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The Most Beautiful Places in France for a Holiday Honeymoon

Monday Jan 16, 2017

Most Beautiful Places in France

It’s no secret that France is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, culturally diverse cities, and breathtaking beaches in Europe (or even in the world), but have you considered France as a holiday honeymoon destination?

There are so many great places for a honeymoon in France, from the classical romance of Paris, to the stunning lavender fields and tasty Mediterranean foods of Provence; France has something for all travel tastes and styles. France, the country where romance was born, has all of the ingredients for a perfect honeymoon, whatever you’re looking for!

Here are the top five most beautiful places in France for a honeymoon:


5. St. Tropez

Holiday Honeymoon in St. Tropez
If you want out-of-this-world luxury, then St. Tropez is the destination for you. Being a vacation destination for high-flyers and rich celebrities, expect to be well taken care of in any St. Tropez hotel. The region has dozens of secluded beaches, relaxing private spas, and five-star high-class dining. Expect to feel like a modern king and queen in this stunning jet-setting fishing village.


4. Provence and the Côte d’Azur

Most Beautiful Places in France Provence
Food is very important in Provence, and after your wedding what better way to celebrate than in the food capital of France? Gorge on healthy, rich Mediterranean fare of fresh olive oil, wine, tomatoes and garlic while overlooking some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. You can have it all in this region with the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Côte d’Azur, the nature and hiking of the Alps (the landscape that inspired artists from Picasso to Matisse), the cliff-top roads and the romantic fields of lavender. Whether you want to explore or relax on your honeymoon, Provence and the Côte d’Azur are truly romantic destinations.


3. The Loire Valley

Honeymoon Destination Loire Valley
Rent a car in Tours and book a room at a glorious old French Châteaux in the beautiful Loire Valley. Visit incredible romantic castles and stately homes while spending days sampling local cheeses and wines at some of Europe’s most famous vineyards. Explore breathtaking scenery in the form of local farms and enjoy driving through the green fields of the valley.


2. The French Riviera

Romantic Destinations - French Riviera
If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday and for some glamor to go with it, then the French Riviera is an excellent choice. While it isn’t a typical honeymoon destination, most people that holiday in this region already holiday like movie stars, so expect to receive the same amount of high end treatment. Enjoy fresh fruits and immaculate restaurants, boat rides and spectacular seafood on a daily basis–expect to come back glowing and refreshed!


1. Paris

Paris Honeymoon Vacation
The number one spot has to be the most romantic destination in Europe; the timeless and classic capital city of Paris. Splurge on a beautiful luxury hotel in the center of the city, then take a peaceful stroll along the River Seine, before stopping for a romantic French meal in a delightful cafe bistro or restaurant with plenty of red wine and delectable cuisine. Expect high quality  accommodation, as well as the freedom to roam the large city and surrounding area in the comfort and privacy of a Paris rental car.

Planning Your Holiday Honeymoon in France

If you’re still searching for that perfect holiday honeymoon destination, consider some of the most beautiful places in France mentioned above. These spectacular locales will have both you and your partner in awe-stricken glee for the duration of your trip and Kemwel can help you make the dream a reality. Just check out some of our incredible travel deals on everything from cheap France car rentals to great prices on hotels and accommodations and you’ll quickly discover that a romantic getaway can be a lot more affordable than you may have thought!

Holiday Honeymoon in France

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