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A Little Slice of Paradise – International Beach Beauties

Tuesday Jan 17, 2017

Lounge in a beach chair, soak up some golden rays, frolic in gently rolling waves, build sandcastles and collect shells, or meander down a dusty trail. When you’re deciding how to spend your vacation days, Kemwel can help you find the perfect inexpensive transportation to experience the destinations that fit your idea of a little slice of paradise.

CABLE BEACH, Australia

Beaches - couple walking towards beach chairs_97745348On the northwestern coast of Australia, Cable Beach is 22 kilometers of glistening white sands and the gorgeous blue-green hues of the Indian Ocean. With that kind of mileage, there’s no worry of rubbing elbows with the next blanket full of picnicking sun-bathers as you raise your beverage for a drink! If you’re feeling ambitious, rent a surf or boogie board to ride the waves, or simply recline under the shade of a beach umbrella. Tour operators offer camel rides, which can be a fun activity for the family, or a romantic sunset adventure. Further attractions include The Horizontal Falls, a natural wonder best experienced from an aerial, plane view, the interactive Crocodile Park, and another time-sensitive sight, the Staircase to the Moon. There is a clothing optional section of the beach to the North End, so if you’re of a more modest mindset, you might want to avoid this area. This destination is at its peak potential between March and October!

Beaches Cathedral Cove_96060788

A Ship’s prow rock formation


Navigate the walking track that takes you past both Gemstone and Stingray Bay until you pass beneath the peaked, stone arch that leads you to Cathedral cove. As you approach the opening on other side, you’ll notice what appears to be the prow of a ship rising in the distance. In actuality the rock pinnacle that you’re seeing has been shaped over time by the elements, but it lends a very Pirates of the Caribbean air to the snug cove. You’ll want to bring any books, towels, games and food along with you for a day of leisure, as there are no restaurants or other businesses to cater to your needs in the immediate vicinity. This intimate setting is accessible by foot, or water vessel, so leave your car rental parked in town.

Beaches - poppy flowersMONTANA DE ORO STATE PARK, US

When I was a little girl, my family would often visit Montaña De Oro for the Beaches and mountain scenery over the summer holidays. While it doesn’t offer crystal-clear turquoise waters or expanses of finely-grained sand, it is still a place that I enjoy and recommend to others after all these years. The main beach is split between a sandy and a pebble and shell strewn area. Dig your toes into the sand, or look for jade and unbroken sand dollars. If you glance back at the bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean, the bright red hue of the poppy flowers catch your eye as they sway in the breeze. There are a series of small secluded beach nooks further along the coastline that can only be reached by taking the narrow and often steep trail that connects them. Each has its own unique and interesting features and it is not difficult to find ones empty of tourists to make your own haven for a short while.

Beaches Beach of the Cathedrals_162246014

Flying buttresses at the Beach of the Cathedrals


If you’re of an inquisitive nature as opposed to a relaxed approach during vacations, visit the Beach of the Cathedrals. Explore the sea caves that vary in size from mere cracks in the landscape to large chambers that become exposed at low tide. The natural arch formations resemble the flying buttresses that are such a prominent feature of historic cathedrals, which gave the beach its name. You’ll get all the sands, surf and sun you could hope for, as well as interesting scenic features to discover, all a short drive from Ribadeo, Spain

JASNA LAKE, Slovenia

Lakes, the forgotten beach-baring sister

Lakes, the forgotten beach-baring sister

While seaside beaches get the lion’s share of the glory, their inland sisters all too often are the wallflowers when in fact they have a charm all their own. Jazna Lake is an alpine beauty set amidst Slovenian Mountains.The lake is guarded by the peculiar statue of the Zlatorog (Goldhorn), who reigned from the range surrounding Triglav, where he hid his treasure according to local tales. While it’s unlikely you will find the manifestation of this golden, folkloric figure, you can still enjoy the bounty of his kingdom. While Slovenia may be short on ocean frontage, it has plenty of trails that lead to panoramic peaks, lush green forests and cool, clear waters that are the perfect complement to an outdoor escape.

Beaches Lake Atitlan_154182032ATITLAN LAKE, Guatamala

Another lake sister, Lake Atitlán, offers up rich Mayan heritage above and below its deep waters. While the towns that surround its shores still hold to aspects of Mayan culture and dress, there are remnants of long past villages that can, under the right circumstances, be seen beneath a clear surface. Many a entrepreneurial boatman will allow you a ride on the lake for a price if you flag them down from a jetty. Although tourism is constantly on the rise, there is still much unspoilt beauty and a firmly relaxed atmosphere in abundance in the lakeside communities.

From lakeshores to seashores, Kemwel is here to lend advice and offer pertinent recommendations to ensure your next trip isn’t ALL wet—It’s a fast and simple process to confirm your rental car with the Kemwel car rental booking engine. If you would like more details about driving abroad, or on the variety of car hire services available with Kemwel, please view our information pages!

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