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3 Breathtaking Outdoor Vistas You Have to See When Hiking in Sardinia

Friday Mar 6, 2015


Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is the picture-perfect place for an outdoor adventure. With beautiful beaches and grand mountains, Sardinia offers tourists the opportunity to explore natural beauty and magnificent landscapes combined with eccentric culture and fascinating history. Therefore, a Sardinia vacation wouldn’t be complete without hiking some of the island’s most spectacular areas.

Hiking in Sardinia is a must for any visitor, but with so much natural beauty, it may be hard to choose where to hike. Plus, staying in one town or region of Sardinia won’t offer tourists the full experience of hiking in Sardinia. So, rent a car in Olbia or pick up your car rental in Cagliari and see the three most remarkable outdoor vistas that Sardinia has to offer. Tourists will definitely not want to miss these hikes on their Sardinia Vacation!




The most popular hiking in Sardinia is located in the Central East region of the island. Here, tourists can explore one of the most spectacular sites, Tiscali, a 2500 year-old Bronze Age settlement. The hike to Tiscali begins with an ascent past limestone walls rising high above the Flumineddu River. Then, visitors continue on a trail through woods dotted with pink flowers and filled with birds and lizards. Eventually, hikers reach the magnificent archeological site, where they can gaze at the Lainattu Valley below. With such an incredible view, visitors can’t help but imagine the civilization of Tiscali in action, creating a surreal and almost eerie experience. For a Sardinia vacation full of fascinating views and unique excursions, trek the 10.5 km to Tiscali.




With a rental car, tourists are able to experience even more amazing hiking in Sardinia. A quick 1-hour to 1 and ½ hour drive will lead hikers to another worthwhile hiking opportunity in the Gennargentu National Park. Gennargentu is home to Gola di Gorropu, a massive gorge formed by tectonic movement and erosion from the Flumineddu River. Gorropu is also known as the Grand Canyon of Europe, and although not quite the Grand Canyon, Gorropu is one of Europe’s deepest canyons and well worth seeing during a Sardinia vacation.

After two hours of climbing, hikers will reach Gorropu. The view from Gorrpu offers a peek at mufflons and golden eagles in the Gennargentu National Park. In addition, hikers at Gorropu can see some of the highest peak in Sardinia, Punta La Marmora, which is over 6,000 feet tall.


Monte Arcosu


For more hiking in Sardinia, head south for about 3 and ½ hours from Gorropu to Monte Arcosu, a mountain in the Sulcis Massif. Monte Arcosu is 3,110 feet tall and cone-shaped due to millions of years of erosion. Additionally, Monte Arcosu is home to a 9800 acre World Wildlife Fund nature reserve, set in place to protect the endangered Sardinian deer that live in the mountain’s dense forest. Nature enthusiasts love Mount Arcosu because from the peak, they can see the region’s important flora and fauna that live in the reserve. Additionally, visitors enjoy the beauty of the rivers that flow between the green hills below. A hike up Monte Arcosu offers tourists a wonderful vista and a memorable Sardinia vacation.


Getting Out and About on Your Very Own Sardinia Vacation

With all the resplendent natural bounty indigenous to the island of Sardinia, an immersive exploration of the landscape is sure to yield a holiday you won’t soon forget! Look to Kemwel when you’re ready to plan your next trip to Italy; we offer the best travel deals on everything from car rentals to hotels and airfare. Browse our options online or give one of our knowledgeable travel experts a call anytime, 24/7 and toll free at 1-877-820-0668. The great outdoors of Italy await you!

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