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London to Stonehenge: One Day Trips from London by Car

Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

Did you know with an affordable car rental in London, England you can travel to the historic Stonehenge monument from the city in just one day? Driving around England is a great way to see the country and explore the rural landscape of the UK, and it’s small enough for exciting day trips. Here’s how to get from London to Stonehenge with a few must-see pit stops along the way to round out your journey…

London to Stonehenge: The Route

Day Trips from London by Car

Driving time: Approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes

The best place to start would be to pick up a rental car at Heathrow Airport. Heathrow is an ideal location to start your one day trip from London by car, as it’s just west of London and on the perimeter, and you won’t need to pay any congestion charges or extortionate parking rates here.

There are a number of routes you can take to get to Stonehenge from London, but to fit in the most incredible sights we recommend heading out of the airport and onto the M25 northbound. Next, take the exit for the M4 westbound, and just 20 minutes into your journey you will come across the majestic Windsor Castle (via the B470).

London to Stonehenge Windsor Castle

The 11th Century Castle, which was built by William the Conqueror, is associated with the British Royal Family, as it is to this day one of their homes, and is the largest inhabited castle in the world. You can tour the castle for an admission fee of about £20 per adult and experience the lovely small town of Windsor, which is also home to the famous Eton College.

For your next stop, drive for just under 50 minutes until you reach the A4/Bath Rd. then follow this road towards The Living Rainforest – a charity and exhibition Stonehenge from London Rainforestthat is home to 700 species of plants and animals inside an accurately constructed rainforest, which is sheltered by glasshouses. Great for both children and adults, the rainforest explores regions, foods, and biodiversity, and has free parking.

After your educational visit, drive for 20 minutes onto the small village of Donnington, a region famous for its motor-racing track at Donington Park, the village is actually home to Donnington Castle – a medieval castle steeped in bloody history and also has a gothic mansion, a priory and grove.

How to Get to Stonehenge from London by CarJust after Donnington you come to the town of Newbury where you’ll find the stunning Highclere Castle – the set for the hit TV series Downton Abbey. You can take a “Downton Tour” but make sure you book well in advance if you would like to do this, and be aware that the tour only runs for limited weeks of the year.

From Donnington Castle drive about one hour onto the city of Salisbury, take the A34 south, then the A30 westbound until you reach the city. The setting for Thomas Hardy novels, Salisbury has a glorious cathedral that is a must visit, and the city also has a wealth of British aristocratic homes and buildings, including Wilton House.

From Salisbury, Stonehenge is just a 20 minute drive north on the A360.

Stonehenge from London

The prehistoric monument of Stonehenge is the most complex and mysterious Bronze Age and Neolithic site in England. The stones are set in a circle, and no one knows exactly how or why it was built. There have been a number of theories, such as a ceremonial route for death, however, the mystery continues about this beguiling ring of large stones. The more than 5,000-year-old stone formation is definitely one for the bucket list and well worth taking a scenic drive to on a day trip from London by car!

Route map to Stonehenge from London

Start your Stonehenge Road Trip with a Rental Car at Heathrow

London to Stonehenge by car can be a breeze when you reserve your cheap car hire at Heathrow with Kemwel. See the English countryside at your own pace and you’ll find a new level of relaxation that can’t be achieved on public transportation!

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