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Europe’s Premier Wine Country Vacation Destinations: Italy & France

Friday Aug 1, 2014

Travel and wine go together like rich chocolate and fresh, ripe strawberries. The world’s premier wine country destinations, France and Italy, each boast exceptional vintages of delicate whites, robust reds and clear, effervescent champagnes. While these countries compete fiercely for the title of number one wine-region, exploring them is as enterprising as sampling the wines themselves.

Italy Wine Country

wine country vacation, italy wine region, france wine region

A wine country vacation is a romantic getaway for two!

There isn’t much more romance than that found in Italy wine country. Experiencing authentic Italian wine exclusively, or paired with fine Italian cuisine is an opportunity to be cherished over a lifetime. From northern Italy and the Italian Rivera, to Italy’s southern region near Sicily, there are countless excellent wines, both traditional-vintage and new, to be enjoyed. Grapes like Pinot Bianco thrive in the north of Italy, while Sangiovese is Italy’s most famous Tuscan grape. Chianti is made from Sangiovese and Pinot Bianco creates a full bodied white wine similar to Pinot Grigio.

wine-making, italian wine, french wine

Learn the history and practices involved in wine-making.

Italy wine country is also home to many notable landmarks including St. Mark’s Basilica, Ponte Vecchio, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and even the Colosseum. Touring the area by car is one of the most spectacular ways to experience the culture of Italy and all it has to offer. Tuscany is one of the most recognizable regions for wine connoisseurs because of the number of extraordinary things to experience throughout Venice, Florence & Rome, including the wines. Wine tours offered are fun, educational and allow travelers to take in the breathtakingly beautiful country side while sampling famous wines.

France Wine Country

wine tasting, auto europe, wine egion

Describe the nuances of your favorite vintage.

French wine is produced throughout all of France. One of the largest wine producers in the world, France wine country is only twelve hours northwest of Italy by car, making it completely plausible to quaff wine in Italy one day and arrive for a tour of Bordeaux’s vineyards and tasting rooms the next. When you arrange a one-way car rental with Kemwel you can take your time and traverse both of these exceptional wine regions at your leisure.

Visitors to France wine country can take in the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon during a walk in the Latin Quarter while enjoying delicious samples of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon blanc. Wine tasting tours are also offered in the Latin Quarter as an introduction to French wine.

The Louvre also offers VIP museum night tours alongside wine tasting for travelers that desire experiencing culture and history quietly and romantically. A less formal approach to wine tasting can be enjoyed throughout Paris’s wine bars such as Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie. Moreover, experiencing the ambiance of a wine bar allows travelers to take in the diverse culture. From artists to professionals, there is a unique eclectic group of individuals who enjoy wine across the globe.

wine country italy, wine country france, auto europe, car rental,

Visit both wine cellars and vineyards full of palate-pleasing vintages.

Which Wine Vacation is Best For You?
When travelers select either Italy or France as their preferred wine country destination, they experience not only the culture of each individual region, but they’re also able to take in the many famous sites and absorb each country’s history first hand. An ideal trip in wine country incorporates both. Complex art and beauty is genuinely made unpretentious while enjoying wine throughout each unique destination. Travelers get to sit back, relax and take in the special experiences these places have to offer.

Plan the wine country vacation of your dreams in Europe with Kemwel, where your palate will gain a new level of appreciation for viticulture and the opportunities for romance are endless.

Your chariot awaits! Perhaps a traditional, self-drive car rental in Italy, or the independence of a Peugeot from Paris – the choice is yours. Your Kemwel car rental in France or Italy can be arranged using our secure online booking engine. We also offer useful driving information and convenient travel accessories like Mi-Fi rentals and navigation units to our valued clients. If you have further queries, a rental car reservation specialist is available 24/7 at 1-877-820-0668.

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