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5 Lesser-Known Travel Destinations in England

Friday Jan 8, 2016

Lesser Known Travel Destinations in England


England is one of the most visited countries in the world, from the glorious beaches of Cornwall to the beautiful waters of the Lake District. But many of these popular destinations can get booked up months, and sometimes years, in advance and are full of hundreds of other tourists looking for the same authentic English experience as you.

Why not break the mold this year and opt for one of these lesser-known travel destinations in England? From hidden tunnel temples in Margate to an adventure holiday in Pembrokeshire, here’s our guide to undiscovered England:


1. The Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire

Blue Lagoon Pembrokeshire


There is no better and more rural beach in England than The Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire. Great for those wanting just to get away from it all, as well as for those adventurous travelers looking for something new. Brave visitors can try their hand at coasteering (a sport of climbing cliffs), jumping in the ocean, and swimming through rough currents. But if this doesn’t thrill you then you can also rent a secluded cottage for a real rural getaway, and enjoy fishing trips with the locals and a pint of ale at the pub in the afternoons. Truly a rural heaven!


2. Battle, England

Battle Abbey


Famous for being the historic location of the battle between William Duke of Normandy and King Harold II, an important event that changed English history, the town of Battle is great for those travelers looking to learn more about England’s bloody history. Visit the central location of Battle Abbey, built to commemorate those who lost their lives in the battle, and explore the town’s many museums dedicated to England’s past. You can also enjoy fine bars, restaurants and shopping in the town.


3. Giggle Alley, Cumbria

Travel Destinations Cumbria


This small wood has many big surprises. Head to Giggle Alley in Cumbria to discover a hidden Japanese Garden, which has been restored back to its former glory. Built in 1914, the garden features stone pathways, pools, bridges, a wooden teahouse, and a wisteria-covered pergola. The garden has been neglected since it was sold in 1949, but now this hidden treasure can be enjoyed and explored by tourists. There are also some great woodland walks and fantastic listed inns you can cozy up in.


4. Old Thatch, Buckinghamshire

Old Thatch Buckinghamshire


The former home and gardens of acclaimed children’s author Enid Blyton, this house and garden has been restored since they were found neglected in 1990 and are now a secret tourist attraction. The two-acre garden can now be enjoyed by those tourists in the know, with a water garden, rose walk and lavender terrace. It’s a quintessentially English and classy setting for a picnic or walk, and what’s more there’s also a pub next door for a swift pint afterward.


5. The Shell Grotto, Margate, Kent

Shell Grotto Kent


Discovered in 1935, this series of tunnels completely covered in shells is a truly unique and under-visited destination in England. Located in the seaside town of Margate, the magical grotto is a mosaic of millions shells that is thought to have been a Pagan temple or even the location of a secret cult. The breathtaking sight can be explored and adored, and you can tell your friends and family about your unique experience when you get home.


Setting Out into Undiscovered England

There are plenty of incredible destinations scattered throughout the countryside that offer an immersive glimpse into undiscovered England. But a lack of touristic development, while desirable for those looking to get away from the crowds, leaves these locales limited in terms of public transportation.

But not to worry! Renting a car in England is a great way to get out to the lesser-known travel destinations in England, and with Kemwel it’ll be cheaper than you may think. Browse our selection of great travel deals, offering everything from discount hotels to international airfare and more, so you can plan your very own exploration of Great Britain’s scenic bounty.

Undiscovered England

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