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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words: France

Friday Feb 28, 2014

France - Feature Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words,” is a well-known phrase that has been circulated for years. This expresses in a simple and effective manner how individuals can view the very same picture, or scene, and afterwards, have a different interpretation of what it’s trying to convey.

France is, without a doubt, a picture-perfect destination from its tantalizing cuisine, exquisite architecture, cultural events and activities.

Let Kemwel pique your curiosity with pictures and (almost) one thousand words, as we invite you to make France the destination for your next vacation!

A Taste is Never Enough

Cuisine is a delicate balance of tastes and visual appeal, and in France, both are delivered with an incredible level excellence.

Feast on warm, golden-hued baguettes and flaky croissants topped with fruity jams and butter for breakfast. Snack on brightly colored macaroons and delicate crepes with scrumptious fillings in the afternoon—these are a meager example of the delightfully sweet and savory panoply of tastes that await your palette. Make sure you leave plenty of room in your travel budget for dining out, as throughout the country, from quaint towns to popular cities, France offers a foodie Mecca that you’ll barely scrape the surface of.

While in France, though it’s not precisely French, I highly recommend you look up the closest Amorino Gelateria. Their sign, painted with the figure of the chubby little cherub, will let you know you’ve found the right place. Their gelato is an attractive, sweet treat and you’ll see numbers of people snapping photos of their dessert as the gelato is carved in petal-like slices that are used to create artful florets on your sugar cone. My siblings and I found the dual combination of Tiramisu and Mango Alonso d’India difficult to pass up in favor of further flavorful options on our decadent daily visits to this establishment while in Paris.

When it comes to wine production, France is the number one annual producer on an international level. There are an extensive variety of vintages that you will only find in France, while others are manufactured and shipped across the world. Most French wines are created with food pairings in mind, but even imbibed alone, they are delectable. While I could extol the wonderful taste sensations that await you, why not find out for yourself?

Awe-Inspiring Art & Architecture

You could spend the next 365 days touring the awe-inspiring architecture, museums and galleries in France and not come close to seeing it all.

The Louvre in Paris is a marvel of beauty both inside and out. Tens of thousands of antiquities collected from France, and around the world, as temporary and permanent installations, have made the Louvre an attraction of incomparable value to Paris. Photos with tourists posed outside of the Louvre Palace and the Great Louvre Pyramids flood the pages of books, magazines and social media twenty-four hours a day.

Flying buttresses were a relatively new concept when the Cathedral of Notre-Dame was built. Due to their sturdy functionality, matched with attractive symmetry, they are a feature incorporated into Notre-Dame’s construction as it was continually expanded. In the composition above, featuring two of the stone chimère of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the figure of Stryge and demon appear to look out over the city of Paris, as if strategizing over a chess board. A series of carved gargoyles also grace the reaches of this striking edifice. The French Gothic cathedral holds further value to tourists who wish to visit the place where certain holy relics are believed to be protected. France’s Kilometre Zero can be found facing the primary entrance to the cathedral.

The intricate stained glass windows of La Sainte-Chapelle send a kaleidoscope of color and shapes across the interior of the church when rays of light shine through. These thirteenth century masterpieces are one of the most extensive and well-maintained of their kind in the world.

The exterior of Château de Chaumont could easily be considered the embodiment of every girl-child’s fairytale castle fantasy. Built between the cities of Tours and Blois, the Château is open to the public and hosts a series of installations from contemporary artist and also features events like the International Garden Festival.

Château de Versailles is unquestionably worth a full day-trip to explore the palace and grounds. The vivid murals, crystal chandeliers and arched windows of the Hall of Mirrors, the artfully designed and maintained park and gardens are some of the eye-catching spaces you’ll discover on a visit to Versailles.

Events & Activities

Late spring through the summer is the dominant season for European travel. The number of sunshiny days that, with an abundance of endorphin charging vitamin D grows, and the variety of outdoor activities and events increases substantially as well.

The Cannes Film Festival (Le Festival International du Film de Cannes) needs no formal introduction as one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. It takes place in May in the maritime city of Cannes along the French Riviera offering. In June, rent a car in Lyon and drive just south of the city to the town of Annonay, where they annually commemorate the flight of the first hot air balloon with a the L’Art de l’Envol Festival that’s always soaring to greater heights. Paris is the place to be in July for
La Fête Nationale, or Bastille Day, as it’s also known. As the holiday approaches, the people of Paris are well-prepared for a celebratory extravaganza of titanic proportion. The St. Louis Festival in August offers jousting with a twist, as the jousters make passes at each other in oared boats along the Royal Canal in Sète.

Getting Around France
France - Rent a Peugeot

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