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The Secret to Finding the Best Backcountry Skiing in Europe

Monday Dec 8, 2014

Backcountry Skiing in Europe

finding-the-best-backcountry-skiing-in-europe-kemwelBackcountry skiing, also known as off-piste skiing, is one of the most exciting activities that travelers to Europe can take advantage of during the winter months. Unlike traditional alpine skiing, which utilizes the benefit of marked trails and regular ski patrols, backcountry skiing generally takes place on un-groomed territory outside the confined boundaries of a ski resort. Though the terrain involved may be somewhat forgiving, off-piste skiing can still employ the use of equipment like ski lifts, snowmobiles, or even helicopters. Traversing slopes in the backcountry can be a challenge for first-timers, but once you are able to push through any initial issues that arise, you will find a rich and rewarding sport awaiting you.

Finding the Best Backcountry Skiing

finding-the-best-off-piste-skiing-in-europe-kemwelThere are numerous locations in Europe that offer fantastic off-piste skiing opportunities, from the Alpine mountains of beautiful Switzerland and lovely Italy to the Pyrenees Range in the nation of France. Providing a plethora of beautiful landscapes and winters abound with powdery snowfall, Western Europe is a veritable paradise of backcountry skiing havens that keep adventurous travelers entertained for days and weeks on end. Combine that with the ease of accommodations and travel and you’ll have a recipe for the ski holiday of a lifetime!
Follow these guidelines for having a great off-piste ski vacation in Europe:


  • Ski common trails until you are experienced – One of the most common pitfalls for individuals trying out off-piste skiing for the first time is that they will become a bit overzealous in their own abilities and try to ski some of the more difficult trails right off the bat. This presents a problem because, although tractable, the sport can be somewhat dangerous for inexperienced individuals. Pick easy trails to start out on like the Gatterl route in the mountainous country of Austria.
  • Look for tourist packages – Countries that feature fantastic off-piste skiing destinations will also host a number of tour companies that offer comprehensive ski packages for everyone from beginners to experts. This means that you’ll be able to purchase an all-encompassing package that includes ski passes, rentals, accommodations, and even lessons, all at a reasonable price.
  • Consult the experts – There are many experienced local guides who are willing to make their expertise available to visitors exploring the ski scene in a new area. This is often the best way to get your foot in the door and learn the ropes in a given locale before branching out on your own. While many other sports are more straightforward for newcomers, backcountry skiing has an element of exploration and discovery that requires some seasoned insight.
  • Ask your local rental/accommodation providers – Consider consulting your destination’s local car rental office or the concierge at your hotel in Europe. They will likely have extensive information about backcountry skiing in the area, as well as other useful local travel tips. Also be sure to check if they have ski racks that you can attach to your vehicle to make your snowbound adventure even easier!


You can add an element of adventure and excitement to your next winter holiday by planning ahead for some venturous backcountry skiing using the tips outlined above. Whether you decide to explore the uncharted slopes beyond the confines of marked trails, stick to traditional outlined ski resort routes, or just spend a relaxing stay at a warm and cozy base lodge, look to Kemwel to get the best travel discounts and deals for your next wintry expedition. The powdery mountains of Europe await and you can have the vacation of a lifetime for less than you may think when you book a great deal on a cheap car rental with Kemwel! Browse our rates online or feel free to call one of our friendly reservation agents anytime, 24/7 and toll free at 1-877-820-0668



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