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Scenic Driving in Italy: Costeria Amalfitana

Monday Jul 14, 2014

Treat yourself to an extended vacation and discover the remarkable country of Italy as you never imagined from all the glossy-paged guidebooks and magazines—the welcoming congeniality of its people and intriguing culture, with a backdrop of incomparable eye-catching edifices and lush landscapes. In no time at all, you’ll see why Italy deserves more than a seven-day, fast-track perusal and be glad you chose a short-term car rental with Kemwel.

costeria amalfitana, amalfi coast, italy, positano

Get ready for a glimpse of what is arguably one of Italy’s most photographed, picturesque driving routes, the Costeria Amalfitana, also known as the “Amalfi Drive.” The Amalfi coastline driving route is located south from Sorrento and is known as one of Europe’s most exceptional scenic drives. It may seem initially to be Italy’s shortest favored road trip, but it is so full of breathtaking scenery and delightful towns, the irresistible temptation of frequent en-route stops will pleasantly prolong your journey. To travel Italy hassle-free, and at your own pace, begin your preparations by selecting the car rental category which is the best suited to your driving needs.

Begin your road trip from Sorrento, joining the Amalfi coastal road. Travel breathtaking and lofty bluffs, along streets lined with homes painted in colorful pastels. Navigate intertwining hillsides and paths that meander down to golden beaches hugged by a sea reminiscent of deep blue jewels. Visit olive and citrus groves, basking in the fragrance of these Mediterranean gardens. You will love the ease of driving in Italy in a factory-new Peugeot along the Amalfi Coast which allows you to explore leisurely and become more casually acquainted with communities you’re touring.

costeria amalfitana, amalfi coast, italy,

As your road trip continues, explore the dramatic landscape of Positano. The town appears on the horizon with stacked houses seeming to tumble like a cascading waterfall in sun bleached colors of peach, pink and terracotta toward the rich cobalt sea. Positano lives up to its reputation as a picture-perfect destination. Steep streets and wisteria-draped hotels aligning steps with fashionable restaurants, and elegant boutiques vie for attention – attractive options for travelers. A random factoid, from Positano’s long flirtation with fashion, is that it was the first town in Italy that imported bikinis from France.

On your arrival in Amalfi, you’ll glimpse the city’s majestic 9th Century cathedral. Carefully navigate the narrow roadways and be sure to give yourself time to visit the cathedrals interior as well as Amalfi’s abundant shops and coffee houses. Later, move on to dine in Scala, overlooking the old-world town of Ravello and Amalfi’s coast. The manicured gardens of Ravello’s Villa Rufolo are just one of the points of interest worth exploring. In Castellammare, move through cultural exhibits of fascinating architecture and engaging works of art from artists such as Giuseppe Bonito and Nunzio Rossi. Thermal bath spas offer a few moments of relaxation and contemplation of your journey so far – you can find them in the Thermal Centre.

costeria amalfitana, amalfi coast, italy, ravelloA Costeria Amalfitana road trip is the type of adventure that’s worth repeating, but that will have to wait for another vacation, because Italy offers many exciting road trips in your Peugeot car rental you don’t want to miss! Create your own up close and personal itinerary to explore more of this historic nation with a factory-new Peugeot from Kemwel. The Rome Fiumicino Airport is the most obvious choice for pick up. Contact a Peugeot reservation specialist at 1-877-820-0668 or better yet, use our online Peugeot reservation system!

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