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The 4 Most Underrated European Cities for Vacation

Friday May 22, 2015

Tourist hotspot like Paris, Rome, Santorini, and Munich are all excellent European cities for vacations, but have you considered a slightly more adventurous vacation in one of these underrated European cities? Discover new and exciting places that you won’t find in a standard all-inclusive European vacation package, and enjoy everything that these relatively unknown places in Europe have to offer!

4 widely underrated European cities:

1.    Cologne (Köln), Germany

You may have heard of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin as top cities to visit in Germany, but have you heard of Cologne? Situated in the very west of Germany, Cologne is known as the country’s party city, and it hosts an annual carnival that draws party-goers from all over Europe. Carnival season traditionally starts at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th of the 11th month (November), pauses for Advent and Christmas, and then culminates in a massive celebration in February. Cologne is full of things to see and do – originally a Roman settlement on the Rhine River, there are Roman ruins and archaeological finds to explore in the Romano-Germanic Museum, there is the iconic Cologne Cathedral, the cable car that offers excellent views of the city, and countless clubs, bars, restaurants, and pubs to entertain those travelers who appreciate cities with a vibrant nightlife.


2.    Galway, Republic of Ireland

Galway is a small seaside city in the Republic of Ireland, situated on the north-west coast of the Emerald Isle. It’s known for its artsy bohemian atmosphere, heady traditional Irish culture, and the annual Galway International Arts Festival. Galway is often called “the most Irish city in Ireland”, as you are likely to hear Irish spoken in the streets, shops, bars, and homes of the residents. As well as having a rich and fascinating history, the city has a vibrant contemporary culture that has its fingers on the pulse of modern art, music, and design. Galway is definitely one of the best Underrated European Cities to visit if you love history, art, literature, and nature.


3.    Strasbourg, France

A curious mix of German and French cultures with a potent dash of Alsatian charm, Strasbourg is arguably one of the prettiest cities in Europe. The Petite France area of the city is straight out of a fairy-tale, with beautifully restored half-timbered houses, canals, sidewalk cafes, and red flowers spilling out of wooden window boxes. The Alsace region of France is unique – it has its own cuisine, culture, and architecture. Strasbourg is a fantastic example of the beauty this region, and it is well worth visiting for a fresh and exciting experience of France.


4.    Lucca, Italy

This Tuscan city is often overlooked by tourists in favor of Florence, Siena, or Rome, but beautiful Lucca is a hidden gem in north-western Italy. With a rich history stretching back to the Etruscans, Lucca has plenty of archaeological treasures and historical sites to visit. The city itself is surrounded by a medieval wall, and the tightly-packed, red-roofed buildings and narrow streets evoke a sense of romance nostalgia. Perfect for a summer vacation!


Finding Your Way to Unknown Places in Europe

You don’t have to be a seasoned explorer to visit the unknown places in Europe mentioned above! Public transportation is a great option for getting around major European cities, but having your own private vehicle will enable you to travel out to underrated cities beyond the limitations of train and bus routes. Rent a car in France and expand your trip to places few other travelers have the opportunity to see while cruising through vineyards and rolling hills. Take your Italy rental car or your car rental in Germany and see the rural alpine region between the two countries, providing natural beauty and exquisite views dotted with quaint villages that offer a taste of authentic culture which simply can’t be found in major metropolitan areas.

The best part is, traveling Europe by car can be your most affordable option! Kemwel is here to help you get the best prices on whatever type of vehicle you may need with the best travel deals and specials, so browse our rates online or call us, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668, and begin planning your next trip today!


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