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The UK: Eclectic Quartet of Spring Travel

Tuesday Apr 1, 2014

From the often forgotten architectural marvels of Wales, to the cultural celebrations of Scotland, the underwater wonders of Northern Ireland and rock shows in England, where are you traveling this spring in a Kemwel car rental?


Spring UK Heritage of ScotlandIn case you didn’t already have more than enough reasons to visit the vibrant and rugged country of Scotland, 2014 is shaping up to be an exceptional banner year. The program of events and activities lined up showcases the distinctive culture and personality of Scotland and its people, in cityscapes across the nation throughout 2014, so don’t forget to confirm your Kemwel car rental early!

In Dumfries, attend the Flavour Fortnight where hundreds of eclectic food and beverage oriented diversions will test and tantalize your palate. Try your hand at the art of bread-making, learn about locally sourced foods, or enjoy a dinner and drink pairing at one of many local restaurants. A variety of local and international drinks and dishes are part of this delicious event!

Glasgow has the honor of hosting the XX Commonwealth Games, third on the list of worldwide sporting events for attendance and participation after the Asian Games and the Olympics. The Games have taken place every four years since 1930. All four countries from the United Kingdom, plus Australia, Canada, and New Zealand participate. Some of the sports incorporating strength, speed, skill and agility that have been included in the past are: fencing, swimming, weightlifting and hockey.

It’s never too late to travel to Scotland and join in any one of the thousands of exciting activities that are taking place all over the nation through December 31.


Spring UK Conwy Town & Castle

Were you aware that Wales has more castles per capita, than any other country in the world? If your love of ancient edifices knows no bounds, consider basing your travels in Wales, where you can rent a car from a variety of convenient Welsh cities for a spring castle tour.

Cardiff Castle is situated on an eight acre site in the heart of the city of Cardiff. Ancient walls, stalwart towers and manicured lawns conceal over two millennia of history. Many enriching cultural events and contemporary concerts are among the flux of activities that take place here each year.  For the full experience, it is recommended that you spend the few extra pounds for the premium tour, which gives you more access and information over the basic entry package.

The seaside Edwardian Castle of Beaumaris is an impressive if imperfect beauty due to its incomplete walls and structure. Funds and supplies diminished prior to Edward I being able to complete the ambitious fortification, one of many edifices constructed to put a Norman stamp on Wales. This location is best appreciated on a sunny day when all the shapes and shadows of the unfinished

Over five hundred fascinating castles and fortresses populate the Welsh landscape. Get to Wales before the peak summer season and take a scenic driving route that winds its way through the country or operate on instinct when deciding what strongholds to visit, but either way, don’t forget your camera!


UK Spring concertOne of the many perks of traveling is attending shows and discovering new music to add to your collection! Sometimes you catch an up-an-coming local band you would have otherwise never discovered, at others, it’s a mainstream musician who’s conveniently touring the country that you happen to be visiting! England has rock shows and folk festivals galore all year long. Here’s a little sample of what’s on the playlist for spring 2014!

The Doncaster Folk Festival takes place in at the end of May with a heterogeneous selection of performances at venues throughout Doncaster. From swanky jazz and blues to acoustic folk and roots music, bring a date for some sultry dancing, or sit back and just enjoy the blended instruments and vocals. Get a taste of pop culture in London with shows from Justin Timberlake and One Direction, or sample some indie rock in Newcastle from the Kings of Leon.

Some of the most beloved and influential musicians of the past 50 years are Brits. In Liverpool indulge in Beatlemania by visiting affiliated attractions and then catch a live show from one of their tribute bands. The Rolling Stones, Led zeppelin and David Bowie are other Brit musicians who have left their imprint on generations of lovers of Rock n’Roll.  At the British Music Experience in London, an interactive museum, you can view memorabilia from these and other legendary artists then star in your own mock music video.

Let the music be your guide. Travel the length and breadth of England in a car with style like a rock star, or take a musical tour in a motorhome, before the fame goes to your head.


Spring UK the shipwreck_35601007When considering Northern Ireland for travel, it’s easy to forget there’s much more to see than the popularized golf courses, rolling green countryside and cozy pubs. The Irish coast has a gorgeous underwater garden, teeming with life–hundreds of shipwrecks in various states of preservation rest beneath its watery depths. Join seasoned divers and other adventurous spirits in their undersea explorations.

Belfast is one of numerous places where you may begin your underwater odyssey! There are local diving clubs and schools that can give you an edge on the best locations for those already scuba savvy, or diving instruction and safety lessons for beginners. The Belfast Lough has many points of interest that are accessible in less than thirty meters of water. Some of the documented remains in the area include: the Zetland, the Druid and the Smuggling Cutter. Ballycastle and Portrush on the northern coast are also regularly recommended locales to

It’s an exciting prospect to investigate the world from a new perspective through a medium like diving! Arranging a car rental pick up in Belfast allows you to visit even more diving destinations throughout Northern Ireland, as well as participate in the wealth of more traditional Irish activities that your heart desires.

There’s no telling what else spring will bring in the United Kingdom! Rent a car with Kemwel and don’t miss a beat. For more details on what’s happening in the UK, check out our events page. Reserve your car rental online or contact a Kemwel car specialist at 1-877-820-0668 today!

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