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A Day in Spain is Never Spent in Vain

Tuesday Feb 18, 2014

There’s nothing like startling yourself awake with the frantic thoughts of being late for work before coming to the realization that you don’t have to be anywhere… because you’re on vacation! If your travel planning takes you to the lively, lovely and scintillating country of Spain this spring, Kemwel is here to give you the keys to freedom and flexibility with our impeccable car rental services available throughout the continental and island cities of Spain.

In the City Barcelona Busy Around the Clock

Barcelona is a thriving coastal city with a bustling day and nightlife. A visit before the peak summer season will cut down on your competition in experiencing all the city has to offer.

Music lovers will enjoy the Festival Guitarra, which lasts between February and June. Classic Spanish guitar styles and international acoustic sounds fill the air with feverish picking and slowly strummed strands. While not typically associated with producing frothy beverage goodness as countries like Germany and Belgium, in April the Barcelona Beer Festival will surprise you with the selection of not only international brews, but locally crafted beer that you wont’ find outside the country.

Spain Newsletter selfie in Guell ParcTake a self portrait in Parc Guell, Barcelona

Gaining more acclaim on the world stage is Parc Güell in Gràcia, where the manicured gardens and walkways are graced with the detailed architectural artworks of Antoni Gaudi. A stroll down the central boulevard, Les Rambles, offers excellent people watching, both of fellow tourists and city natives, but veer off this thoroughfare if you’re looking to quench your thirst or grab a light bite for more quality and cost-effective options. The best place to get one of the major delicacies quintessentially associated with Spain, the tapa, is in the region of Andalusia where tapas originate, but you can still find some delectable versions in Barcelona. Museums and galleries will offer respite from the constant buzz of people on the streets and another perspective of art and beauty for you to ruminate on. It’s easy to venture out at night and not return to your hotel until the wee hours of the morning with the glittering city nightlife, but dress to impress, as you never know where your evening will take you. There are some clubs and restaurants where you don’t want to be spurned at the entrance for simply not meeting the dress code.

Spain Newsletter Barcelona ParcParc Guell, mosaics and architecture

Your car rental opens the doors to the wondrous city of Barcelona and the scenic splendor of greater Spain. It will take more than one visit to sate your curiosity after sampling what this country has to offer!

The Islands Canary Islands Fallen Cultures & Natural Beauty

Like many who flock to the shores of the Canary Islands, your primary objective in visiting could be to avail yourself of the luxurious resorts, ocean sports and other man-made amenities. But while you’re planning how long to stay and which islands to visit, consider in your evaluation how many diversions of natural beauty and historical interest there are to see.

Spain Newsletter Guanche Warrior StatuesGuanche Warrior Statues in Candalaria

On the island of Tenerife, in Candalaria, thousands of pilgrims travel to the basilica, which houses the figure of the Black Madonna, while on the sea wall. The  imposing statues, depicting the fallen Gaunche race, stand alert and on guard as if to protect the city from incumbent threats. Fuerteventura is known as haven for adventurous spirits that would master the waves, but as you move away from the concrete hotels and businesses that line the coast, there are some truly picturesque landscapes to traverse. Both La Palma and Tenerife have impressive observatories if you’d like to take advantage of the clear evening skies and do some stargazing.

Shake the sand off your swimsuit and abandon the beach for a bit! Renting a car on Tenerife and the other Canary Islands is a snap with Kemwel, ensuring you’ve got the means to discover these alternative attractions.

Traditions Sevilla April Fair Feria de abril de Sevilla

Spain Newsletter - Sevilla April Fair

Sevillianas are a local folk dance

You’ll find no lack of festivals and fanfare in Spain as spring approaches, from small villages to major cities such as Madrid. One example is the glorious fiesta that takes place each spring is the Sevilla April Fair. This convivial atmosphere envelops you in the intrinsic culture and traditions of this sparkling Spanish city! On the banks of the Guadalquivir River, natives and tourists stroll in and out of the gaily decorated casetas (marquee tents) and spill out of the entrance gates taking the party into Sevilla’s streets. Everywhere you turn, there is a brightly arrayed sea of people enjoying the temperate spring weather, sipping on various vintages of Spanish-crafted fino Sherry and nibbling on warm tapas. Garbed in classic traje corto style, men don smart short coats, slim fitted trousers and boots, while the ladies wear vibrantly colored and patterned flamenco style dresses. This may help you identify a knowledgeable partner who can teach you the dance steps to the popular Sevillianas. The term Sevillanas refer to both the style of folk music and the conventional dances that accompany them. The songs echo the theme of a simple, but rich life: love, hearth and home, rural living and faith—but as with all music, you don’t need to understand the lyrics to appreciate the dance. Since you’ve already shed your guise as spectator, why not rent a buggy to join the horse and carriage parade?

The Lingo No hablo español?

One of many things that I love about traveling is the opportunity to increase my linguistic skills. While my Spanish is far from fluent, being cognizant of this fact and a willingness to continue trying to bridge the language barrier regardless has served me very well. So next time you’re out of your comfort level and on someone else’s turf, pick up a travel phrase or guidebook, particularly if you don’t have a traveling companion to be your language liaison. Even if you’re starting from ground zero and attempting to properly articulate the phrases provided, keep trying and do it with a smile on your face! You’ll often find that your efforts will go a long way in making new friends and acquaintances who, in turn, are happy to correct your verbal missteps, as you valiantly attempt to use their language.

A car rental in Spain with Kemwel gives you the freedom to tour this illustrious country at pace that suits your individual needs. Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, as a couple, or are adventuring as a solo traveler, we have an extensive fleet of vehicles to choose from and relevant driving information so you’re safe on the highways and byways of Spain. Confirm your car rental in a few easy steps with our secure online booking engine today!

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