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5 Must-Have Apps For Traveling in Europe

Friday Aug 8, 2014

Europe invokes the spirit of both adventure and romance with its picturesque villages, grand castles perched precariously on mountainous peaks, incredible museums and vibrant cultural festivals. To further enhance your vacation experiences in Europe, here are five apps for traveling in Europe with a proven track record of functionality and excellence which can assist you in navigating some of the basic logistics of touring in a foreign, European country.
travel apps, traveling in europe, kemwel car rental

VisitEurope App

This trip planning app is one of the best travel apps for Apple because it condenses each countries official travel guide into a single, comprehensive app, while Android users can download each countries official app individually as needed. The major benefit of using the VisitEurope app is that tourists will have relevant travel information for each country visited. VisitEurope provides a unique experience and relevant details for travelers following the well-known avenues and byways of vacationers before them.

Rick Steves’ Europe Audio App

Rick Steves has made a successful business of what the rest of us would consider living the dream of perpetual vacationing in Europe. He shares his travel-savvy tips with aspiring European travelers, ensuring the Rick Steves free audio guide app is a trusted authority on the destinations they review. The app provides tourists with travel guides for various European cities and attractions. The Pantheon  and Versailles are examples of some of the well-known sites that are reviewed.
audtio travel apps, traveling in europe, kemwel car rental

Google Translate or Lonely Planet Phrasebook App

It is a fact that most travelers are not going to have a comfortable working knowledge of the local languages of destinations they’re traveling to. With the exception of the United Kingdom, whose residents might still dispute our grasp of the English language, having ready access to translation tools is not only essential, but respectful of the local culture.

The Lonely Planet Phrasebook app helps Apple users translate important phrases into the language of the country they are traveling in, whereas the Google Translate app does the same for Android users. With so many trip planning details to attend to, learning even the basics of a new language before your vacation in Europe is far-fetched. With either of these apps, tourists can have more confidence in making their queries known.
European language translation apps, language converters,

Rail Europe or Eurail App

Rail Europe is a company in the US that sells European rail or Eurail passes. After renting a car in Europe it is the next best way to reach at least the most commonly visited locations. Major cities, such as Paris and Rome, are easily connected, travel is convenient, and tickets are usually relatively inexpensive. The Rail Europe app allows users to check the availability of routes and book a train ticket directly on their phone. This can be beneficial when deciding to explore a nearby city impulsively, such as deciding to visit Verona to see Juliet’s Balcony while vacationing in nearby Venice. The Eurail app also allows tourists to view important rail schedules on Android, but it does not allow booking.

ConvertPad or Measures App

Measure for Apple users are both very handy apps to have on a smartphone while exploring in Europe. These apps will convert different units and currency so tourists will easily be able to tell how much a souvenir truly costs for them or how hot it will really be while visiting the Coliseum in Rome. The only downside of this app is that it is only available for Apple at this time. ConvertPad offers similar options for Android users.

These apps for traveling in Europe are all beneficial for tourists to acquire. They allow users to simply perform various travel related tasks, keeping the vacation relaxing and stress free. Are there any travel apps that you’ve used successfully that you’d recommend? We’d love to hear about them!

Kemwel Car Rentals in Europe

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Your vacation in Europe is not complete without a Kemwel car rental to tour all of the fascinating places on your list, and those you’ll discover along the way. How else are you going to break away from the typical vacation track when you’re ready to experience locales less inundated by, well, other tourists? Kemwel offers a full spectrum of transportation services from conventional, self-drive categories, factory-new Peugeot car rentals, private transfers and luxury or super-car rentals .

As a Kemwel client, you also have access to our portable MiFi rentals, so internet services are accessible from Wi-Fi enabled devices while you’re traveling at an affordable rate.

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