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Sweet Tooth Tour: The Best Chocolate in Brussels

Friday Mar 27, 2015

Belgium is known for a lot of things, such as waffles, French fries, and beer. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is a diplomatic city, and home to the European Union, making it the Capital of Europe. But while all of these facts are important, chocolate connoisseurs have only one reason to love Brussels—the CHOCOLATE. As the chocolate capital of the world, exploring this city with the versatility and convenience of a Brussels car rental is a must for any tourist who loves chocolate.



Chocolate was first introduced in Belgium in the 18th century. Since then, making chocolate has become a highly respected, artisan craft, and chocolate itself has become fully engrained in the Belgian culture. The city itself has 1 million residents; yet, there are 500 chocolatiers, meaning 1 chocolatier for every 2,000 people. Locals know that each shop offers unique products and delicious chocolate. To try some of the best chocolate in Brussels, head to any of the shops described below!




To taste true Belgian chocolate, go to Galler. This family-run chocolatier does not export, meaning it is as authentic as chocolate in Brussels can get. Jean Galler’s chocolate is so good that it is a Royal Family favorite. At the shop, customers can purchase Black 85, which is 85 percent chocolate and a less sugary, bitter option. Additionally, the shop sells 22 different flavors of dark, milk, and white chocolate bars, each garnished with a different ingredient. Try the Manon, white chocolate filled with coffee and hazelnuts. It is a delightful combination and guaranteed to please chocolate lovers.


Laurent Gerbaud


Laurent Gerbaud’s chocolate inspiration comes from Asia, where he spent two years studying the art of making chocolate. In order to offer consumers the purest chocolate taste, he does not use sugar, butter, or alcohol in any of his recipes.

Laurent Gerbaud is best known for his wide range of chocolates; from salty to fruity to rich to sweet to savory, Laurent Gerbaud can make it all. Try the caramel, fig, or black pepper chocolate. Sit in the relaxing, tearoom and watch the chef work behind a glass window. An afternoon in Laurent Gerbaud’s is one of the best ways to experience chocolate in Brussels and a tasty trip memory.



Neuhaus is located in the main square of Brussels and in one of the most-touristy areas, the Grand Place.  Every chocolatier window in this area boasts an inviting display case of 20 different chocolates. Each shop sells 100-gram mixes of delicious chocolate, so no matter which one you pick your taste buds will be satisfied.  However, Neuhaus is special because it was the first chocolate shop in Brussels.


100 years ago, John Neuhaus invented pralines, which are filled chocolates. Today, visitors can taste the original praline recipes, Bonbon 13 and Astrid. Additionally, customers can look through the glass floor at the antiquated chocolate kitchen, located in the basement. For a more modern flavor, try the Caprices, toffee with vanilla crème.


Pierre Marcolini


The Sablon Neighborhood is less crowded than the Grand Place. It is located in the old city and every famous Belgian chocolate maker owns a shop here, including Pierre Marcolini.

Pierre Marcolini is the only chocolate maker in Belgium to buy cocoa beans directly from producers and roast them himself. This allows him to make strong chocolate that is considered a luxury for true connoisseurs. Try the chocolate squares, ice cream, and hot chocolate. You won’t regret it!


Hosting Your Own Belgium Chocolate Tour

With so many fantastic places to sample the best chocolate in Brussels, you’ll certainly need a reliable and efficient means of getting around. Look to Kemwel when you’re ready to start planning your trip abroad, whether you need a car rental in Belgium or affordable airfare to Europe. Kemwel has some of the best travel deals in the industry on whatever you need to complete your trip abroad.

Browse our rates online or give us a call toll-free at 1-877-820-0668 to speak with one of our friendly travel experts; we’d love to help you save some cash on your next holiday!



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