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Top Ten Offbeat Restaurants

Friday Aug 29, 2014

cheap car rentalsAround the world there are weird dining experiences just waiting to puzzle you. From specific themes to please every traveler, to unique locations, these restaurants are all singular in their own right.

Disaster Café, Spain
How would you like to dine in the midst of a 7.8 earthquake? Lloret de Mar boasts a unique restaurant where you are whisked down in an elevator to a chamber where you will not only be served an outstanding meal, but you will also experience tremors of dramatic proportions.

Carton King, Taiwan
Everything here is crafted from recycled corrugated cardboard, from the expertly folded chairs to the wall art. The food is great, but the garden outside is the real treat here, where you can admire the “Creativity Park,” crowded with cardboard sculptures of world landmarks, flowers and origami!

Dine in the Dark, Bangkok
This is a culinary experience like no other—dining in complete darkness! Fresh and simple Thai dishes are placed in front of you, and the rest is up to your sense of smell, touch and taste! Don’t worry, helpful guides walk and talk you through the whole strange process. You’ll be surprised by how you’re unable to identify your favorite ingredients without seeing them.

Cat Café, Tokyo
Actually a growing trend in Japan, cat café’s allow patrons to snuggle with cats whilst they snack on casual meals and sip their coffee. There are even specialized spots if you prefer fat cats, black cats or rare breeds. Cat toys are provided on site so you can play or cozy up with the kitties to your heart’s content.

Count Dracula Club, Bucharest
Situated in a darkened renaissance era manor, this restaurant experience is guaranteed to creep you out. Tour through the historically furnished Medieval Room, Hunting Room and Alchemical Bar before being seated to a low lit, Dracula themed meal complete with costumed actors and constantly macabre undertones.

Titanic Theatre Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia
Choose Steerage, First Class or the Captain’s Table and experience White Star Line hospitality at this Titanic themed restaurant. No detail was left unattended, down to the staff’s brass buttons, the menu and the string quartet. The party is broken up by an iceberg, but in this case the Carpathia will rescue you before the ship goes down.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives
The original underwater dining venue, Ithaa is situated 16 feet beneath the waves off Rangali Island. With 270 degree views and room for 14 guests, this unique acrylic structure allows you to dine in the presence of gorgeous coral, fish and other critters. Not surprisingly, the menu boasts world class Maldivian cuisine, specializing in seafood.

Snow Village Ice Bar, Finland
Over 1,000 truckloads of snow are used in the annual construction of this wintery wonderland. In the Ice Bar, colorful lights illuminate the all-ice walls, tables, seats and sculptures setting a chilly yet cozy ambiance. You’ll want to bundle up while enjoying frosted cocktails and a menu of savory local specialties.

Dinner in the Sky, Around the World
Buckle into the wildest meal of your life—at a table suspended 150 feet in the air! Lifted by crane, your dinner party of 22 guests, a chef, entertainer and server can enjoy panoramic views wherever you are in the world. The menu changes according to the outfit’s location, so the sky is literally the limit!

The Tree House, Costa Rica
Dine amongst the branches of an old fig tree when you visit this rustic restaurant in Costa Rica. Even the furnishings are repurposed from tree trunks! The fare is casual and regional, but the atmosphere is unique and so worth the trip to Santa Elena. The 60 year old tree grows right up through the center of the building!

Check out Kemwel’s cheap car rentals in Spain, the rest of Europe and beyond the next time you are on an international dining adventure.

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