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Discover Greece: Origins & History

Friday Jun 27, 2014

The fruit of our imaginations have been fed since childhood on a diet of the myths and legends of Greek heroes and the pantheon of Greek Gods who meddled in human affairs. While many liberties and interpretations of these classic stories have been taken over the millennia, there is still a fire of passion that they ignite, which stirs us into travel planning to explore the magnificent lands of Greece.

Here is a brief glimpse of a few of the impressive Grecian destinations you’ll find with a Kemwel car rental, where reality and fiction mingle.

greece, athens, acropolis, parthenon,

A view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

Ancient Puzzles
On the island of Crete, the ferocious Minotaur is said to have once prowled within the confines of his labyrinthine prison, held captive by order of King Minos for the atrocities he committed. While the warren of ruins at Knossos in Heraklion have long been associated as the site where the Labyrinth from this myth stemmed, some still speculate that there are other options just as likely on Crete, or perhaps that we’re still nowhere near its discovery.

Whatever you choose to believe, Crete is lauded as an exceptional island paradise and offers many connections to the past, stunning scenery, and ample modern amenities for both the economical and luxury traveler. You can rent a car from convenient locations like Chania, Heraklion or Rethymnon, and take your time traversing this idyllic isle.

Temples to the Gods
The stone temples erected by the Ancient Greeks, are the most prevalent constructed edifices in the countries architectural history. Unlike the churches of modern religions, the temples of the Gods were created to house larger than life statues dedicated to a particular important deity, and sometimes multiple deities, while worship and sacrifices took place around the exterior of the temple.

Many of these fascinating ruins can be found in cities across mainland Greece and its wealth of islands. The most notable of these is the Parthenon, perched on the equally admired Acropolis overlooking Athens. But, have you heard of the Temple of Hephaestus, the Parthenon’s less illustrious neighbor just a few hundred meters away? The Heraion of Samos, once a vast sanctuary which paid homage to Hera, provides few remnants of its glory days, but if you’re on the island already, you should still make a point to stop.

If this is a type of driving tour that interests you, the followers of the exhausting panoply of Grecian Gods have left many options to add to your itinerary. Make sure you’ve got plenty of memory gigs left on your camera of choice to capture these iconic remains.

discover greece, temple of aphaia, aegina island,

The Temple of Aphaia on the Island of Aegina.

The Origins of the Athens Classic Marathon
The Greeks are already famous for the inception of the enduring athletic challenge, the Olympics, but what many sportsmen and sports fans don’t realize is that Greeks are also the creators of another important contest of physical prowess—the marathon.

Volunteering as a courier, the Greek soldier Pheidippides uttered his final words upon reaching his destination, imparting the welcome news of a Grecian victory in a battle against Persian invaders, after purportedly running from the Marathon Bridge to Athens.

More than a millennia later, hundreds of marathons occur worldwide every year, and it is only fitting that the Athens Classic Marathon, is the tribute race that retraces the path of the inspirational run that began it all. Some compete for the glory, others for charity, and even more to prove a point, that they can do it! Take a break from your scenic drives in Athens, and really stretch your legs out! If you’re feeling up to the challenge, this historic event happens each November.

I Come in Peace
Many of the wars involving ancient Greece were chronicled and are still scrutinized today. One bit of uncommon phraseology that I would impart from this tumultuous period is that of extending an olive branch. Granted, the origins of it are biblical in nature, but the Greeks are one of the many cultures who adopted the practice of literally offering up an olive branch to indicate that they had reached a point that they were ready for peace. This symbol of cessation was also integrated into many other facets of Greek culture and ceremony, for instance in weddings, to wish peace between the new couple.

Traveling can be an intense experience and sometimes a bit of levity and equanimity is needed. So if your party is feeling a bit of tension, why not find an olive branch?

Greece, olive branch, peace,

Extend an olive branch in peace in times of turmoil.

Discover Greece with Kemwel Car Rental
Kemwel car rental offers another kind of peace to our clients that of peace of mind! Rent a car in Greece with Kemwel and feel secure in the knowledge that our award-winning team is just a phone call away for all your transportation needs. Contact us toll-free at 1-877-820-0668 day or night. If you’re feeling independent, you can also confirm your car rental in Greece with Kemwel’s online booking engine, reserve yours today!

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