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience!


2. Kokkeriet, Copenhagen

Kokkeriet is one of the Best Restaurants in Copenhagen, and it has been recognized for its culinary excellence with a Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice Award in 2014, as a favorite fine dining restaurant. Kokkeriet offers fantastic Nordic food from a creative and inspiring menu, as well as paired wines and sumptuous desserts to end off a luxury dining experience. A popular 1-star Michelin restaurant, Kokkeriet is admittedly pricey, but the superb quality of both the food and the service is worth every penny. The “smaller” tasting menu offers a satisfying 7-course meal with paired wines and before-meal snacks, ensuring that you fully enjoy the whole dining experience and the variety of cuisine presented by top chefs. Save some cash with a great deal on your Copenhagen car rental and you’ll have plenty left over to splurge at this sumptuous eatery!


3. Frederikshoj, Aarhus

This hidden gem has been described as a world class restaurant by delighted diners, and it offers visitors a true luxury gastronomical experience. It has a formal and professional atmosphere, and several great examples of cutting-edge molecular gastronomy. Enjoy exquisite seafood dishes and Nordic delicacies like tuna and caviar, a delicious and creatively presented chocolate and cheese dessert, or indulge in the full course menu with expertly paired wines and the full fine dining experience. Enjoy the idyllic Nordic forest setting and superb attention to detail, and soak up the foodie experience with someone special.


4. Geranium, Copenhagen

Without a doubt, Geranium is one of the Best Restaurants in Copenhagen. Food is transformed into bizarre and beautiful edible works of art, and exquisite presentation that is as much a feast for the eyes as the food is for the taste-buds. Experience new Nordic cuisine with dishes like seaweed and razor clam, duck with fried moss, pickled onions and chamomile flower vinegar, or green chocolate eggs as dessert. Sound intriguing? The dining experience includes a kitchen tour, and detailed explanations of the culinary methods and inspirations behind each course.


Hosting Your Very Own Culinary Tour

It’s easy to see that this nation has some of the most fascinating and creatively unique culinary traditions among the best restaurants in Denmark. If you’re interested in sampling some of the gastronomical wonders above your only concern may be how to experience them all in one trip! Luckily for curious foodies, there’s a transportation option that’s both convenient and economical, allowing you to avoid the hassles of crowded trains and buses and expensive taxi cab fares. Look into a car rental in Denmark with Kemwel and you’ll be able to tour the entire region with comfort and ease, whether you’re looking to stay domestic or get out and explore the continent with a one way car rental!

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